Chinese anemone health benefits

The Chinese anemone has a root with very valuable therapeutic for Chinese medicine, it is anti-inflammatory and hypnotic. The anemone health benefits is the treatment of amoebic dysentery, bacterial and diarrhea and constipation contrary. The Chinese anemone treats acute and emotional disorders with post-natal depression. This root nicknamed the Queen of remedies makes it essential for migraine headaches and coughs and fevers.

Common names: Chinese Anemone.

Latin name: Pulsatilla chinensis.

Family name: Family Ranunculaceae or buttercup (ranunculaceae, Renonculaceae).

English Name: Chinese pulsaiilla root radic Pulsatillae, Pulsatillae chinensis radix, radix Pulsatillae chinensis.

Chinese name: Bai tou weng.

Chinese anemone therapeutic and medicinal properties: It is the root of Chinese anemone that is used for its therapeutic properties, its use is still mainly in Chinese herbalism.

These main medicinal properties are anti-inflammatory and analgesic, antispasmodic and cardiac, sedative and astringent, hypnotics. This root is the treatment, either alone or combined with other plants in dysentery (bacterial and amebic) accompanied by bloody stool generally related to unbearable pain for the person, it treats diarrhea common, but also its opposite constipation .

Its nickname Queen of remedies has are recommended to treat various diseases and disorders, such as acute, emotional disorders such as grief or anger, too rich diet, postnatal depression and disorders insomnia and many more. This root is the cure of arthritis and bronchitis and coughs and fevers, digestive disorders, ENT disorders (ear infections, conjunctivitis), headaches, problems with menstruation and varicose veins. And that’s not all nosebleeds and hemorrhoids, malaria also.

Main constituents: The root of the Chinese anemone contains lactones and various minerals, trace elements and glycosides, but also saponins and triterpenes.

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Chinese anemone health benefits wellness China

Anemone traditional virtues use:

This plant is part of Chinese medicine,especially the fifty plants and integrated fundamental source of traditional medicine in that country. And its use has lasted for centuries.

Origin: Chinese anemone is part of the buttercup family, is native to China and Mongolia. It is a perennial root that just reached ten centimeters high.

It has a rod surrounded by a duvet, with compound leaves and hermaphrodite flowers having the appearance of a bell and violet hue that appear in spring. This plant prefers well-drained soils and rich in humus.

It is the root that has the therapeutic properties used in Chinese medicine. And it is harvested in spring just before the flowers appear . Or it is harvested in autumn when the leaves begin to turn yellow. After harvest, they are dry being careful to keep the white fluff that surrounded them.

Chinese Anemone: side effects precautions against-indications:

You must used this plant under medical advice.

Chinese anemone health benefits

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic, sedative, astringent, cardiac, hypnotics, dysentery (bacterial and amebic), diarrhea, constipation, acute, emotional disorders, grief, anger, post-natal depression, insomnia, arthritis, bronchitis, cough, fevers, digestive disorders, eNT disorders (ear infections, conjunctivitis), migraine, menstruation, varicose veins, nosebleeds, hemorrhoids, malaria.

Chinese Anemone: Dosage, dosage

No official information to date. If you have an indication of dosage you use or know, let down in the comments.

Miscellaneous: The Chinese anemone is a very voracious plant by its presence reduces the development of other nearby plants especially legumes.

The Chinese name of this plant refers to the old man with white hair.

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