Arlo unveils its alarm system at # CES2022 and joins Matter !!


Arlo is well known for its cameras video surveillance completely wireless, which can be easily installed anywhere. What was missing from this system? An alarm system, of course! Well, the manufacturer has just announced its launch at CES 2022, with a very innovative solution, based on a keypad alarm, but above all a multisensor capable of performing eight distinct functions, including motion detection, leaks, smoke detection and more.

A revolutionary multisensor

While Arlo has competed with industry leaders like Amazon Ring and Nest with its video doorbells and security cameras, the manufacturer has yet to enter the integrated health home security systems market until now. This new do-it-yourself security system puts it in direct competition with a large number of companies, including security pillars like SimpliSafe and Abode.

Innovation comes above all from its multisensor, a unique device which has earned it an innovation award at CES. While most competitors offer a variety of sensors to perform functions around the health home, alerting you, for example, to a door opening, detection of movement, a leak or a start of a fire, Arlo’s device does all of this and more. Arlo’s multisensor can indeed detect the opening and tilting of windows, water leaks, changes in light and temperature, and two types of smoke / CO alarms (it will detect patterns of alarm T3 and T4, but not the smoke or the CO itself).

We designed the Arlo Security System not only to complement the Arlo ecosystem, but also to address issues common to other solutions on the market. The system’s all-in-one multisensor makes consumers’ lives easier with its versatility, ensuring they can call on a single smart sensor to meet a variety of use cases. Additionally, the system works seamlessly with existing Arlo security cameras in a user’s health home to add important information for complete peace of mind throughout the health home – a benefit not available with competing offers.

Tim Johnston, Senior Vice President of Products at Arlo

The modular security system hub serves as a central control and offers integrated functions such as a siren, motion and smoke / CO detector, as well as an integrated backlit keypad for day and night management. The hub is also equipped with NFC technology, which allows users to quickly arm / disarm the system with a single tap on their mobile device.

The system also integrates ArloRF technology into the multisensor and hub, which is believed to provide stronger encryption with greater range and anti-jamming properties, important for a reliable security system.

A very promising operation, which will of course be integrated with the existing equipment of the range, from cameras to lighting, including doorbells, to obtain a particularly complete security system. But we will have to be patient, because Arlo has not announced a price or a release date for its new security system, and apart from this multisensor, the information available is very limited. It is in any case a novelty that we will follow closely!

Arlo joins the Matter standard

As you know Matter is the very promising health home automation protocol of the moment, supposed to unify all manufacturers and thus put an end to proprietary protocols that cannot communicate with their neighbors. Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. are all parties on the adoption of this protocol. It is therefore no surprise that Arlo has announced that it is also joining this standard. While for many manufacturers this involves a simple firmware update, we do not yet know how Arlo will proceed, or which products will be affected. At the same time, Matter was several months late: the initial schedule provided for the availability of the development kit and the product certification program for the end of 2021, finally postponed to the end of the first half of 2022. The first products will not be available. therefore not available immediately, but it is interesting to see that many manufacturers announced their compatibility with Matter during this CES!


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