Top 10 the best kids gps watch to track your children

As the school year approaches, it is time to prepare her children. But in a social context that is not reassuring every day, it is justified to worry about them on the roads of the school. The solution ? GPS trackers that allow you to see where your child is at any time. These are the Top 10 the best kids gps watch that your children will be most likely to love.

The best kids gps watch

The Mi Bunny watch

Entirely directed towards the safety of your offspringMi Bunny should reassure even the most stressed parents. The watch allows you to initiate and receive calls, but she can only record 6 numbers and rejects calls from anyone she does not know.

It is equipped with a GPS chip with a range of 10 meters. If the child leaves the area you have indicated, you will receive a notification instantly. Finally, the watch also has an SOS button that the child can use if he feels threatened. You will then receive an alert message, a seven-second sound recording, and your child’s geolocation.

As it is intended for children, it has several properties to survive their busy life. The battery can last six days without recharging, the watch is entirely made of plastic and the silicone strap for that everything is water and shock resistant.

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The Huwaei Kids Smartwatch

The Huawei Kids Smartwatch, designed with Disney trackers gps

A simple pink or blue watch may not necessarily convince young children in search of stylistic domination of the playground. For that, no worries, the Huawei Kids Smartwatch will convince them for sure. Made in collaboration with Disney (who also owns Marvel), four models of GPS trackers bearing the colors of the heroes of the youngest were created: Mickey, Minnie, The Snow Queen and Captain America.

But this watch will not only serve to dominate the sandboxes with an incredible style: it is also equipped with a GPS which will allow you to track your child’s movements. Like Mi Bunny, she owns an SOS button to warn you in case of problems. Moreover, the watch is capable of indicate to your child the direction towards the house if he were to lose himself on the way.

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The LINE Kids watch

Line Kids Watch Kids Trackers GPS

Less childish maybe? The LINE Kids, although still having a look designed for children, displays a design much less “pink plastic” than the previous two. Indeed, the watch offers an aluminum case and an LCD screen which makes it possible to launch a call as soon as the child touches it. The components have been specially selected for their small size and the speed of response they offer.

In terms of equipment, it offers features similar to the other two GPS trackers presented: geolocation that can be followed by parents, call facility to a number, setting up a perimeter that the child can not exceed under pain of sending you a notification, etc.

Moreover, it is possible to connect it with other watches of the same brand so that children can communicate with each other without distance limitation, or send SMS that will have been dictated by voice command. Finally, it offers various other nice features such as educational games, quizzes, or a pocket money management application.

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The TiFiz tag

tifiz ticatag GPS connected trackers gps

If your children have gone beyond elementary school, they may not want to wear this kind of accessories anymore. In this case, a GPS beacon may very well replace a smart health connected watch. TiFiz is a very efficient multifunction tracker in this direction. Your child can place it in his bag or in his pocket and you can easily follow his movements.

As for other devices, it is possible to establish a security perimeter not to be exceeded for the wearer. A SOS button can also be used in case of danger to send an emergency SMS to a previously chosen number, accompanied by the geolocation of the carrier.

Its design, rather square and imposing for a tag, makes it stronger than most other GPS trackers on the market. He is also completely waterproof, and its battery can last up to a year!

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The Nimb ring

Nimb alert message trackers gps

If you have a girl in high school, high school or university, maybe she will be more interested in a design jewel than in a simple beacon. In this case, the Nimb ring is the perfect accessory. Unfortunately, it is difficult today for young women to walk the streets from a certain time. Nimb can reassure both your daughter and yourself with its customizable SOS button.

This one allowssend an alert to people chosen by the user, emergency services, or people with the ring near you. The goal is to create a community able to help each other in case of trouble.

From the moment the button is pressed, the geolocation of the ring is transmitted to the people contacted. You can leave more freedom to your child by stopping tracking him non-stop, but know where he is if he is in danger.

With these GPS trackers, you will be able to follow your children from the youngest age to adolescence leaving them more or less free, while reassuring you about their situation.


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Jumpy, a new and more successful smartwatch for children

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JUMPY Plus Smartwatch for Children. Watch, Phone, Voice Calling, Messaging, Location Tracker,...

Last update was on: July 29, 2021 4:27 am

High-tech products target adults more. But many brands are now interested in the market of the smallest who wish to follow the model of their elders. JoyRay, a Californian company, has understood this and is launching a smart health connected watch specially designed for children.

Jumpy looks like a very colorful watch, with rounded edges. It has a 1.6 inch interactive touch screen. In terms of technical characteristics, the Jumpy watch is equipped with numerous sensors and connectivity tools: bluetooth, gyroscope, motion detector, voice assistant, etc.

In terms of functionality, Jumpy is especially aimed at children aged 5 to 8 years. It obviously displays the time but also serves as an activity tracker and will offer many services in the form of mobile applications. It will thus allow you to send and receive messages, serve as an order for other electronic devices or even a platform for mini games. The particularity of the Jumpy watch is also based on its multi-compatibility. Unlike adult models, this can be linked with iOS and Android smartphones. An SDK platform is left available to developers to complete the catalog of applications, which will number around ten at the time of its launch scheduled for March 2015.

Jumpy is currently presented as a project on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. He has 29 days left to convince and collect the 100,000 dollars needed to launch it.

A complementary offer on a vast market

The smartwatch market should represent nearly 375 million units worldwide in 2020. Another player has already positioned itself on the target of the youngest: VTech. The Chinese brand indeed offers a model equipped with a camera and other audio recorders. The Jumpy offer is intended to be more complete on the theme of connectivity and associated services.

