Top Reusable FFP3 Masks: Our Complete Guide

Top Reusable FFP3 Masks: Our Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about FFP3 masks to protect yourself from the Coronavirus. The differences with other models, but also our best FFP3 masks. A guide to help you choose.

A time deemed unnecessary by the authorities at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, wearing a mask is now mandatory in many circumstances. There are many models of reusable Coronavirus masks. However, not all of them are created equal and do not offer the same level of protection. For many, FFP3-type masks are considered to be among the most effective against the virus. In the range of FFP filter masks there are different models with specific characteristics. How to choose the most suitable? We have also drawn up a Top best reusable FFP3 masks to protect yourself from the Covid-19 virus.

What are the different models of reusable FFP protective masks?

FFP comes from the English Filtering Facepiece which we can literally translate as filtering facepiece. This is a respiratory protection mask that can filter out dust, particles and microorganisms in the air. The term mask is a bit of an exaggeration, as we should be talking about a half mask. Indeed, these respiratory protection devices only cover part of the face, nose and mouth.

Note that surgical type masks are designed primarily to prevent the spread of microdroplets during exhalation, FFP type masks protect both inspiration and expiration. They must therefore be perfectly adjusted to the face for complete effectiveness.. There are different models with different levels of protection.

FFP1-type masks: not at all effective against the Coronavirus

FFP1 type masks are dust masks. They are generally used for DIY, but also to protect workers under certain circumstances. They are absolutely not effective against microorganisms and do not protect against Coronavirus at all. Especially not to be used during the pandemic apart from DIY at health home.

FFP2-type masks: effective for Covid-19

The second model in the range, FFP2 protective masks offer a higher level of finer filtration. They block viral particles and are therefore effective against the Coronavirus. At the start of the pandemic, demand for these masks was such that many governments requisitioned the available stocks.

FFP3 type masks: the most advanced filtration

FFP3 type protective masks offer the best level of filtration in the range. They can even filter out the finest particles of asbestos and silica. Their effectiveness against the Covid-19 virus is therefore maximum.

With or without valve?

One of the major problems with wearing a respiratory protection mask is that it takes extra effort when breathing. A minimal discomfort in normal times, but which can be problematic during the effort. Also, some FFP masks are equipped with a valve. Another advantage of the valve is that it facilitates the evacuation of moisture from the breath and limits condensation in the mask which remains more waterproof for a long time. This device makes expiration much easier, but loses the barrier function between its wearer and other people around. You are protected, but you expose others to the air you breathe out without it being filtered.

Top reusable FFP3 masks: our comparison

Not all FFP3 type protective masks are the same and, although the filtration level is the same, in practice the results may be different. This is particularly the case with regard to the fit on the face. As we mentioned, to be perfectly effective, the mask must be perfectly adjusted to the contours of the face to avoid that part of the inhaled or exhaled air passes through the sides of the mask without being filtered. Some models are more effective than others. Our top reusable FFP3 masks.

MOD S2: a high-performance reusable FFP3 mask

Perfect fit on the face

MOD S2 is a mask developed by a Dutch start-up. This very complete mask is undoubtedly one of the most effective on the market today.. It is actually made up of different parts. In particular, there is a reusable silicone mask. The molded silicone part allows a perfect fit to the contours of the face. It also makes it very comfortable to wear without causing irritation. The MOD S2 also uses FFP3 quality filters which are disposable.

A valve is available for exhalation

The mask is also equipped with a valve that you can activate or deactivate depending on the situation. In the presence of other people, it is necessary to close it, but you can decide to open it if you do, for example, sport or physical activity when there is no one around. The open valve will not add effort to exhale and cause less condensation in the mask.

MOD S2 reusable FFP3 masks

Adjustable straps for this FFP3 mask

For a perfect fit, the MOD S2 offers adjustable straps. Depending on the shape and size of your skull, you will be able to adjust the strap as best as possible so that the pressure of the mask is ideal for its fit, but not exaggerated for your face. The mask comes with a strap that goes behind your head and another at the neck. Unlike many models, your ears are not stressed.

A small investment, but worth it

The MOD S2 mask and its 10 spare FFP3 filters is currently sold at a price of 30 dollars on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site. You can get it here. The pair of masks with its 20 spare filters is available for 55 dollars. Note that when ordering, you can choose the color. 4 colors are available: blue, pink, black and green.

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3M FFP3 mask with preformed seal

3M reusable FFP3 masks

Leader in protective masks, the company 3M offers a reusable FFP3 mask with a face seal. This preformed seal is flexible and ensures a good seal for most face shapes. Comfortable, it is also easy to clean. It also helps reduce fogging for eyeglass wearers. It is also equipped with adjustable elastic straps. Note that it is also equipped with a valve which reduces heat build-up, but also exposes the surroundings more to the air you exhale.

Lindhaus Reusable FFP3 Mask

Lindhaus reusable FFP3 masks

For 13.20 dollars, the Italian company, Lindhaus, offers reusable FFP3 protective masks without a valve. The membrane filter is washable and reusable. Unlike many competitors, the filtration surface is higher which allows better breathing. The materials used are hypoallergenic. The double strap is adjustable. It can be washed up to 12 times by hand and 6 times in the machine. This reusable FFP3 mask can thus be used for around a hundred hours.



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