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What is the Best Home Air Purifier 2020-2021? Comparison

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Are you findng the best Air Purifier 2020 -2021?An home air purifier is a household appliance whose main function is to transform air pollution into clean air. It thus prevents the spread of harmful elements in our environment such as viruses and bacteria. 

An air freshener has hygienic benefits, in that it considerably reduces the risk of disease by filtering out fine particles suspended in the air. An air ionizer achieves the same end with different technology. There are several lines of air purifiers that allow almost total filtration of our atmosphere. Finally, in addition to reducing industrial and domestic pollution, purifiers neutralize certain unpleasant odors.

After more than 150 hours of research, we have succeeded in selecting the best air purifiers for your health. We have taken into account several criteria including their price, effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses. Whether it’s a high-end air purifier (for example, see our article on the Dyson Pure Cool Link), a Rowenta mid-range or a Philips from entry-level, our buying guide will help you make your choice.

Special recommendation

Best High-End Air Purifiers (+ $400 )

Dyson Hot + Cool Link -The most versatile Dyson purifier

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If the Dyson Pure Cool Link was already a 2-in-1 device, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link is a 3-in-1! This air freshener is designed to purify the air in your home every day of the year. In the summer, it will keep you cool with its fan. In winter, it will warm you with its thermostat control up to 37 ° C. This air purifier should ideally be placed in a space of 20m².

Three smart functions

The Dyson Hot + Cool Link air purifier is more versatile than the Dyson Pure Cool. It has three modes of use. Its fan is adjustable from an intensity of 1 to 10. Its heating is configurable and allows the user to establish their own level of comfort. Finally, its air purifier is adjustable by smartphone like the first two functions. The air is constantly monitored by the Dyson air purifier and automatically activates filtration when needed. Nevertheless, this efficiency comes at a high price. It’s clear that the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link air purifier is a lasting investment of excellent quality.

The same HEPA filter as on the Dyson Pure Cool Link

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link air freshener is equipped with a 360 ° fiberglass HEPA filter. Its effectiveness against polluting particles reaches 99.95% according to Dyson. The lifespan of the HEPA filter is estimated at 180 days and its change costs around 60 euros. Harmful 0.1 micron microparticles like pollen can be filtered out. Dyson adds a layer of activated carbon granules to this which helps eliminate bad odors. Thus, this air freshener is ideal for people with allergies and asthma.

A very intuitive application but a weak remote control

Dyson offers an application to install on your iOS or Android smartphone. It gives you access to all important data of the air purifier. From the percentage of clean air in a room to room temperature, it allows you to keep an eye on this air freshener all the time.

The Dyson remote is functional, but it has some weaknesses. It is initially complex to understand and requires time to adapt. Its latency is quite high, which is why the smartphone remains a better option to control this air purifier.

Quiet technology

Even though the sound level can reach 64dB when the air purifier is operating at full capacity, there are several options in place to reduce the noise. First, the automatic ignition will identify the air quality and condition the fan speed according to the amount of pollutants in the room. It will reduce the power of the machine and the noise level if the air condition is good. A night mode activates when you sleep and uses the quietest programs. The display brightness is also lowered.


– Filtration system: 360 ° glass fiber HEPA filter
– Optimal surface area: 20 m²
– Sound level: ~ 64dB
– Power: 44W
– Connectivity: Yes

  • – Fan, heater and air freshener
  • – Jet Focus technology
  • – Automatic ignition
  • – Efficient application

  • – The price
  • – Complex remote control
  • – Average area

Dyson Pure Cool Link – The best high-end air purifier

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The Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower has performance worthy of the Dyson brand. It is quite simply the best high end air purifier on the market. This 2-in-1 device is both a fan and an air freshener. It is perfectly suited to people who are allergic and sensitive to odors. Its Air Multiplier technology allows it to cover an area of ​​27m².

An extraordinary design

The Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier combines good material quality with an original design. It looks like an oval tower arranged on a cylinder. This is coated with a plastic which makes the air freshener lightweight. The tower can be rotated 360 ° and maintain its efficiency. According to the manufacturer, this Dyson air purifier filters the air at 99.95%.

A high-end HEPA filter

Dyson is renowned for its high quality material. This air purifier is equipped with a 360 ° fiberglass HEPA filter which is located in the cylinder. It can remove almost 100% of volatile particles in the air even those that are 0.1 microns in size. Its maintenance requires a single annual filter change with a maximum use of 12 hours per day. The HEPA filter is rolled up in a thin layer of activated carbon which filters out bad smells like tobacco. However, it is less efficient than a standard activated carbon filter. This is truly the only flaw in this Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier.

