3 important things you should to know before purchasing a smart health device

The purchase of related health or wellness products should not be based solely on certain technical characteristics. Although there have been many problems with the quality of these items, especially those arising from the medical profession. It is particularly important to understand three aspects before purchasing a smart health device.

The reliability of the measurements made by these objects.
The respect of the private life related to the use of the data generated by the object.
Ease, comfort of use and perceived interest by users sharing their real experience.

Check the compatibility of your equipment (smartphone, tablet) with the connected object to allow its use through the companion application. It is also recommended to download the application of the manufacturer before the purchase of the connected object to carry out this verification .

Beyond this “technical” question, it is essential that the connected object that you are going to purchase corresponds to your needs (physical activity monitoring, weight, measurement of vital parameters …) and to the use that you want to do (amateur or confirmed sportsman …).

Before purchasing a smart health device you should know these 3 things

To improve the management of your health or to change your behavior, connected objects must provide you with reliable data. This is especially important if you want to share this tracking information with a healthcare professional.

Personal data and respect for privacy
A connected object is associated with an application. The application collects the data generated by the object and stores it on the manufacturer’s Internet servers (most often). When you buy a connected object, you tacitly agree to disclose certain personal information (geolocation data, contact book, photos …). This step is done during the download of the application where the “General Conditions of Use” are validated.

 The ease, the comfort of use and the perceived interest
Beyond the topics of compatibility,reliability, privacy or manufacturer commitments, the choice of a connected object must also be based on user reviews, providing other forms of lighting.

Ease of use, impact on health, robustness of the object, and pleasure of use are thus evaluated through a simple questionnaire. The Connected Health Guide shares your feedback because you are the only ones who can test these solutions over time and in real life conditions.

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