Become a digital health marketing expert with the DMB #HEALTH MBA!


To meet the digital challenges that impact healthcare players, EFAP is launching the 2nd class of the Digital Marketing Business Health MBA.

Digital today impacts all healthcare players and all businesses: from R&D to production, including human resources, sales and communication teams and inevitably the marketing teams.

To meet the new challenges of digital marketing that impact the world of health, EFAP is launching the 2nd class of the Digital Marketing Business Health MBA.

From the information and communication revolution to the advent of “digipeuthics” (Digital Therapeutics), the entire health ecosystem is in upheaval: the patient takes an increasingly important place; new entrants, start-ups and tech giants, are positioning themselves; institutions, both nationally and internationally, are setting up health systems transformation strategies.

Designed for healthcare professionals who want to take a digital turn in their career, the program of MBA Specialized in Digital Marketing & Business #Health allows you to understand this sector in full digital transformation.

The Specialized MBA in Digital Marketing & Business #Health is based on an exclusive partnership with the HUB Institute, teachers who are also recognized operational experts, an exceptional educational board and on the main professional associations in the health sector.

The educational board is made up of influential players in the world of health. This multidisciplinary educational board is specific to this Specialized MBA and responsible for updating programs, sectoral case studies and innovations. It is chaired by Emmanuel Vivier, co-founder of the Hub Institute, Vincent Montet, Founder-Director of the Specialized MBA in Digital Marketing & Business and led by E Reichardt, alias Pharmageek.

Why choose this MBA?

  • The participation of students as partners and producers of “social content” for many professional events during the year on all campuses
  • The production of a blog on the digital transformation of health
  • Access to professional tools to master and deploy content in social networks
  • Practical cases: numerous competitions supervised by prestigious advertisers
  • Multi-profiles: Executives in activity, in retraining or young graduates on a professionalization contract because the digital transformation impacts everyone
  • Transmission: active and influential professionals, all passionate about transmitting real life in digital and the business world
  • Access to a relational network of digital and communication professionals unique in France, notably through monthly “VisionaryClass”

Discover this MBA with feedback from students of the 1st promotion:


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