Top of the best smart indoor trainer for cycling at all times

The health home trainer has become smart connected and is now essential equipment for any cyclist. smart health connected to a watch, a computer or even a screen, it allows you to perfect physical preparation.Discover these best smart indoor trainer.

How to choose your smart indoor trainer

In fact, we can categorize a health home trainer smart health connected by the technology used for data transmission: Bluetooth and ANT +.


So far, the ANT + can only send a few measurements (speed, cadence and power) to an accessory device (watch, counter, tablet or computer). These must be compatible or be smart health connected to an ANT + dongle. For more efficiency, we will opt for the ANT + FE-C protocol which allows you to control your smart health connected health home trainer. Among other things, you can then program its resistance.


Bluetooth meanwhile offers many possibilities, especially thanks to compatibility with a larger number of devices. If you opt for a brand model, it should have a dedicated app. However, you will need to subscribe to access multimedia content such as videos.

The top

All the models we have selected in this top of the best smart home trainer all have these two technologies. This will make it easy for you to use them with the devices you already have at health home. Among the selection criteria, we also took into account the precision, power, weight, but also the overall dimensions and the noise pollution generated. Finally, the fact that a model is compatible with as many bikes as possible also in the list of our criteria.

Obviously, there are always exceptions. Also, you may be surprised by some of our favorites. However, all are great devices for simply staying in shape or preparing for competition.

TACX NEO 2T SMART: the best smart home trainer

This Dutch smart health connected trainer has a powerful processor to simulate a race as real as possible. To do this, it has a progressive resistance control. Like its predecessor, the Tacx Neo 2T Smart can mimic various surfaces that can be encountered on the road: gravel, paving, etc. The descents are in the form of a pedaling aid.

In all circumstances, the craft is quiet, the only noise that detonates being that of the transmission. Also, it is the ideal model for those who live in an apartment or who do not wish to disturb the other occupants of the house during their training.

When it comes to smart features, the Tacx Neo 2T Smart lets you track the power produced by each foot and analyze the pedal stroke. This makes it interesting equipment for a professional cyclist. Best of all, its state-of-the-art components ensure it longevity.


In order to work without problems with a wide choice of devices and applications, this model is compatible with Bluetooth Smart and ANT + FE-C. But you can opt for the Tacx app. Finally, if the object is a little heavy (25 kg), it offers exceptional precision in power measurements (1%), up to a maximum of 2200 W.


WAHOO KICKR CORE: the best cheap health home trainer

The Wahoo Kickr Core offers pretty much everything a premium device offers, but does it at a much lower price. First, the device shares the same design as the more expensive Kickr. Also, it is just as quiet as the latter. No matter how hard you pedal, you can be sure that you never disturb others.

Then, it perfectly simulates the sensations of an outdoor race. This is possible thanks to the motor capable of reproducing a power of 1800W and a slope of 16%. Obviously, we are far from the 2200W of a Tacx Neo 2 Smart, but we must remember that we are on the mid-range.


The device is compatible with the Kickr Climb slope simulator of the brand. Coupled with Zwift software, the latter raises and lowers the smart health connected health home trainer according to the desired evolution of the topography.

Also, if you want the best, but your budget can’t keep up, the Wahoo Kickr Core is the device of choice.


ELITE DIRETO: another affordable smart indoor trainer

Despite its status as a mid-range product, the Direto of the Elite brand still offers everything that a cycling lover could dream of. Moreover, the manufacturer indicates that it is the favorite model of the professional teams that it sponsors.

The power of the device is capped at 1400 W for an accuracy of 2%. It also benefits from a simulation of slope up to 14%. Again, excellent performance that does not reach that of more expensive devices. In addition, the machine is noisier than its high-end rivals. However, the result is rather convincing, perfectly reproducing the sensations of pedaling on the road.

This smart health connected indoor trainer sports a design that will not necessarily please to everybody. But its manufacture is impeccable, all of its components remain in place even if you pedal as hard as you can. And for storage, the two feet of the device fold inward. Finally, a handle makes it easier to transport the 15 kg of the Elite Direto.

Bkool Smart Air connected trainer

Bkool Smart Air: a model with successful design and application

From the outset, the Bkool Smart Air does not appeal to design with clean lines which would not depart from Apple. But its designers did not only think about the visual. Thus, two arms give it rock-solid stability.

In fact, it is one of the first models to have launched a pendulum system. We can therefore perform movements from right to left up to a limit of 6 ° for a very realistic experience.

Good points

Free for 3 months for the purchase of a smart health connected health home trainer,BKool Training App pushes realism even further. Indeed, it automatically adjusts the resistance according to the type of road you want to simulate or the content of the video you are watching while pedaling.

But the application also offers complete immersion thanks to its 3D simulator. As a result, you can climb the legendary passes of the Tour de France from your house, landscape supported.


Some bad points

Unfortunately, we can regret the lack of precision: 3%. Worse, it does not allow any calibration, a real boring point for any professional cyclist. And at its cost, this oversight is even almost inexcusable.

That said, we must return to the great stability of this machine. And for a device intended for the health home, its very simple assembly makes it pleasant to use. Just put it up when you need it and put it away when you’re done. Finally, the rocking system remains its most attractive point. This is a small aspect, but an essential aspect of a cyclist’s experience.

WATTBIKE ATOM exercise bike

WATTBIKE ATOM: a fully equipped exercise bike

You will understand, the Wattbike Atom is not really what you can call a health home trainer. Indeed, it is simply a complete exercise bike. That said, this is an attractive option for professional cyclists with an eye for data. But it can also be used as state-of-the-art equipment for training at health home, even for those who do not necessarily cycle.

Good points

In fact, it is very expensive, but its price is justified by exceptional services. Thus, it is a fully-fledged smart health smart health connected object which notably received an award at the 2018 T3 Awards. Connecting to both ANT + and Bluetooth, the device is compatible with all major sports applications.

However, the Wattbike app will be more than enough on its own, offering a wide variety of exercises. At the same time, this tracks over 37 indicators, including the quality of the user’s pedaling technique.

Buttons on the handlebars allow you to virtually change gears, and the front of the device has a special extension for placing a touch pad. So you can control all its functionality in one place.


For more comfort, you can easily adjust the height of the handlebars and the saddle as well as the distance of the latter from the handlebars. Thus, the most picky cyclists will be able to find the position he prefers on their bike and amateurs will simply be at ease.

Given its price, the Wattbike Atom would be a great investment for a family of bicycle enthusiasts. But even if only one member of the household practices the sport assiduously, the offer remains attractive if everyone just wants a way to train without leaving the house.

Bad points

On the negative side, the machine is no less expensive and bulky. Therefore, a place should be provided to store it. It should be remembered that this is not a smart health connected health home trainer, but a smart health connected exercise bike.


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