Remote control on smartphone

Dyson offers the ability to manage the air purifier from their phone. By installing a mobile app on iOS or Android, the Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier can be turned on and off remotely. You can also program its operating hours, fan speed, activate a night mode to reduce noise … If you don’t want to use your smartphone, you can still control the air freshener with the supplied Dyson remote control.

Quiet in standard use, noisy in intensive use

The noise of the Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier can rise up to 63dB at full power while the quietest air fresheners do not exceed 40dB. However, if you reduce the speed of the air purifier, you will not hear it. An automatic option helps reduce noise when the air condition is optimal. The noise level will then only be 30dB, which is an excellent score.

Optimal energy consumption

The Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier is not energy hungry. At its lowest level, it only consumes 5W. At full speed, it reaches a consumption of 40W. In standby mode, it does not exceed 0.5W. More information can be found in our Dyson Pure Cool Link article!


– Filtration system: 360 ° HEPA glass fiber filter
– Optimal surface area: 27 m²
– Sound level: 30dB ~ 63dB
– Power: 40W
– Connectivity: Yes

  • – Excellent efficiency
  • – Smartphone control
  • – Automatic ignition
  • – Ideal power consumption

  • – The price
  • – Perfectible carbon layer
  • – Average area

Alen BreatheSmart air purifier with the most HEPA filters

Alen BreatheSmart Classic Large Room Air Purifier, 1100 sqft. Big Coverage Area, True HEPA Filter for Allergies, Pollen, Dust, Dander and Fur

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Alen BreatheSmart 75i Large Room Air Purifier, Medical Grade Filtration H13 True HEPA for 1300 Sqft, 99.99% Airborne Particle Removal

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Alen is an American brand renowned for its premium products with many features and guaranteed for life. The BreatheSmart is its best design in terms of air purifier. Combining an original design and high technology, this air freshener can filter a large area of ​​102m².

Out-of-competition design

This Alen air purifier has an imposing design reminiscent of a mini fridge. With a height of 68cm and a weight of almost 10 kg, it will not go unnoticed in your home. However, its sober and elegant design makes it one of the most aesthetic purifiers on the market. Alen offers you the choice between 14 different shades.

The originality of this freshener is the placement of an air vent at the front, while others place it at the back or on the sides. Air circulation is from bottom to top. Above the air purifier is a control panel consisting of 7 buttons. They each combine a functionality such as switching on and off, speed management or activating automatic mode.

A unique combination of 4 HEPA filters

This air freshener is a 4-in-1. First, it consists of a pre-filter which ensures the removal of large particles. Then there is a unique air purification system made up of four different HEPA filters. They look like this:

– HEPA Pure: This is Alen’s standard Hepa filter. It captures 99% of polluting particles with a size of 0.3 microns such as dust and mites.
– HEPA Fresh: This is a higher level HEPA filter. It reinforces the HEPA Pure filter and adds an activated carbon function which treats household odors like that of cigarettes. It is necessary for people sensitive to volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
– HEPA Silver: This HEPA filter eliminates viruses and bacteria. It prevents the growth of mold spores.
– HEPA OdorCell: This HEPA filter destroys odors on a molecular scale.

Remarkable efficiency

This air freshener is ideal for people who want to filter the air in large rooms. With an optimal surface area of ​​102m², the Alen BreatheSmart air purifier is one of the best in this category. You can easily filter an entire pavilion, for example. In addition, the Alen air freshener registers an air flow of 300m³ / h. It’s a bit less than a Philips AC3256 / 10 air purifier but that’s okay.

Cutting-edge technology

The Alen BreatheSmart air freshener is equipped with a smart sensor that detects the air quality in your home. If the air is contaminated, the air purifier will initiate automatic mode which will change the fan speed. For example, if the light is red, it indicates that your room has a lot of pollutants and the automatic mode will adjust the highest fan speed to process the particles faster. If the light is light blue, the minimum fan speed will be activated, which will save energy. You can manually adjust the filtration speed or program a specific time using the timer.

A perfectible noise level

The noise emitted by the Alen BreatheSmart air purifier is its first weak point. Using the lowest speed, the air freshener records a noise level of 41.5dB. It’s a fair score, but too high for low speed. For comparison, a high-end Philips air purifier emits only 30dB at minimum performance. At full throttle, the noise level rises to 56dB. It is louder than normal conversation at home.

Too high consumption

The Alen BreatheSmart air purifier shows its second weak point in energy consumption. It is quite simply one of the most energy intensive air fresheners. It uses a power of 105W. This is twice as much as a Dyson Pure Cool air purifier and four times as much as a Xiaomi air purifier.


