What kitchen robot to choose?The best kitchen robots for your gifts in 2021

To save time in the kitchen, the multifunction robot will be your best ally. As the name suggests, this device offers several functions that allow you to chop, rap, blend, mix and even and cook ingredients almost automatically. There are many models of multifunction robots on the market, while some have simple features, others more recent can offer multiple features to make your head spin.  can find the perfect machine. Here are some tips to help you choose your best kitchen robot for 2021 Christmas .

What is a kitchen robot ?

A food processor also called a food processor or pressure cooker is a household appliance that is used to quickly prepare and cook different foods.

Multifunction and programmable, it allows you to perform several types of cooking, namely simmering, steam cooking, browning, and sometimes pressure cooking.

In addition to cooking, some models are capable of mixing, blending, stirring, whipping, beating, kneading, grinding, chopping, grating and even carving vegetables.

What is the best kitchen robot 2021? Top 7 best innovation

Multo By CookingPal, Smart Compact Countertop Multi-Functional Food Processor With Guided Recipes

Multo is an all-in-one smart kitchen appliance that is managed by a specialized tablet we call the “Smart Kitchen Hub.” It includes all of the necessary accessories for over 10 cooking tasks, as well as a growing library of photo and video-guided recipes that is updated weekly.

It will forever alter the way you make food. This amazing equipment may be used as a blender, weighing scale, stove, steamer, whisk, and bread machine all in one.

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Kenwood KMM021 7QT Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine

Kitchen expertise from 1947. The Kenwood Chef Major is for the world-class cooks who love and love the food. Your Chef Major  always offers a delightful culinary experience with the highest strength and several optional attachments. Feel more motivated, inventive and confident in handling new responsibilities than ever before. With the electronic speed control, ingredients may gradually be integrated into the bowl, not onto your countertop, before mixing at high speeds. The Kenwood Chef Major has four hubs with varying speeds around the machine, so that you may adapt your machine with several extra accessories.

A motor designed in Europe can handle any workload, providing more torque for the lightest mousses or the biggest dough loads. Dual motor ventilation points allow hot air to escape, preventing overheating and extending the motor’s life. The Chef Major comes with three stainless steel bowl tools of professional quality: a k-beater, a speed whisk, and a dough hook. Each tool is made for high-performance mixing, ensuring flawless results with any recipe. Because of its space-saving design, the Kenwood Chef Major Kitchen Machine is an all-in-one premium culinary center in the kitchen.

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Dartwood 7-in-1 Multi Purpose Food Processor and Kitchen Machine

The Dartwood Smart Kitchen Machine replaces over seven appliances with a single small unit that packs a punch and brings new approaches to your kitchen. A smart gadget that cooks all of your favorite dishes using pre-programmed cooking modes and recipes.You can enjoy cooking, kneading, blending, mixing, steaming, boiling, stir-frying, and more with one appliance.

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Bellini by Cedarlane BMKM510CL Kitchen Master

The Cedarlane Bellini Kitchen Master is your kitchen’s best buddy! Imagine being able to assist your children with their homework or simply read a magazine as your Bellini delicately prepares and stirs your custard or stroganoff, requiring no monitoring. Everything you need to mix, combine, weigh, steam, stir, whip, emulsify, grind, heat, fry, cut, and knead your freshest ingredients is included in this wonderful sous-chef. It’s powerful enough to break down even the toughest root vegetables and crush ice with ease, but accurate enough to cook and stir a wonderful risotto evenly.There’s no need to stand over the stove for 30 minutes stirring your dinner; the Bellini Kitchen Master will take care of everything for you, ensuring exquisite results every time.

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COOKLEE High-Capacity Series Stand Mixer SM-1507BM

This SM-1507BM kitchen cook mixer has ten speeds, an 8.5-quart bowl, a dough hook, a whisk attachment, a flat beater, and a splash guard, among other features. The bowl features a handle that makes attaching and removing it as well as emptying it simple.This stand mixer will do all of the duties you require at a lower cost than high-end versions. It also comes with an extra feature: two power hubs that transform your stand mixer into a gourmet center. The bundle includes all necessary supplies.