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Last update was on: July 29, 2021 4:27 am
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C-Way – The Apple Watch for children

C-Way is a bit like the Apple Watch for children. Presented at the Eureka Park of CES 2016 in Las Vegas by a young French start-up, this smartwatch therefore arrives on the now very competitive market of smart health connected watches for children.

C-Way will first be used by parents. It will allow them to keep track of their child’s location. Thanks to the GPS sensor present in the device, parents can see where their child is at all times by connecting to the dedicated smartphone application.

C-Way also gives rhythm to children’s day. Parents can create and add their child’s calendar via the app. The smart health connected watch will then send alerts to the child and allow parents to check if the child’s location matches that of their calendar. The watch also allows parents to send messages to the child.

C-Way child smartwatch


The device has a 48-hour rechargeable battery and offers various accessories that can be used depending on the age of your child. Older children can use a version with a small LCD screen while younger children may prefer to use a version with a platform for placing the Lego figurine of their choice.

The company also produces a smart alarm clock called Bubble. It is designed to be placed in a child’s bedroom and includes similar features such as planning or the ability to monitoring air quality.

If these products interest you, know that they are already available for pre-order. The watch costs $ 149 and the alarm clock costs $ 139.

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XTC Y01 – The smartwatch for children who humiliates Samsung

XTC Y01 is a child smartwatch that has literally humiliated Samsung. Why ? Simply by selling more watches than Samsung this summer. This watch was even the fifth best selling wearable on the world market last quarter.

XTC Y01 is a smartwatch phone with GPS. It is the best-selling children’s smartwatch in China according to the Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker report. BBK, the Chinese electronics giant that notably created the Oppo and OnePlus phones, has sold more than 700,000 smart watches. These watches are offered at a price of ¥ 796; or about 115 euros.

In this ranking, we find Fitbit in first place with 4.7 million wearables sold. Apple then comes with 3.9 million Apple Watches sold. On the third step, another Chinese, Xiaomi, with 3.7 million Mi Band trackers came. Garmin then arrives with 900,000 wearables sold. So even if these figures are correct, it is still necessary to specify that the Samsung Gear S2 was not yet available this summer. Marketed since October in the United States and since November in Europe, this smartwatch could well move the lines.

The success of the XTC Y01 is further proof that China does not intend to be left behind by brands like Apple and Fitbit. With super affordable products like the Xiaomi smart health connected bracelet, Chinese brands have no trouble establishing themselves in all countries of the world. Unlike the Mi Band, however, there is little chance that the Y01 will make big sales worldwide. This product is far too oriented towards its national market. A new version will have to be developed before setting out to conquer the world.

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Fitbit Doki 4G smartwatch for children

As the smartwatch for children becomes the future battleground of brands, Fitbit is preparing to release a 4G model.

Last month, we told you about the rumors about the existence of a possible Apple Watch Kids Edition. Manufacturers’ interest in this market is becoming clearer with rumors of the development of a similar smartwatch at Fitbit. Thus, Engadget reports that the brand bought the Chinese Doki Technologies which had notably launched the first smart health connected children’s watch.

Fitbit children’s smartwatch will use Doki technologies

Also according to Engadget, reported by Wareable, Doki has already informed its users that it will stop taking care of its old models from July 1, 2020. In addition, we also learn that the redemption was entered in October 2019, prior to the completion of Google’s acquisition of Fitbit.

As a reminder, Doki had successfully conducted a crowdfunding campaign for the release of its first smartwatch in 2016. The brand had thus raised more than € 450,000 on Indigogo and Kickstarter. We can easily understand that Fitbit wants to benefit from the expertise of this specialist to carve out a place on the smart health watch market for children.

Fibit Ace activity sensor children

What to expect from this smartwatch

In 2016, the Doki Watch hit the market as the most advanced children’s smartwatch. Among other things, it allowed for video calls. Later, the DokiWatch S added the presence of a voice assistant, namely Alexa. The device shares this feature with the Fitbit Versa 2.

However, it should be remembered that Fitbit is not its first try in terms of a smart health watch for children. Indeed, the brand has in its drawers the range of Ace children’s bracelets.

Smart health connected fitness should remain an important point in its future Fitbit products. But the brand seems to want to add the GPS and the geolocation functions for parents to its offer. In fact, the GPS watches for children have in recent years experienced a real explosion, latest in date, the WatchMeGo.


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QQ Watch

Tencent has just presented its smartwatch for children. The least we can say is that it is colorful and very cute. She may well be a hit with our dear little blond heads.

The QQ Watch smartwatch for children from Tencent is not the first wearable device for this target, there are already a few on the market but this smart health connected mount seems quite complete and offers many features.

This QQ Watch comes with a 1.12-inch 128 x 128 OLED screen, meets the IP65 standard, offers an SOS call button and has its own 2G. The Chinese brand has also equipped its watch with a tracking feature that simultaneously uses GPS, WiFi and cellular triangulation for greater accuracy. There’s even a 0.3 megapixel camera. The watch can also be linked to WeChat: lost children will be able to send photos to their parents to help them locate them more easily.

Regarding battery life, Tencent announces a maximum of five days. Then you will have to recharge it via its magnetic connector. For the moment, no price has been given but a company representative has already announced that this smartwatch would be “very affordable”. It will go on sale in China in October and then go on sale in the rest of the world before the end of the year.

Other brands kid smartwatches

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