– Filtration system: Pre-filter, Pure HEPA filter, Fresh HEPA filter, Silver HEPA filter, OdorCell HEPA filter
– Optimal area: 102m²
– Noise level: 41.5dB ~ 56dB
– Power: 105W
– CADR: 300 m³ / h
– Connectivity: No

  • – Very large optimal surface
  • – Excellent HEPA filtration
  • – Programmable
  • – Cutting-edge technology

  • – No remote control or remote control
  • – Too much energy
  • – Imposing design

Best Mid-Range Air Purifiers ($ 200 to $ 400)

Dyson Pure Cool Me-A great personal air purifier

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You can admit it right off the bat, the Dyson Pure Cool Me has the art of seducing with its mushroom-shaped design and the prosody of its title. Especially since it belongs to the renowned Dyson brand, which gives it a certain prestige. Powerful device for a rather particular use however, here is an overview.

Efficiency oriented

Dyson has made a bet: if air purifiers lose their effectiveness on the vast pastures of open spaces, it is better to bet on individuality by making it adopt a “bedside lamp” format. So it is interesting to see how he sports a metallic trunk and a glowing hat, where other purifiers are called upon at discretion. For the Dyson Pure Cool Me, the opposite is true: it is readily displayed. Its dome can even be tilted in the direction of its user by means of the remote control. The Dyson sanitizer offers no less than 10 speeds for great adaptability, and it incorporates a timer for up to 8 hours of operation.

Designed to work in your presence

Indeed, Dyson did not see fit to put an automatic mode or to install connectivity to Wi-Fi, which has the merit of making it a bit easier to use. As the device was not intended to clean entire rooms but rather to serve as an invisible diver of pure air, the interest of remote control was ultimately very limited. However, it loses a little of its flexibility.

Convenient filtration system

The Hepa filter is integral with the activated carbon filter. It’s easy on maintenance, since you remove everything in one piece. However, it was removed from a pre-filter (usually used for large particles).

Performance, noise level and energy consumption

Its performance is difficult to assess as it only improves air quality over a small area. However, it removes up to 40% of fine particles at full power in a 22 m2 room, with only 53 dB emitted. In addition, its energy consumption is low, between 4 and 38 W. To be reserved, so for very specific use!


– Filtration system: a sealed filter combines an activated carbon filter and HEPA glass
– Optimal area: 27 m2
– Sound level: 33 – 53 dB
– Power :
– CADR: 290 m³ / h
– Connectivity: No

  • -Small and light
  • – Easy to use
  • – Economic
  • – Very effective
  • – remote control

  • – limited scope
  • – no automatic mode
  • – no connection
  • – the price

Rowenta PU4020U2 Air Purifier -The Best Quiet Rowenta Air Purifier

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If mid-range air fresheners could play the king of silence, the Rowenta PU4020U2 air purifier would win hands down. With a sound level between 28db and 52dB, it crushes the competition. However, this is not the only strong point of this device with a very good price / quality ratio. It can filter air 99.95% over an area of ​​80m² with a flow rate of 345m³ / h.

A combination of 4 filters including a HEPA filter

So that no harmful elements circulate in the air in your home, this Rowenta air purifier combines 4 different filters. There is a pre-filter which traps large particles like dust, a HEPA 12 filter which catches fine particles, an activated carbon filter which removes harmful gases and a NanoCaptur filter which can neutralize 99% of bad smells like that of the cigarette. Specifically, the Rowenta Intense Pure Air XL air purifier filter combination filters 99.95% of indoor air pollution. From dog hair to allergens, viruses and bacteria, everything is filtered. The air you breathe will be pleasant to breathe.

Impeccable technology

Two smart sensors are present on the Rowenta air purifier. They detect the amount of pollution present in the room and automatically adapt the filtration power. They blink when it’s time to change the filters. An LED indicates the quality of the air. If it is good, the Led will light up in blue and if it is bad, it will light up in red.

A timer mode allows the Rowenta air purifier to be programmed to run for a certain time. Night mode silences the device during your night’s sleep while maintaining performance. It is possible to deactivate this mode and adjust the filtering power yourself, but the sound level may increase.

Efficient use on smartphones

This Rowenta air purifier offers an application to be installed on iPhone or Android smartphone. It allows you to control the air freshener remotely and to program its use. You can also follow the level of pollution in the air in real time. A parental control system is also included to ensure the safety of children.

Good mobility but expensive maintenance

With the handle, you can move the Rowenta PU4020U2 air purifier from a bedroom to a living room, for example. The use of casters would have been nice. The maintenance of this air freshener is relatively expensive. When the Led indicators flash, it will be time to buy new filters. The replacement is done after a few months and is estimated at $ 65.

