Expired10% off discount Analemma water promo code

10% off discount Analemma water promo code

What’s Analemma ?

Analemma is a revolutionary new device that radically changes the state of drinking water. It powerfully enhances the water by rearranging the H2O molecules into a liquid crystalline structure. Through that unique process, water becomes energised, empowered and alive. Its ability to affect our health and wellness increases dramatically. Analemma water has been tested on humans, animals and plants, and the results have always been remarkable. In the recent independent GlycanAge study, people drinking the Analemma water for only three months experienced an incredible revitalisation of 1–12 years of biological age. Their whole system got regenerated at the cellular level.


Analemma Water is an alkaline spring water obtained through the process of electrolysis. It comes from the underground water source in Lassen County, California. The water is purified and mineralized, making it the perfect drink for maintaining one’s health and wellness. Analemma water has a very unique composition, which contains 84 minerals and trace elements, making it the perfect drink for maintaining one’s health and wellness. This water is known to contain 15 essential minerals, 8 trace minerals and 3 electrolytes that are vital for maintaining a healthy body. The high mineral content makes analemma water a potent antioxidant. The water is considered to be a natural detoxifier that provides assimilation of nutrients from other liquids consumed.

How Analemma water affect health ?

Analemma Water is water which has been considered to be of the highest quality. The term analemma itself comes from the Ancient Greek word αναλήματον ( analēma ) meaning “an inclination upward or downward, an inclination to one side or the other.” Analemma also outlines the orbit of the moon. The water droplets orbit around the center of the bottle like the moon orbits the earth, making this water an excellent drink for people who are not feeling well. The bottle itself is designed to keep the analemma water fresh for up to one year.

It is broadly included in Health Supplements. It contains both Vitamins and Minerals. It is supposed to be effective in preventing many health issues, but the effectiveness of it is not proven. It promises to provide healthy body, strong bones, reduced dandruff, eye health, hair growth, improved  life, improved athletic performance, improved mental clarity, improved sleep etc. The main ingredient is Oxygen which is supposed to be better than the normal Oxygen for human body.

Health is the main part of our life, that’s why we need to take good care of it. Analemma is designed to take care of your health and help you to relax.  There is a special water filter in the bottle which makes the chemical structure of the water molecules more stable and delivers better taste. The device delivers the water through a glass tube and the glass tube through the glass ball. The glass ball is heated by the sun and the water flows through it and absorbs the sun energy and transforms it into the thermal energy, the water is thus heated and gets up to 35 degrees.  This process helps us to release stress from our body and makes our body more flexible.

Analemma water promo code 10% off

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10% off discount Analemma water promo code
10% off discount Analemma water promo code
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