21 best sex position for fitness

Some sex positions count as exercise, well almost, and while they cannot replace a good routine and the basic movements recommended by coaches, you can use them to give your habits an extra boost. training and working out your muscles, even on days when you don’t feel like wearing your trainers to go for a run or workout. Sex burns calories, but not as much as a good workout. But some sex positions take a little more work on your part, which means your muscles will be working and you can see physical benefits that go beyond pleasure. According to experts, sex can burn over 100 calories per session, so it can definitely be a “supplement” to add to your exercise routine.Here are 21 best sex position for fitness that you can find all your naughty recipes.

5 sex positions more effective than a workout at the gym

It can be seen to have many health benefits like reduced stress. So there are many reasons for having an active sex life. You can even use your athletic goals as an excuse to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. The internet is full of information on how sex can be physical exercise as well. We could get lost there but remember that there are 5 particular positions that are always mentioned and which, according to the experts, really accompany your fitness program (there are even positions to mark your abs, without going to the gym. sport therefore).

1.The bridge

You are lying on the floor and your partner is sitting on you, once they have settled down you have to lift your hips and bend with your arms to do the bridge position, this counts as a leg exercise and buttocks, moreover, you have the extra weight of your partner to get more resistance and strength.

2.The semi-pump

If you want to work your arms, you can try this movement of having your partner lie down on the bed, then kneeling on the bed and “coming in” from behind, you have to use your arms to swing and swing. maintain the position.


3.The missionary

You might find it boring, but depending on the intensity, it can also be a good exercise to work your muscles. Patti Britton, author of The Art of Sex Coaching and former president of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, says she can strengthen your core, “by focusing on pelvic lift using your abs, not your lower back. ”You can even try a plank position.

4.The standing split

This is one of the most effective positions, when it comes to pleasure and working your muscles, because it works your whole body and that of your partner. It requires a lot of flexibility. It improves your endurance and your posture.

5.The Mountain Climber

This position is similar to the missionary position, but it forces you to work on your core muscles because it prevents you from carrying all of your weight on your partner. The trick is not to completely relax your hips to keep the tension in your abdominal muscles. If done right, this move is 20% more effective than traditional sit-ups, according to a study from the Department of Kinesiology at Pennsylvania State University.

6 sex positions that work out

If you are a busy woman. You balance your career, your workouts, your time at the bar with your best friends and you have a good time with your sweetheart

So you know there are nights when you have to choose between it and fitness. Well, not anymore, because you can really exercise in bed with these movements.

But there is a compromise: no more comfortable position as the missionary. If you want to get stronger and burn calories in bed, you need to increase your set and try out those positions that count as a workout.

1 – The wheelbarrow

The Position: You have your hands or elbows on the floor, bed, or counter holding your weight (similar to a plank). He stands behind you holding your legs in his hands.

The Workout: Even though he does all the movements, your arms and abs do a great workout. Maintaining your body weight in this position requires great upper body strength and good core stability. And he trains too. His forearms, buttocks and abs should stabilize as he moves.

2 – the chair

The Position: You are both sitting face to face on a bed, chair or on the floor. You are on his knees with your legs stretched out above the shoulders. Her legs are below.

The Workout: Say hello to a sexy six-pack in this position. To support yourself you need to use your abs and contract your core. But the payoff is well worth it. If his hands do not have to support you, they are free to meet your needs in other areas.

3 – The arc

The Position: Begin by kneeling in front of him. Then lean back, leaning on your knees, until your back is supported by the bed. It can move over you while your thighs are stretched. If your thighs are too tight to lean back, place your feet on the bed so that when you lean back you are in a bridge position.

The Workout: If your quads are tight after a tough day, this is the position for you. Your hip flexors will stretch and lengthen as you lean back. But be careful. Communication is essential. If he’s putting too much weight on you, you may be stretching more than you want.

4 – Cowgirl

The position: He is on his back and you are in the saddle on top of him resting on your knees or feet.