A star among air purifiers

The Rowenta PU4020U2 air purifier is in high demand by customers around the world. It owes this to its excellent quality / price ratio and its incomparable performance. Its technology guarantees protection against disease. People with allergies will be safe with this air freshener.

A more powerful version of the Rowenta PU4020F0

Rowenta PU4020F0 is cheaper but has less skill than Rowenta PU4020U2 air purifier. Its optimum surface area is 35m² and the flow rate is 170m³ / h against 80m² and 345m³ / h for its big brother. However, it has a lower sound level which ranges from 22dB to 45dB. Its power of 30W makes it less energy intensive than the Rowenta PU4020U2 air purifier.


– Filtration system: Pre-filter, HEPA 12 filter, activated carbon filter and NanoCaptur filter
– Optimal area: 80m²
– Sound level: 28db ~ 52dB
– Power: 80W
– CADR: 345 m³ / h
– Connectivity: Yes

  • – Very quiet
  • – Four efficient filters
  • – Multiple useful LEDs
  • – Economic
  • – Intuitive application

  • – Energy-hungry

Best Cheap Air Purifiers (- $ 200)

Wynd Plus Freshener – The Best Portable Air Purifier

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The Wynd Air Purifier is like no other product. It is a portable air freshener that works with a rechargeable battery. Thanks to its mobility, it will accompany you wherever you go.

A miniature design

Barely larger than a 33cl water bottle, this portable air freshener weighs just 433.7g and fits in a bag. It looks like a small white Bluetooth speaker with an air vent. A stand is included that allows the air purifier to be tilted. It is ideal for placing it on a desk, for example. It is divided into two parts which fit into each other: on the outside is the air purifier and on the inside is the Wynd Air Quality Tracker. This technology allows recognition of the ambient quality. Two buttons are visible on the air freshener: a button to turn on and off, and a button to activate the automatic mode.

A company-specific filter

No HEPA filter or activated carbon filter needed in this air purifier. In contrast, Wynd offers its own air filtering technology. The company certifies that it is a medical filter with a lifespan of approximately 3 months. Its replacement will be invoiced to you approximately 6 euros. This allows the air freshener to remove pollen, dust, dandruff, germs, fungi and purify fumes, especially with the ions contained in the filter.

Great performance in a small air purifier

The Wynd air purifier can absorb, filter and then diffuse up to 8 liters of air per second. 98.5% of elements greater than 1 micron are retained by the filter. Viruses and bacteria are 99% eliminated. This air freshener has an advantage that sets it apart from the competition: it can be used outdoors. Thus, by placing it in a car, the air will be 70% purified in less than 10 minutes. If you place the air freshener in an open baby stroller, 50% of fine particles will be removed.

An air purifier with a battery

It is rare to see air purifiers that do not run on mains power. The Wynd Air Freshener accommodates a lithium ion battery that can last up to 8 hours, as long as a mid-range smartphone. Charging is done via a USB-C cable and takes about 2 hours. It is supplied by the manufacturer with an AC adapter.

An essential application

The Wynd air purifier is a connected object. An application to install on iPhone or Android smartphone will tell you a lot of details. First, the air freshener constantly informs you of the quality of the ambient air and of the maintenance to be carried out. Detailed statistics are sent to you with graphics on the different polluting elements that make up the ambient air. You will be kept informed if there is a risk of danger to your health and if the filter becomes too dirty. Finally, you can check the status of the remaining battery on the air freshener.


– Filtration system: Wynd filter
– Power supply: USB-C
– Autonomy: 8 hours
– Noise level: Low
– Connectivity: Yes

  • – Transportable everywhere
  • – Effective outdoors
  • – Correct autonomy

  • – Application in English
  • – Filters from other incompatible brands

Levoit H13 Purifier

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For less than $ 120, the Levoit H13 air purifier is a more than wise investment. No negative ions or UV treatment, but a simple and efficient technology. Covering an area of ​​40m² max, it offers excellent value for money.

Three filters in a compact air freshener

The Levoit H13 air purifier uses a triple filter: a primary fine filter, a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. They require maintenance every six months but their prices are much more attractive than high-end filters. The primary fine filter first neutralizes large particles such as cat hair. Then the HEPA filter destroys all harmful microparticles measuring down to 0.3 microns. As for the activated carbon filter, it captures all bad odors. The combination of the three filters provides clean air. They operate on a surface of 40 m² max.