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Robot Coupe – 4581 R2N Continuous Feed Combination Vitamix Food Processor

The brand most trusted by professional chefs. But not just find them in restaurant kitchens, also find them in home kitchens around the world.Because when you’re ready to go on and up, when you’re ready to invest in your passion, you’re ready  Whether you’re interested in the culinary arts, making better choices, or enjoying restaurant-quality smoothies at home, you’re ready for Vitamix.

Smoothies and juices, hot soups, flours and dough, nut butter, frozen desserts, batters, dressings and sauces, non-dairy milks, and more may all be made with this machine.Vitamix Ascent Series A3500,the most advanced blender features 5 program settings that automatically adjust to your container size, process your recipes, and stop the blender when complete.

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Cuckoo CRP-LHTR0609F 6 Cup Twin Pressure Rice Cooker

Depending on your goals, you can choose between Ultra-High-Pressure cooking and IH Non-Pressure cooking with this Twin Pressure Rice Cooker. Choose your cooking skill level and have fun!
Open Cooking allows you to add other ingredients while the food is still cooking – vegetables, meats, and other toppings can all be added while the food is still cooking. This allows for a more dynamic cooking choice, resulting in tastier and healthier rice.

There’s no need to be concerned about safety because this cuckoo’s “smart lock” safety technology lowers heat levels automatically during non-pressure cooking, enabling you to open the lid to add ingredients.

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How to choose a good kitchen robot?

Power and speeds

Power and speeds are among the characteristics to consider before purchasing a food processor. The latter can indeed have a power generally between 1000 and 1500 Watts depending on the model.

The more powerful the device, the faster the temperature rise. You will then be able to cook faster with a 1500 W robot than with a 1000 W machine. However, you must take into account the energy consumption knowing that the use of an excessively powerful multifunction kitchen robot may increase your electricity bill.

Apart from the power, we also advise you to check the number of speeds offered by the robot. A device with more adjustable speeds is more effective for mixing, grinding, blending, kneading or beating your ingredients.

Bowl capacity

As with most cooking appliances, the capacity is also an important selection criterion for a programmable food processor. Each machine has a bowl, which has a capacity of 2 L to 3.5 L for the smaller models, 4 L to 5 L for the medium models and 6 L or more for the larger models.

In order to find the right device, you first need to determine the number of people in your family. For example, a robot with a capacity of 2 L may be sufficient to make preparations for 2 to 4 people. On the other hand, if you are more than 6 people, it is preferable to choose a model of at least 6 L.


A good pressure cooker food processor is also an aesthetic device that enhances a kitchen or dining room. The largest manufacturers often offer each of their models in a wide range of colors.

You can therefore choose between sober designs, such as black or chrome, and bright shades such as red or yellow, depending on the theme of your interior. Also, don’t forget to check the size of the machine if it matches the surface of the location where you plan to install it.

The accessories

Besides the power of the device, the capacity of the bowl and the design, you should also consider the included accessories.

An all-in-one food processor is a multi-function machine that should have a few extra tools available for it to function properly.

Some robots, for example, come with a steam basket, others with a mixer, blender, knife, brush or recipe book. There are even some that come with an accessory storage box so they are always close at hand.

How to choose a robot for cooking ?Top 7 best food processors 

Why buy a kitchen robot? The advantages 

Save time in the kitchen

Saving time is one of the main advantages of the food processor. With a power of up to 1200 W, and a pressure cooking mode for some models, the latter allows you to make different preparations in no time. The temperature rise is fast and adjustable

In addition, this type of appliance has a cooking time adjustment system as well as an automatic shut-off function so that you do not have to constantly monitor your preparations. So you can do other things without worrying about your food being overcooked or scorched.

