Hyaluronic acid: what are the benefits ? What are the best hyaluronic acid supplements?

What are the best hyaluronic acid supplements?Even though the first medical uses of hyaluronic acid were carried out by eye surgeons, this molecule is 50% present in the skin. It works like a sponge, fixing up to 500 times its weight in water and giving volume to the skin. But it also represents 2% of the eye and plays a key role in the joints.

It is much more than just an anti-aging product, it is an essential element for the flexibility of the body, but unfortunately from the age of 50, the level of hyaluronic acid decreases in the body.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a macromolecule naturally produced by the human body. It is mainly found in the skin, joints and eye. It has a fundamental role in the hydration of the skin and works in conjunction with collagen, which takes care of the firmness of the dermis. Hyaluronic acid is also hyaluronic acid that takes care of the proper functioning of the joints. It is thus presented as a lubricant, because it makes the cartilage more elastic.

Initially, hyaluronic acid was used in ophthalmic surgery for several years. Then its properties were put to good use in cosmetic surgery, as a filling product. This is still the case today, with hyaluronic acid being the most widely used product for filling wrinkles. This product is effective in obtaining volume and is used both on the face and on the hands, buttocks, calves, etc.

It is only much more recently that hyaluronic acid has started to be used in cosmetics. The effectiveness is much lower in cosmetics, especially allowing good hydration of the skin. And at the same time, hyaluronic acid was marketed as a dietary supplement. The goal is to have an anti-aging action to compensate for the decrease in natural production within the body.

Because like many other molecules or vitamins, the body produces less and less with age. The level of hyaluronic acid therefore decreases from the age of 50. This results in aging of the skin, rheumatism, joint problems, degeneration of the retina, etc.

Natural hyaluronic acid said “from biotechnology”, what is it?

Apart from the body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, the only way to obtain it for a long time was by extracting it from the crests of roosters. This made it an expensive product, which was not suitable for everyone for ethical reasons.

Today, the term “natural” is overused. Indeed, we imply that this is a version that is not of animal origin and therefore comes from plants.

It’s not exactly that.

What we call biotechnology-derived hyaluronic acid is considered “natural”. It is a natural process (the fermentation of wheat), applied in the laboratory with bacteria, most often genetically modified.

The manufacturing process is natural and as old as the Earth when it comes to fermentation. But do not believe that the term “natural” simply applies to a plant.

It is no less respectful of nature (no animal killed) and it makes it accessible to as many people as possible and above all it is allergen-free, without side effects.

Why use hyaluronic acid?

Before the age of 50, hyaluronic acid is especially useful as part of a moisturizer for daily hydration of the skin. That’s all.

After 50 years, taken as a capsule, it compensates for the decrease in the level naturally present in the body. However, this should not be seen as a miracle product. It is only a supplement, which should be used as part of a balanced diet, with regular physical activity and as part of a more comprehensive body care approach (daily hydration for example).

In this context, it helps counterbalance the natural loss of hyaluronic acid and limit skin aging and joint pain.

The benefits of hyaluronic acid

Its main action is concentrated in the skin, but these are not the only benefits it provides.
→ Skin hydration

Hyaluronic acid works like a sponge, swelling 500 to 1000 times its weight in water. This is what allows it to give volume to the skin, but also a smooth and elastic finish. To achieve this, loaded with water, it slips into intracellular spaces and avoids digging into the skin.
→ Scarring of the skin

To heal, the skin needs hydration, but also a variety of other nutrients, which is provided by hyaluronic acid. It is an essential element in the reconstruction of the skin tissue and it is, among other things, what allows certain scars to disappear. But be careful, it is only active on fresh scars, when the body is still repairing them.
→ The flexibility of cartilages and joints

We often think of the effects of age on the joints, but this action is also beneficial for serious athletes who put a lot of strain on their body. Hyaluronic acid helps the cartilage to be strong and flexible and it prevents friction between the bones in the joints. It therefore helps to prevent the pain and problems that joints in poor condition can cause.
→ Eye hydration

Dry eye affects 15% of people over 60 years old. The causes are various and numerous (from vitamin A deficiency to menopause, including smoking and wearing contact lenses). But hyaluronic acid is one of the elements that helps fight this nasty problem.

The different formats of hyaluronic acid

It can be used in an anti-aging treatment in several ways:

  • injection to fill wrinkles
  • powder to create your own cosmetics
  • cream enriched with hyaluronic acid
  • hyaluronic acid capsules.

The use is not the same and the results neither. Thus the injections remain the fastest and most visible solution, but they need to be repeated regularly, because it gradually breaks down in the body.

Creams (and therefore powder) are the least effective, because they only work to hydrate the upper layer of the epidermis.

The capsules seem to be the best alternative, but you should be aware that there is debate among researchers that not all agree on their effects.

Top 3 best seller hyaluronic acid supplements in Amazon

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Top 10 best hyaluronic acid supplements online

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Danger, contraindications or adverse effects

In its so-called natural format, hyaluronic acid does not cause allergy and has no side effects. However, the capsules are not recommended for pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding.

On the other hand, the list of contraindications is longer for injections of hyaluronic acid and it is preferable to seek advice from your dermatologist before starting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions about hyaluronic acid.

Which plant contains hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is present in amounts far too small to consider intake through food.
So there is nothing you can eat, no plant to infuse or transform, to increase your hyaluronic acid level.

How to choose between botox or hyaluronic acid?

Botox only works as an injection to fill in wrinkles, as well as hyaluronic acid, or nearly so.

Botox helps to complete expression lines, such as frown lines, linked to facial muscles, while hyaluronic acid works on aging lines and compensates for the loss of volume due to age. The two are therefore not interchangeable.

In addition, the side effects are not exactly the same, nor the duration of effectiveness of the injections.

How to choose between collagen or hyaluronic acid?

Where collagen takes care of firmness, hyaluronic acid takes care of hydration. They are two different things, but they work in the same place, for the same reasons. They are also both available in many formats.

As a cream, hyaluronic acid is preferred, as the collagen cannot penetrate deep enough into the dermis for real action.

When injected, hyaluronic acid works a little longer, costs a little less, and is naturally occurring. However, collagen has a very limited allergy risk and its effect is limited in time, it is a good solution for the very first injection when you still want to think about it.

As a food supplement, only marine collagen is found. But the effects are much the same as those of hyaluronic acid, although they are only concentrated on the skin. It’s up to you to decide which one you prefer.

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