The Workout: If you haven’t had the chance to do your cardio, then this is the position for you. You will do all the work, climbing up and down on him while he enjoys the view. But the payoff is that you will burn calories while tightening your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

5 – the mill

The Position: You are on your back with your legs out. He is in a plank position with his legs inward. Your legs are intertwined so that you connect in the middle.

Training: You take a break in this position. But he must contract his trunk to maintain his weight in the plank. This workout is all his – unless you turn the tables and take the place inside.

6 – The embrace

Position: This is the position you often see in the movies. It is upright and supports your full body weight as you hug it with your legs.

The Workout: This position is really a workout for you. Not only should your arms stabilize your body weight and grip his torso, but your inner thighs (hello, adductors!) Should hug his body so you don’t slide down. It’s a mega calorie burner for both of you.

10 sex positions that help you lose weight

Tired of repetitive diets? You no longer want to starve yourself on food! The sport ? You are hardly thrilled by the thought of having to jog every day. Just thinking about it makes you feel disheartened. Increase your dose of sex. Looking after your figure, losing pounds and having fun at the same time is possible.

1- the monkey

This is a position that will work your flexibility and your muscles in depth. Your partner lies on his back and folds his legs towards him. You sit on him like a chair with your back to him. Thighs and abs are used in this position. Because you will need to force your legs and abs for the back and forth! Watch out for stiffness the next day.

2- The suspended union

As the name suggests, this position will make you work on your balance! Your partner is standing and lifting you up. As for you, you wrap your legs around her bust. This position is technical and above all it makes your abs work, because you will have to tighten them to stay in balance. An ideal position to strengthen your tone and have a flat stomach.

3- The magic swing

Really magical this position to make concrete abs! Your man is on his knees on the floor. You put your feet on the top of her thighs, firmly on her hip. Then sit on his thigh. Your partner holds your waist and you lie down. A position that will work your breathing too.

4- The frenzy

Need to build your arms a little flabby? Make love frenetically. Your sweetheart sits and stretches his legs as you straddle him, resting his legs on the floor. And it’s gone for back and forth movements. A position that will work the biceps and triceps.

5- The pear tree

At the edge of the bed, your legs are in the air, held by your partner who lifts you up to penetrate you. Your elbows provide support. This position promotes endurance and you strengthen your arms and abs. The longer it takes, the better it is for weight loss!

6- The rod

To achieve this position without suffering too much, you will need a little practice. Indeed, you are lying on your back. Your sweetheart kneels in front of you and raises your legs. You are leaning on his chest with one of your legs. Honey is holding the other one with his arm. You will inevitably gain in flexibility. A position that is equivalent to 30 crunches while keeping the right rhythm. Better than the gym in the gym. And more pleasant …

7- The rocking horse

Better than classical dance. A technical position that works on stretching. Lie down face to face. You grab your ankle and rest it on your partner’s shoulder (just doing this works your muscles!). You hold each other by the wrists. The back and forth rocking strengthens your abs and strengthens your muscles.

8- The wheelbarrow

Are you a fan of acrobatics? The wheelbarrow will burn calories. Your standing man grabs your thighs wildly as you lean on yourself, trying to balance your arms. If you hold out for an hour (after warming up!), You can lose up to 500 calories – the equivalent of an hour of cycling.

9- The small bridge

Increase the sports intensity with the small bridge. Who says sex is easy and doesn’t require effort? Your partner bridges the gap (legs outstretched and arms outstretched, head to the ceiling). You step over it and straddle it. Balance, endurance, legs, everything is required. A highly physical position for seasoned athletes! Because the bridge must not collapse or have back pain!

10- The andromache

Do you have the soul of a dominatrix? So reveal your wild instinct to your man by riding him violently and furiously. For an optimal result! Because you will shed 300 calories while enjoying yourself. For that, you will need to hold 10 minutes.

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