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To say that Bluefin Fitness is a historic player in technology applied to sports would be a shameless lie. The British firm based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, only came into being in 2013, with the ambition of making a name for itself in fitness machines with innovative technologies.

After some failures (including low-end products imported from China), Bluefin Fitness began to produce its own vibrating platforms (or vibro shapers), but also its own treadmills and other accessories for individuals who wish to move at the House. In the context of a market that does not know a strong competitive intensity, the start-up has established itself in Europe as one of the main players in the vibrant platform for individuals. That’s why we tested the vibro shapers signed Bluefin Fitness!

BlueFin Fitness - Work Out Solutions at Home 

Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim

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This vibrating platform (Bluefin Fitness claims it also allows for oscillation vibration, but we have a different opinion) is Bluefin Fitness’s entry-level model. It has a single motor (unlike the following models) of 1000 watts powerful enough to shake you well during your 10 minute session! At less than $190 , this model offers excellent value for money. Moreover, it is the best-seller of the brand, and customer satisfaction is at the rendezvous with 4.5 stars out of 5 for 180 reviews on Amazon … a record for an entry-level model !

Like the overwhelming majority of vibrating platforms signed by Bluefin Fitness, this model is equipped with software offering 5 standard programs and 180 intensity levels to allow you to train at your own pace. You will also be entitled to a non-slip surface to work in complete safety, a remote control to control your platform from a distance, (decent) Bluetooth speakers and a few accessories (resistance straps).

Not really big flaws (especially considering the price). The machine is moderately noisy, some screws may need a little tightening and the instructions are not really intuitive. Otherwise, it’s the ideal vibrating platform to start … and even more!

The 3D dual motor vibrating platform

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We remain in the entry level, this time with a model equipped with two motors of 500 watts each for more harmonious vibrations and better body balance. Despite this dual engine, this vibrating platform is much quieter than the previous model. You have the choice between an oscillating vibration mode and a linear mode with vertical movement. You can therefore both work on your figure and your balance. You can also choose 3D mode for a mix of horizontal and vertical vibrations.

You still have a non-slip surface, a remote control to control your vibro shaper from a distance, and built-in Bluetooth speakers. You also have your 5 pre-recorded programs as well as your 180 intensity levels that you can control via the LCD screen with touch controls. Suction cups are used to stabilize the machine on the ground. It will remain fixed even at full throttle. Not much to report on the downside, except the weight of the machine (17 kg) which makes it difficult to move, especially if you buy it to alleviate your back problem!

The Bluefin 4D vibrating and oscillating platform

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We are now moving to the mid-range with this 4D vibro shaper equipped with a triple motor (500 W x 3) capable of generating so-called 4D movements. This platform offers 4 vibration modes: a horizontal movement (oscillation), a vertical mode (linear), a massage mode (by micro-oscillation) and a 4D mode which combines the three previous modes. You can choose the mode, exercise program and intensity level that suits you via the touchscreen LCD display built into the machine. As with previous models, you have built-in Bluetooth speakers, a remote control to control the various modalities of your workout remotely and a few accessories.

Note that despite the triple motor of 1500 watts in total, the machine is exceptionally quiet. Again, very few inconveniences on the horizon. We could pinpoint the weight and the limited quality of Bluetooth speakers, but we quibble!

The Bluefin Fitness Pro Sport vibrating platform 

Last update was on: October 28, 2021 7:41 am

This vibrating platform is able to improve your body balance, make you lose weight, ensure the hypertrophy of your muscles (in addition to a work of cast iron) and boost your tone thanks to an output power of the 3,900 watt motor. About ten minutes on this model is enough for an intense session that will make you sweat well! This model also has two sensors on the ramp to help you assess your Body Mass Index (BMI) and your calorie consumption.

At less than $250 , this machine had to have some faults. If it allows an efficient and harmonious work of all your muscles, it fishing by its weight (29 kg), the absence of Bluetooth speakers (you will need an auxiliary cable) and by a moderate noise. Please note: this platform is only oscillating.


Have you found the model that suits you to refine your figure, work on your muscle tone or simply move around at home and combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle? Great ! We recommend that you combine your vibration activity with cardio exercises to strengthen your heart. You can set your sights on this excellent treadmill signed Bluefin Fitness on sale!

On the program: a 7 hp engine, a maximum speed of 20 km / h, heart rate sensors, Bluetooth speakers and an incline that can go up to + 15%!

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