Aqara 2K G3: the new indoor camera / health home automation hub that recognizes its occupants and controls the whole house!

Aqara needs no introduction: if you follow the blog you must know this manufacturer well, which has become a reference in the field of health home automation, in particular ZigBee. Design, functional and very aggressively priced peripherals are its trademark. And as much to say that the announcement of a new device from this manufacturer is always a source of enthusiasm! Today, we discover the Aqara 2K Hub G3 indoor camera, which is a smart surveillance camera, but also a health home automation hub!

An ultra-complete face and gesture recognition camera

As you can see from the first glimpse, the Aqara 2K Indoor Camera Hub G3 is of course a camera.

But a motorized camera, capable of rotating 360° to monitoring an entire room. Its motorization allows it to pivot horizontally at 340°, and vertically at 110°. Thanks to her intelligence, she is even able to automatically follow a movement that takes place in the room, in order to film the scene in its entirety.

For this, it has a 2K sensor allowing filming with a resolution of 2304 x 1296 pixels, and infrared LEDs to film even in total darkness. Note that in Homekit secure video mode, this resolution is however lowered to Full HD 1080p, due to the current limitations of HomeKit technology.

If these functions are already very good for a surveillance camera, it goes further, by also integrating artificial intelligence. Thanks to a powerful processor equipped with NPUs, the Camera Hub G3 is in fact able to recognize faces and gestures that can be used in notifications and health home automation:

  • Gesture Recognition: When you have difficulty moving or speaking, or need to be quiet, all it takes is a gesture to trigger a preset scene, like turning off the light or turning on the TV.
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  • Face Recognition: Identify different face photos in the APP to achieve different automation scenarios. Automatic actions can thus be launched when a face is recognized (deactivating the alarm when the children come health home, launching the user’s playlist when they come health home from work, or reminding them of tasks to be done, for example, etc.). You can also launch a scenario if the face of a stranger is detected, to trigger the alarm or any scenario that can deter intruders.
  • Pet Recognition: You can tag pets and do a quick search to see what pets are doing at health home while you’re away
  • Humanoid Recognition: The G3 issues a warning only when it recognizes the outline of a human form. For example, it won’t sound an alert when mosquitoes fly overhead or when lights change, greatly reducing false alerts.

Extremely complete recognition functions, which we only knew on the Welcome from Netatmowhich costs more than double…

A complete health home automation hub

This camera also acts as a health home automation hub, thanks in particular to the integrated ZigBee protocol.

The use of the Zigbee protocol allows many things, since this protocol has many advantages:

  • Super Low Power Consumption: Super low power consumption design allows for excellent battery life of peripherals;
  • Ultra-low latency and high stability: point-to-point transmission and dedicated signal channel are used to ensure the corresponding speed and stable operation of the equipment;
  • High security and privacy: can effectively avoid technical cracking and ensure the safety and privacy of the family;

You can thus connect up to 128 sensors or actuators of the Aqara eco system to control the whole house.

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But that’s not all ! The G3 also has an integrated infrared controller that can allow the G3 to control your multimedia devices but also your air conditioners and any device controlled by infrared. Even if the device is not in the G3’s infrared code database, you can program it using the existing remote to teach it the codes.

Note that all IR automations are local and work even in the absence of an Internet connection.

Finally, this G3 supports Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Google health home, as well as IFTTT. The Camera Hub G3 is only exposed to HomeKit, Google health home and Amazon Alexa as a camera. But at the same time, it exposes supported Aqara child devices to Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and makes them voice controllable (i.e. devices paired with G3 camera will also be able to be controlled by Apple Homekit , Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa).

Safety first

Aqara was very picky about security. So this G3 is certified by Apple, Google and Amazon to meet all the security standards of the system of your choice, like HomeKit secure video and system security, which is no small feat when you know the restrictions imposed by Apple in this area.
End-to-end encryption technology can prevent private data leakage.
You can also set cruise mode or control camera sleep for your privacy.

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Finally, the lens can be physically hidden thanks to the supplied cover.

An aggressive price

From Aqara, one could only expect a very aggressive price. And that’s the case ! Despite all the advanced functions of this camera, which also acts as a health home automation hub, the G3 costs less than 90€ (€89.99 exactly for its launch). Available for sale today, this G3 camera is sure to be a best seller!

Aqara 2K Indoor Hub Camera G3, AI Face and Gesture Recognition, Infrared Remote Control, 360° Viewing Angle,…

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Aqara 2K G3: the new indoor camera / home automation hub that recognizes its occupants and controls the whole house!

Aqara 2K G3: the new indoor camera / health home automation hub that recognizes its occupants and controls the whole house!

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