Top 10 best affordable smartwatch under $200 in 2020

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Top 10 best affordable smartwatch under 0 in 2020

Best affordable smartwatch of 2020 Year

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We live today in a world where technological innovations are legion. They are constantly evolving in order to offer better comfort to everyone on a daily basis. Connected objects are for example very popular because of their usefulness in several areas. When you have a connected smartwatch, for example, you have a host of information at your fingertips that will make your daily life easier. In this guide, you will find our selection of the best smartwatches under $200 there. The goal is to make it easier for you to choose the best affordable smartwatch that best meets your needs. But, before exploring this comparison, find out below a specific product that we have chosen for you.

While the best smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 are always at the best price, there is an influx of cheaper devices from Chinese smartphone makers that are turning to features and little to the price.

Top 10 best affordable smartwatch under 0 in 2020
Top 10 best affordable smartwatch under 0 in 2020

What is the best affordable smartwatch under $200 in 2020?

Huawei Watch GT 2

The Huawei Watch GT 2’s powerful blend of sports and health features and its excellent price tag have seen it come second in the global shipping rankings, and it’s easy to see why.
Its 1.39 inch AMOLED display is crisp and you get a bunch of sports profiles including swimming (thanks to 5ATM water resistance), biking and a great running experience and decent sleep tracking.
It runs Lite OS rather than Google’s Wear OS, and offers a solid 14 days of battery life.
Huawei Watch GT2 is actually really good for runners, thanks to plenty of metrics, a clear screen, and Firstbeat’s VO2 Max and recovery stats.
Android smartphone users can also benefit from native music storage and stress tracking.

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Fitbit Versa Lite Edition

The Fitbit Versa Lite Edition offers the basic functionality of the Versa, but at a much more user-friendly price for all wallets.
You get better health and sleep tracking, calls, notifications, and four-day battery life than its big brother. In addition to a heart rate monitor, which can track beats around the clock, there is also the SpO2 sensor, which will use biometric information, such as sleep apnea detection.
There are many features chosen in the name of cost reduction. But if you’re more interested in monitoring your resting heart rate and sleep tracking than playing with apps and taking calls right from your wrist, this device is for you.

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Apple Watch Series 3

$169.00 $199.00 12 used from $126.75 4 new from $169.00
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Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with...

When the latest generation of the Apple Watch was announced in September, the older Series 3 was first cut into budget smartwatch territory.

It makes it the first truly affordable Apple Watch, and if you buy one around Black Friday or the holidays, you might be able to grab it for less than the original price.

However, be aware that this base price is for the 38mm GPS model. If you want the cellular model, or the larger 42mm case variation, you’ll have to pay a bit more….

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Amazfit GTS

It’s an Apple Watch clone, of course, but Amazfit has so many rights to the Amazfit GTS. And for once, it’s not just the price.
It’s a health and fitness smartwatch it actually delivers, with good sleep tracking and a weekly review of your activity and fitness using Mio’s PAI score. This is a unique number derived from all of your weekly health and fitness activities and we have great respect for this technology.
You get 14 sports tracked, with outdoor workouts tracked by GPS.
There’s an always-on screen that keeps you going for a week with all advanced features turned on, which is definitely more than Apple Watch’s single day.
It’s not really a fashion statement. But from the point of view of usability, it is recommended.

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TicWatch E2

If you prefer the look of Google’s Wear OS to something from Apple or Fitbit, the TicWatch E2 is the best option you can choose on a budget.

Mobvoi’s smartwatch gives you a balanced and affordable entry into smartwatches. Everything you want is here: flawless design, solid GPS performance, water resistance, apps, customizable watch faces, Google Assistant and more.

Battery life is around 24-36 hours, but it’s a solid all-rounder that does a great job for the price.

Just be aware that this only comes in a 46mm case, which is also 13mm thick and only available in black; by no means the prettiest smartwatch you can buy, but the one that should be suitable for those with bigger wrists.

Discover TicWatch E2 AMOZON Best Price

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Withings Move ECG

After a brief stint under the Nokia brand, Withings has become a scrappy startup again, with the Move ECG one of the first products of the new era. She’s a simple hybrid with a lot of character. All at a super affordable price.

There are actually two versions here, the regular Withings Move and the Withings Move ECG, the latter offering an EKG sensor for a higher price, the one that makes it the cheapest way to get an ECG reading from there. ‘a portable device.

You basically get the same package in both, except for the ECG functionality and a six-month difference in battery life (the Move has 18 months, compared to the one-year battery. Move ECG), with things like 24/7 activity tracking and automatic sleep tracking all hooked up in the intuitive Withings Health Mate app.