Small purifier, great performance

Despite its small size, the Levoit H13 air freshener offers three filter speeds: low, medium and high. You are free to adjust this parameter to optimize the air quality in your home. Its ease of use and compactness make this model of air purifier even more ergonomic. A night mode accompanies this air freshener. It reduces the intensity of light and the noise level. As a bonus, an indicator light shows you the status of the filter in real time. It’s an attractive option at this price.

Too high a sound level

At 36 centimeters in height and weighing less than 3.5 kilos, there was much to hope for a quiet air purifier. And unlike its predecessor, the Levoit LV-H132 (cheaper, it is still available below) it is more the case! With maximum use, the noise level doesn’t even reach 50dB, which is excellent, according to the size of this air freshener. Night mode further reduces device noise, up to 24 dB.


– Filtration system: HEPA filter and activated carbon filter
– Surface area: up to 40 m²
– Sound level: 24 – 48 dB
– Power: 33W
– CADR: 187 m³ / h
– Connectivity: No

  • – Attractive price
  • – Compact and lightweight
  • – Night mode

  • – A little noisy
  • – Intended for small parts only
  • – No remote control or remote control

Levoit PUR131S -the best cheap air freshener

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Last update was on: January 18, 2021 6:57 pm

Purify effectively

The Levoit air freshener guarantees high efficiency air filtration measured by its CADR: 230 m³ / h. It’s a great pace and works well for many places in everyday life. Large rooms in the house, such as the living room, or bedroom, or your workspace, it cleans areas exceeding 40 m². Note however that the optimal surface is reduced to 30 m².

Three filters are enough

First, the air passes through a pre-filter, before passing through the main HEPA filter. Finally, the activated carbon filter finishes the job. Ultimately 99.97% of unwanted particles are retained by the device, i.e. dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, overwhelming odors etc. This greatly reduces the level of pollution in your personal air, reducing the risk of any type of contamination. Indeed, microelements not exceeding 0.3 microns, will be captured and neutralized.

Adaptability for more peace of mind

You will be notified of the air quality thanks to no less than 4 color diode indicators. So, based on this estimate, you will choose a speed between three: low, medium, and high. Each offers several options suitable for different conditions. Sleep mode, for example, interesting for its 23 dB of discretion, maintains the cleanliness of the atmosphere by letting your stomachs rest a little. Better: by using the One-Touch control, you can make your settings quickly and easily.

Purify effectively An Intelligent mode and a Timer for flexibility of use

If you switch your device to smart mode, the speed will automatically adjust to its rating of the ambient air quality. So there is no need to leave it on too long, and you will save energy. The timer will be used to set the air purifier for 1 to 12 hours.

Neither ion nor UV

Unlike ionizer air fresheners, Levoit air purifiers do not use UV or ions. It is therefore completely safe for your health. In addition, the filter will last approximately 6 months. For more details, don’t hesitate to check our Levoit PU131S test.


– Filtration system: pre-filter, a genuine HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter,
– Optimal area: 30 m2
– Sound level: 45/50 dB
– Power: 30 W max
– CADR: 230 m³ / h
– Connectivity: Yes

  • – Ion and UV free
  • – One Touch Control
  • – Timer until 12 h

  • – Design

 PARTU -The best small room air purifier

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Last update was on: January 18, 2021 6:57 pm

The PARTU air purifier is designed to be placed in small rooms such as a bedroom. The curved and ultra compact design of this freshener allows it to be installed in a car. Designed to fight indoor pollution and help people with fragile health, this inexpensive air purifier works with an air flow of 104 m³ / h.

Five filters including one HEPA filter

The PARTU air freshener uses a triple filtration system: a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. Combined together, they allow filtration of 99.97% of the different pollutants present in a room such as dust, mold, pollen, smoke, dog hair and all 0.3 micron particles. This reasonably priced air freshener is ideal for people with allergies, asthma patients, pet owners, children and the elderly. If you are looking for a gift idea, this PARTU air purifier is a great choice.

Fairly regular maintenance

A filter reset button flashes when it’s time to replace them. They should be changed every three to six months or so. The air freshener cover is removable. This allows you to determine the quality of the filters used. If the filter is completely white, it means it is good. However, if it does start to darken until it turns black, its quality is poor and you will need to replace it. To test the quality of the filters, set the power of the air purifier to maximum and close the room. Come back and see your filters. As for cleaning the product, a simple wipe with a soft, dry cloth is sufficient. On the other hand, it should not especially be washed at the risk of harming it.

Purifier and fan

There are three speed modes in this air freshener: minimum, normal and maximum. At full speed, the purification rate is 104 m³ / h. It is also possible to place the PARTU on a desk and use it as a small table fan.


