Babysit your grandparents with Omate’s Wherecom S3

The Chinese company Omate presents the Wherecom S3: a smartwatch for seniors with an SOS button to make your ancestors feel safe.

Your grandparents also have the right to be smart health connected! If technology sometimes escapes them, that will not prevent them from being at the forefront. Omate, a Chinese crowfunding company known for its Omate Rise among others, presents the Wherecom S3, a smart health connected watch aimed at an older audience than usual.

This smartwatch works under the system Android, and contains an integrated GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. It also contains 4 GB of internal storage and a pedometer system. In other words, it can work without a smartphone, and that is a plus for our seniors who generally do not want to be separated from their flip phones.

In addition to showing the time (yes anyway), the Wherecom S3 can be used to make a call and send messages. She can also follow in the user's footsteps and remind seniors to take their medication.

Wherecom S3 could save lives

The feature that appears to be the most interesting is the Life Alert. Omate's wearable can also be used as an emergency device for those whose health is most fragile. A red SOS button on the side of the watch will thus send the user's GPS coordinates to a specific contact. In the event of a fall or discomfort, the patient can immediately notify a loved one to avoid any risk.

Wherecom s3 smartwatch

A tool which has already proven itself and which could prove to be very useful therefore, for the elderly who cannot (or do not want) to comply with new technologies and will improve their medical follow-up.

Other features: the ability to change the watch strap and the battery life of around 3 days. The permeability of the smartwatch has not yet been announced, which could be a negative point.

Omate’s Wherecom S3 is scheduled to go on sale in Europe in September, priced at 149 €.

Xiang Qin
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