There is also a 5 ATM water resistance and, if you opt for the standard Withings Move, you have the choice of customizing your watch face, case, hand and strap.

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Realme Watch

The Realme Watch’s price tag makes it worthy of consideration, if you’re using an Android smartphone. This is because Realme Watch only pairs with an Android app, so iOS users cannot embark.

You have to sacrifice at this price, but if you can look past some weaknesses, there is good value here.

This watch has a 1.4-inch, 320 x 320 color touchscreen display, but it lacks responsiveness when swiping. Plus, it’s splash-proof only, so you can’t take it in the shower and there’s no GPS.

However, it’s a capable fitness tracker, and the sleep monitoring performed well in our tests. It guarantees you 4 days of autonomy.

And she even has an SpO2 that lets you check the oxygen in the blood.

There are 14 training modes, and you can overlay your phone’s GPS if you want.

The heart rate monitor performed well in our tests and was comparable to a chest strap in regular runs, although it lost intrigue in HIIT sessions.

The Realme Watch isn’t quite as stylish, complete, or functional as most of the rivals on this list, but if you’re browsing Amazon’s horrid cheap options and wondering what to choose, it’s worth buying.

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Sony SmartWatch 2

The Sony SmartWatch 2 has long been our favorite of Android Wear watches, and although it’s now considered “old,” it’s still a good smartwatch for a solid / mid-range budget overall. It has full GPS tracking for fitness, mobile payment for all contactless payments from your Google Wallet, and battery life of just over 2 days. If you fancy a cheaper Android Wear equivalent of the Moto 360 Sport or Polar M600, this watch is for you.

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Amazfit Bip

Want a smartwatch that looks like Apple Watch without the bill to go with it? The Amazfit Bip is here for you. It embeds many high-end features without the price that goes with it.

For less than $ 80, you leave with a designer watch with a polished touchscreen and all the useful notifications from your smartphone. This little gem includes, among other things, an impressive lifespan, a heart rate sensor, a GPS + GLONASS for monitoring your sports activities. According to our tests, its reliability is not far from our beloved Forerunner 735xt (the best GPS watch in our opinion).

If you decide to use it without its greedy features (such as GPS and sports tracking), it will last for 45 days! And if you have the soul of an athlete, it will not let you down either since you can expect around 2 weeks of autonomy depending on your training pace.

In short, at this price point, it’s hard to believe that it has so many features. The only downside, if you had to find one, is that unlike the big competing brands Fitbit, Apple or Samsung, the Amazfit does not have a dedicated app store. But is it really useful? And $ 80 what!

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Wanted inexpensive smartwatches? I think we’ve found the champion.

With its super tight price tag of $ 24, it’s very hard to fault it. Even if it is not necessarily the best connected watch on the market, its value for money is undeniable and the features it incorporates are far from lacking. The Willful allows you, among other things, to take calls, receive notifications (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, mail, etc.), calculate the number of steps, calories, analyze your sleep, make voice recordings, …

Obviously at this price, it doesn’t have a built-in GPS or heart rate sensor, but you can’t have it all for as little as $ 25. The other point to note is that the watch is rather elegant since it looks like an Apple Watch.

How to choose your connected watch?

The choice of a connected watch is based on 3 major criteria. The compatibility of the watch with your mobile, the intended use and of course its design.


Compatibility was a real issue when the first smartwatches were launched. Today this is much less the case since Google has clearly defined the rules of the game by launching the Android Wear application, making all smartwatches compatible with devices running Android AND iOs compatible. A Sony smartwatch will therefore have no problem to work with your iPhone.

However, the reverse is not true. Apple is still closed on the market, if you buy an Apple Watch you will be unable to connect it to a device running Android. Thanks Apple!
Also watch out for current Samsung models which only work with Android since they have their own system called Tizen. However Samsung announces that it is working on a port for Apple devices.


Once the compatibility issues have been ruled out, you will have to ask yourself the question of how you will use your connected watch. If you want a few “simple” features like tracking your step count, physical activity, heart rate, or sleep as well as on-screen notifications, most watches on the market will do. Now if you want a watch that will recognize the sport you are practicing to precisely calculate the calories you burn or even a GPS mode integrating Google Maps, you will surely have to turn to a little more high-end models.


What is interesting to ask is also “will I wear my watch every day or only when I play sports”? Some smartwatches really have a “traditional” look and can be worn with any outfit, which is not necessarily the case with dedicated sports watches which sport colors that are more difficult to wear on a daily basis.

For everyday wear, we particularly like the Withings Activity .

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Top 10 best affordable smartwatch under 0 in 2020
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