Small black point: we no longer find the “aromatherapy” feature announced compared to the previous model. We still have pretty lights instead …

Parental lock

A parental lock button is located on the front of the air purifier. If you press it for three seconds, you will lock the touch mode. This is to avoid performance errors caused by curious pets or children. This feature is not common on an air purifier.

An improved sound level

The sound of this device depends on the speed used. At the lowest level, this air freshener will emit a noise of 24 dB. This score is very good for a device of this price. At maximum speed, the air purifier becomes a little louder and reaches 48 dB. Fortunately, a night mode is included in the device. If you activate it, the fan speed will be reduced as well as the noise level. So you can get a good night’s sleep without worrying about noise.

Low energy consumption

One of the strengths of this PARTU air purifier is its power consumption. It does not exceed 18W. This power may seem low, but it is justified by the small air flow of the air freshener (104 m³ / h).


– Filtration system: Pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter
– Optimal area: NC
– Sound level: 25dB ~ 45dB
– Power: 18W
– CADR: 104 m³ / h
– Connectivity: No

  • – Cheap HEPA filter
  • – Little noisy
  • – Aromatherapy
  • – Table fan

  • – Effective in a small space only
  • – No remote control or remote control

Pro Breeze An inexpensive 5 filter air purifier

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Last update was on: January 18, 2021 6:57 pm

The Pro Breeze Purifier features a 5-in-1 purification system. 99.7% of airborne particles will be captured by the pre-filter, True HEPA filter, cold catalyst, and activated carbon filter. You will thus be relieved (s) of dust mites, smoke, mold, bad odreus and even particles from animals.

Detoxification efficiency

With a significant flow of sanitized air, namely 218 m3 / h, you will be able to purify areas measuring up to 40 m2. The filter is replaced approximately every 5,000 hours, which is a very decent service life.

A three-speed sanitizer

You will have to choose between a low, medium and high speed, not to mention the sleep function. You can therefore lower the speed of your purifier when you are in the room so as not to be bothered by any drone effect. Conversely, select maximum speed if you are away, so that you will return to a healthier and more relaxing atmosphere!

The timer

As such, a timer is built into the system, which automates the start and shutdown of your Pro Breeze. Whether it’s 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours, you can plan your days without having to think about it afterwards! You can therefore activate it during the afternoon to turn it down or let it go off in the evening. You will fall asleep in the silence and the clean air. Indeed the minimum sound power is 29 dB, while the maximum still reaches 61dB!

Compactness and sleek design

Finally, let’s agree that Pro Breeze purifier is hardly likely to mar the decor of your home, or your workspace. Its light color, compact size and soft-angled shape suit the understated decor of an office, the warm ambience of a living room or the tranquility of a bedroom.


– Filtration system: Pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter
– Optimal surface area: 40 m²
– Sound level: 29dB ~ 61dB
– Power: 18W
– CADR: 218 m³ / h
– Connectivity: No

  • – Cheap HEPA filter
  • – Little noisy
  • – Large activity space

  • – No remote control or remote control

Buying guide to choosing the best air purifier

How does the air purifier work?

To be clear, the air purifier recycles the ambient air in a room. Using its motorized fan, the device absorbs the air and passes it through several filters. The air that comes out of the purifier is free of the vast majority of dangerous particles. Air purifiers are equipped with two main types of filters:

the pre-filter which drains large particles such as hair, body hair,
and the filter which dumps the smaller grains, such as organic compounds, dust, gas and fumes.

Several studies have shown that air purifiers are effective, but they are not a complete replacement for the daily ventilation and cleaning that must be done every day. Of course, air purifiers greatly improve the air quality in an environment, but they do have limitations. Indeed, some of these devices are not able to capture all pollutants, as is the case of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and carbon monoxide. Due to this volatility, filters often give way to them.

As the activated carbon filter could not absorb these substances, some brands had to create a special filter which is able to change the molecular structure of these volatile organic compounds.

Air purifier, which options to choose?

A purifier allows you to clean the air of hundreds of substances harmful to health: cigarette smoke, microparticles, fungi, pollens … Then choose the filtration system that meets your health needs.

POLLEN, HAIR and DUST: The air purifier is ideal for people who are allergic to pollen, animal hair or have breathing difficulties or people with asthma. A pre-filter is often used to purify the air by cleaning it from the coarse dust and animal hair. It is then a HEPA filter that traps pollens and dust from your indoor air. The latest generation HEPA filters remove 99.95% of all allergens and microscopic pollutants, down to 0.01 microns.

SMOKE: Do you smoke or cook and are looking for an air purifier to clean your home of these smelly substances that are dangerous to your health? Look to a purifier with a carbon filter or the latest technology HEPA filter.