Easy to use and versatile

The other reason you should buy a food processor is because it is easy to use. The front panel will allow you to cook as you wish. From it, you can easily make various settings, including cooking mode and time as well as temperature adjustment.

All done with one click. This type of device is also characterized by its versatility. A multifunction kitchen machine is indeed a real kitchen helper that not only prepares your ingredients, but also takes care of their cooking. This allows you to make a wide variety of recipes thanks to the different cooking methods it offers.

Prepare healthy dishes

Most conventional kitchen utensils often require the use of a fairly large amount of oil to make tasty dishes. Which is not always very good for our health.

By using a pressure cooker food processor, you can roast, sear, brown, brown or simmer your food with a minimum of fat while preserving its flavor and nutritional value. You even have the option of steaming your ingredients, especially your vegetables and fish, to make healthy meals.

Which kitchen robot  to choose?

A robotic kitchen is not just a cooking machine, it captures human skills and movements. This means the machine can take ingredients from the smart fridge, adjust the heat, use the sink, fill the pan, pour the mixture onto the plate like a human cook.

As a result, it can adjust the time of the specified process to produce delicious dishes in a short time. You can set up your robot cooker in automatic or manual mode according to your wishes. With this kitchen robot, which can be programmed at any time, you can enter the ingredients and choose when to start working.

You can choose between several functions, including a keep warm mode, a temperature selection, a Wi-Fi connection and a recipe function. Powered by 1,200 W, there is also a pressure cooker model, with which you can make different preparations at any time.

If you cook a dish and forget to return from work after 8 hours without cooking the food without having to cook, a kitchen robot will take care of it. On the other hand, you will need a food processor for kitchen robots because you can save the entire process, as noted above, as it is responsible for cutting, mixing and kneading, which is required for the final dish. Programmable pots consume less oil and can be programmed to cook, kitchen robots have more functionality so you can prepare and program more elaborate dishes.

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What is the cost of a quality food processor?

Price is often our most important consideration when purchasing an appliance like a food processor. However, great care must be taken with the quality of the device to prevent possible malfunctions after only a few uses.

This is why we advise you to turn to kenwood, Klarstein, Moulinex, Kitchenaid, Bosh, Russell Hobbs or even Seb kitchen robots. Although they cost more, between 200 and 1000 dollars, these devices designed by major brands will ensure durability, ease of use and performance.

Our tip: we have seen that the food processor is a device with multiple advantages, allowing everyone to quickly and easily prepare tasty dishes. However, when buying your machine you need to consider the horsepower, bowl capacity, design, accessories and of course the brand in order to acquire the ideal model.

How to use a robot kitchen?

Contrary to popular belief, the multifunction food processor is not complicated to use. This is an appliance that has an easy-to-read control panel on which there are buttons to adjust the cooking. Start by inserting the ingredients into the bowl.

Make sure the cover is securely closed. To turn on the device, you must plug it into an electrical outlet before pressing the “Start” button. You can then make the various settings, including adjusting the temperature and cooking time by pressing the appropriate buttons. All you have to do is start cooking and wait for your machine to stop automatically once the preparation is ready.

Note that some models have a “Menu” button to choose between several pre-programmed recipes. Either way, each pressure cooker food processor comes with an instruction manual that will make it easier to use and help you make your favorite recipes.

How to take care of your kitchen robot?

In order for your programmable kitchen robot to remain functional for many years, it is essential to clean it properly after each use.

In fact, food may be stuck to the bottom of the bowl. To remove them, pour in a small amount of water and wait a while before scraping with a wooden or plastic spatula.

For a perfect cleaning, you can fill the bowl with hot water and add soda crystals to it. Leave the product on for a few minutes before throwing it away. All you have to do is rinse the tank thoroughly with clean water. As for the outside of the robot, which can also be dirty, just wipe it off with a non-abrasive sponge or a slightly wet cloth.

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