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“A more arcade and simpler game with several game modes and excellent graphics!” “

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Call Of Duty World War 2 back to basics with the second World War for decor, graphics beautifully cared for and a story brilliantly scripted ! You will play as a young rookie party combat with the allies to push back theNazi Germany to your last entrenchments.


Call Of Duty World War 2 Video Game

The Trailer VF from the game Call Of Duty World War 2

Here is the tape official announcement Game Call of Duty.

INFORMATION | Call Of Duty World War 2

  • Gender: FPS (First Person Shooter)
  • Game mode : single and multiplayer
  • Game time : 15 hours (single player)
  • Support: PS4, X box one, PC
  • Release date : 03/11/2017
  • Developer: Sledgehammer Games
  • PEGI: 18

Synopsis by Call Of Duty World War 2

You land in Normandy June 6, 1944 ready to take back the famous beach omaha beach, this scene recalls the first scene of the film ” we must save the soldier Ryan“. Then through many adventures and accompanied by your squad, you sink further east, in emblematic places like the Hürtgen forest and the Ardennes, and finally up to Berlin to release theGermany of its terrible plagues: Nazism.

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The specificities from Call of Duty World War 2

  • Call of duty world war 2 is an FPS (First Person Shooter) which this year has returned to its roots with the most realistic settings possible.
  • In terms of graphics, it’s a pure wonder, the most beautiful game we could play with a story mode and a perfectly mastered scriptwriting. The graphics are more and more refined and the universe dark.
  • For story mode, this Opus begins on D-day of the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944 then you will go further east in France through small villages, the Ardennes forest, fight the famous Stuttgat planes of the waffen SS and even be able to engage in tank battles! the cutscenes fit perfectly into the story and are beautiful.
  • Play time is relatively short, with only ten missions. We regret the lack of main missions and a game that ends after 10 to 15 hours. However a zombie mode with new backgrounds and a new atmosphere has been added (which will delight fans and considerably extend the lifespan of the game), be ready to draw the weapons, it’s going very quickly.

And at the level of gameplay, what does it give?

Gameplay is simple and intuitive, we switch quickly from one weapon to another, we easily change them (which is essential) in a war game. In addition, be aware that the aiming time, the main criticism addressed to the game at its launch, has been considerably improved by Sledgehammer. For this opus, we can note as main difference, interactions with different squad members who hold ammunition and first aid kits, for example, we do not have them on our person, we have to go and claim them, which may change the strategy to be pursued on the various fronts. On the other hand, a stroll in the past requires, the variety of weapons is obviously not very numerous.

The mode multiplayer

For this mode, you will have the choice between 2 teams, the allies (American, British, French, Soviet or Dutch resistance) or the Axis (the Germans). You can choose between different cards and different modes clashes like the team deathmatch.

Winner team is the one that marks the most points.

  • The mode war which allows you to create a team to accomplish a scripted mission,
  • The mode flag or the team of players must collect it from the opposing team’s base and then bring it back to its own base.
  • The mode strategic is also very appreciated, you have to take control of a point strategic and hold it for a few seconds then another point will be designated.

Many other modes also exist as the general scrumthe the american football or the search and destroy

For the redesigned part of multiplayer, you will be entitled to 5 divisions which have all their specificities, weapon skills, training and combat training, choose the one that best suits your fighting style. This will allow you to strengthen your personal style of play. On the other hand, this mode, although very good, does nothing more than previous opus, that is to say varied cards and multiple objectives with some too rare new features, we especially appreciate theclean universe to the second World War.

The zombie fashion

  • This fashion proposes to explore a german bunker named ” the final reich“, The universe is obviously very dark but very pleasant, fun and well thought for multiplayer games.
  • There is also a ” upsocial »Multiplayer that allows you to create a group and have access to different modes game. This is a full-fledged fashion which has nothing to do with main story and which requires very good reflex. you will be entitled to the traditional lupbox which will unlock new weapons and equipment such as bullet vests, new stocks … Several classes are available for this mode, Insulted, Support, Control and Medic.


Call Of Duty World War 2 Video Game

Call of duty is the far license of all good FPS gamer , and has a more arcade grip and easier to use than its main competitor Battlefield 1, it will suit players better neophytes. In addition the zombie fashion is present on this title, which will delight fans. If you want to relive this historic period, be sure to take it for your rank! So soldier, ready for the big jump ?

The positive points
  • Stunning graphics
  • Screenwriting carried out brilliantly
  • Zombie mode
  • The variety of missions
The negative points
  • Short main missions
  • Little variety for weapons

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