NANOPARTICLES: Millions of chemicals vitiate our indoor air. They cause more or less visible reactions depending on the age and sensitivity of the occupants of the accommodation. The majority of these microscopic chemical components have proven toxic effects on living beings (cf: 2016 ANSES Report). Carbon filters, filters with bamboo fibers, HEPA standard filters and nanofiber cartridges.

TOXIC GAS: Many toxic gases pollute our indoor air: carbon monoxide, formaldehydes, nitrogen dioxide, etc. These are filters made up of activated carbon and the wide range of HEPA filters that allow the molecules of these to be trapped and destroyed. dangerous gas.

MICROBES, BACTERIA and VIRUSES: Thanks to functions such as photocatalysis, with or without U.V, or to ionization, microbes, bacteria and viruses are weighed down and / or destroyed. This function is ideal for frail people, infants, the elderly, pregnant women or the immunocompromised.

How to Buy the right air purifier: 5 criteria

Strength and reliability

This is the number one criterion when you want to invest in an expensive machine! And on this point we do not compromise, comparing only reliable and solid models, independently, so that this purchase is not money thrown down the drain. So we select the air purifiers that have proven their strength over time, based on user comments that constitute for us a real guarantee, because after all who is better placed to talk about a product than its user ? We obviously take the time to make sure that the opinions are objective and that the devices we offer have every chance of satisfying you. So do not count on us to praise the merits of a device seen on tele-shopping and whose quality we know … generally questionable! Unfortunately, there is no zero risk concerning the failure, so we always try to compare products from recognized brands, and benefiting if possible from a manufacturer’s warranty.

The filtration system

This is the point that differentiates the air purifiers available on the market, and which determines their effectiveness in terms of sanitation. There are four main types of purifiers, depending on the filtration mode:

Filter purifiers: air purification is carried out using filters, usually superimposed. It is a mechanical filtration technique, preferred for domestic use. The principle is simple: particles are trapped according to their size when the air circulates through successive filters constituting the purifier. The most advanced models using mechanical filtration are generally equipped with at least three superimposed filters: A pre-filter, inert foam that captures coarse dust (animal hair, hair, insects). An activated carbon filter, the same as that in extractor hoods that do not have an external exhaust, which will destroy odors and which captures volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A HEPA filter, for High Efficiency for Airborne Particles, which ensures the removal of 99.97% of molecules larger than 0.3 micrometers. It is currently the most effective filter, and it is widely used in industry and hospitals. The combination of these three filters ensures in-depth cleaning of the air in your interior. The major drawback of this type of filtration remains the regular and mandatory change of filters, in particular the activated carbon filter, to ensure the correct functioning of the device.

Ionizing purifiers: they generate negative ions which amalgamate suspended particles, which are neutral or positively charged. The negative ions are thus attracted to the particles and vice versa. This mode of filtration uses electrostatic attraction as a principle of operation. The amalgamated particles, too heavy to remain in the air, fall to the ground, freeing the ambient air of any pollution.

Combustion purifiers: This is a resistance placed in the heart of the device whose level of heat produced can reach 200 degrees and whose mission is to quickly and effectively destroy bacteria, pollen, fungi and other microbes. of the same ilk which are contained in the air and which are the cause of many ailments and allergies. The air that comes out of the air purifier is however cooled and is of exemplary purity!

Photocatalytic purifiers: they consist of a catalyst, generally titanium dioxide, and require UV radiation. By a photocatalytic process, the polluting particles are oxidized by titanium dioxide, and transformed into water vapor, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Plasma air purifiers: they work by generating an oxidizing molecule in the ambient air that is propelled into the room to clean the air, through a magnetic field that captures the particles. This type of purifier is still used much less than the others because it loads the air with ozone and free radicals, which are harmful to our health.

The suction capacity

The suction capacity of air purifiers is unfortunately little communicated by manufacturers, although it is an essential point in their operation. It is indeed the suction capacity that will condition the performance of the device, depending on the surface of the room, however this data is not often accessible. However, it is considered that purifiers do their job well and that their absorption capacity is suitable for the vast majority of homes. We can remember that an absorption capacity of 300 m³ / hour can purify the air in a 70 m² room in one hour. You must therefore choose your model according to the size of your parts. For large rooms, it may even be practical to have two devices of medium capacity for better coverage of the space and more effective action, especially in a place particularly prone to odors and pollution.

Noise level and energy consumption

Two more points on which it happens not to have all the desirable information. However, it is important to always know more because your comfort and that of your wallet depend on it.

The sound level depends on the air flow of the device. The higher the flow, the more the sound level increases. To avoid too high a sound level, and to be able to manage it yourself, you can opt for a purifier with adjustable air flow. Usually the noise level of an air purifier is between 5 and 60 dB, so it is not really disturbing for most users. For better comfort of use, it is essential to take an interest in the sound volume of your air purifier because it will generally be placed in a living room. It won’t be very nice to have a noisy device that prevents you from hearing yourself!
The energy consumption of an air purifier is rarely reported by manufacturers, but it is generally quite low, and should not add to your electric bill too much under normal use. Appliances classified in category A are the most energy efficient. The advantage is that the deployed power is important which allows to obtain excellent results while the energy consumption remains lower.

Maintenance and consumables

Maintaining an air purifier is relatively easy and light; it depends on the filtration system of the device. Mechanical purifiers, as we talked about a little earlier, require the filters to be changed more or less regularly depending on the brand. Activated carbon filters will need to be changed more frequently than HEPA filters, which perform their sanitation function longer. Of course, you must take the time to clean your device regularly so that it maintains its aesthetic appeal and to prevent dust from entering the interstices of the device to the point of negatively influencing the performance of your air purifier.

So when investing in an air purifier with filters, make sure that the consumables are readily available, and inexpensive. Some models have an automatic filter cleaning or replacement indicator for this purpose, a very interesting feature to ensure the benefits of the air purifier in all circumstances.

How to maintain your air purifier? Should it be cleaned?

Maintaining a purifier is essential for its efficiency and durability. The components are cleaned either on a regular basis or on an ad hoc basis depending on the make and model of the air freshener. Be sure to unplug your air purifier before cleaning it. In some cases, the filters do not require anything other than replacement. Here’s how to maintain an air purifier:

– The prefilter requires a simple rinsing with water and a regular wipe
– The HEPA filter must be changed every 2 years
– The carbon filter must be changed every 6 months
– The ionic filter requires regular cleaning of its metal plates
– The combustion filter does not require cleaning but replacement in the event of a malfunction
– The plasma filter does not require intensive maintenance and can be cleaned occasionally
– The photocatalytic filter requires a light spot brushing or replacement in the event of a malfunction

What does ACH mean?

The ACH Index is a coefficient that determines the number of air changes made by the air freshener every hour. It is indicated as follows: 4x, 5x, 6x, etc. A high figure is for a better and more efficient air purifier.

What does CADR mean?

CADR stands for Clean Air Delevery Rate. It is a measure of the air production rate of a purifier. It is measured in cubic meters (m³ / h). A higher number will denote wider and deeper air filtration. This index is unfortunately not indicated by all manufacturers.

What is the automatic mode for on an air purifier?

Thanks to the sensors which detect the degree of harmfulness in the air, the automatic mode can adapt its flow rate according to the need: it increases the filtration rate in the event of pollution, and when the air is sanitized, it decreases by a notch to save energy. This is very practical if you leave it in a child’s room for example!

Who is the air purifier for?

An air purifier is for everyone who wants to improve the air quality in their home or at work. This device is also recommended for people sensitive to odors. Users with asthma, the elderly, or those suffering from respiratory pathologies will be won over by the air purifier. In addition to fighting pollution, it turns harmful particles into clean air for everyone in the same room as the air freshener.

What is an air ionizer?

An air ionizer is presented as an alternative to the air purifier. The elimination of pollution is the common goal of both devices. However, the method of use is different. The air ionizer produces negative ions in large quantities in the ambient air. This negative magnetic charge attracts polluting, positively charged molecules and microparticles which are suspended in the air.

How long does it take to use an air purifier?

The duration of use of an air purifier will mainly depend on its power consumption. Some products like the Rowenta air purifier are very energy intensive. So, for the sake of your EDF bill, don’t leave your air purifier on all day. There are programmable  air purifier that allow you to determine the exact duration of use. Finally, some products offer a night mode, such as the Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier. It allows a reduction in power consumption while you sleep.

Air purifier

or air ionizer?

An air purifier and an air ionizer serve the same purpose: to combat air pollution and create clean air. This choice depends on your requirements and your patience. Indeed, an air purifier requires more or less regular maintenance. You have to change your filters and clean them. An air ionizer requires much less maintenance to perform. First of all, there is no filter. Then there is less consumption and noise pollution.

Who are the people most sensitive to air pollution?

We can distinguish 4 categories of people sensitive to air pollution: children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with respiratory diseases such as asthma. Air purifiers allow these people to avoid worrying about air pollution in their homes and to breathe healthy air. An air ionizer can also do the trick.


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