Amazon Halo review Review price of the smart health connected bracelet without screen

Amazon Halo review price and release date of the smart health connected bracelet without a screen but with many astonishing innovations.

Amazon Halo Band Review review of the smart health connected bracelet without screen

Price: € 3.99 / month | Amazon (United States)

While the battle rages on the health and sport-oriented smartwatch market (Fitbit Sense, Withings Scanwatch, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3), the same is true for smart health connected bracelets (Xiaomi mi band 5, Honor band 5, Fitbit Charge 4).

But, the American e-commerce giant seems to want its share of this “wearable” market (estimated at $ 52 billion in 2021). Thus, Amazon also wants to position itself against the current takeover of Fitbit by Google, by launching its own smart health connected bracelet. Surprises: it has no screen and it requires a subscription!

So, what is this new smart health connected bracelet from Amazon worth and what does it bring as an innovation?

Amazon Halo bracelet design

Obviously, what surprises first is that it is about a smart health connected bracelet without screen. A small block containing the various sensors is clipped inside the bracelet. The original model is made of soft fabric with a loop with velcro.

  • Weight 23 to 24 g (depending on the size of the bracelet)
  • Waterproof (usable in swimming pools)

The design is therefore particularly simple with a light weight, which makes it an asset to make it comfortable to wear day and night.

The Halo Band is available in 3 finishes and 3 sizes

  • 3 strap length S (135-155 mm), M (170-220 mm) and L (170-220 mm)
  • Colors: Black + Onyx, Blush + rose gold or Winter + silver

It is obviously possible to choose other bracelets, including silicone models more suited to the practice of sporting activities.

Amazon Halo fat analysis innovation

Amazon Halo Band Features

Fat mass analysis by photo

By uploading photos of you in your underwear, Amazon claims it can analyze your body fat level to more accurately track your health and fitness.

To follow your progress, you will need to regularly scan your beautiful body by taking photos.

While it’s true that body fat percentage is a much more accurate representation of fitness than a body mass index (BMI) chart, and body fat tests are expensive, I hesitate to believe. that Amazon’s AI and machine learning can give an accurate reading from the bracelet’s sensors and photos.

Again, everyone can worry about the data collected by Amazon, because this is very personal information and photos.

Amazon Halo fat analysis innovation

Voice analysis to reduce stress and improve your human relationships

Another feature of the Amazon Halo AI is thetone of voice analysis. The Californian firm claims to be able to deduce your emotional state, hoping to reduce stress and give you insight into how you can change the way you talk to others to improve relationships and interactions.

The idea is particularly original, because other bracelets or smart health connected watches try to analyze your stress based on your heart rate (with very questionable accuracy). Fitbit has just innovated by adding an electrodermal activity sensor to its Sense to try to measure your stress level (to see). But here, I admit that Amazon is going a long way, I fear that we are again a gadget rather than a truly exploitable data.

Amazon Halo Band features

monitoring of “traditional” physical activities

Fortunately, the Halo also offers more classic health trackers that help determine your daily activity score. In addition, there are recommendations for exercises to be done with challenges to overcome.

  • Heart rate sensor.
  • Number of steps.
  • Activity score.

Sleep analysis

The sensors also collect data during your night to analyze the quality of your sleep. You get an overall score for each night, before your waking and sleeping time. But, it does not appear that there is an analysis of the different phases of sleep, nor of intelligent awakening.

Battery life of the Amazon Halo smart health connected bracelet

The announced autonomy at full load is 7 days. A duration below the average of the competitors, in fact the Mi Band 5 from Xiaomi lasts up to 2 weeks without recharging. Most importantly, analyzing the tones of your voice cuts the Halo’s battery life to just 2 days.

  • Autonomy from 2 to 7 days
  • Full charge time of one hour

Amazon Halo Band price and date

Amazon is also innovating on this point, it indeed offers a subscription sale rather than a direct purchase. Everything I hate. The first subscription is 6 months minimum for $ 64.99 during the launch phase. Then you should pay a monthly subscription of $ 3.99. So you paid your Halo 99 € the first year and 50 € per additional year.

Seriously, I think the R&D teams at Amazon have made the marketing department dream a little too much. A price of 2.99 € per month with a one-year commitment would have already been the maximum possible for me for such a product. In two years with Amazon Halo, you can buy the equivalent of 5 Xiaomi Mi Bands or even 7 Redmi Bands!

Competitors of the Amazon Halo smart health connected bracelet

Amazon’s first Halo Band review

Amazon Halo the bracelet that promises a little too much

  • Design & usability (without screen) – 5/10

  • Features – 7.5 / 10

  • Connectivity & Compatibility – 7/10

  • Autonomy – 7.5 / 10

  • Quality / Price Ratio – 3/10


Amazon Halo bracelet review

Amazon has the gift of surprising us with quirky smart health connected objects. Ideas offered by invitation or pre-order, we thus have an Echo Loop smart health connected ring, Echo Frames glasses with integrated Alexa or the Echo Look, its camera for vloggers.

The Halo band fits for me in this category of experimental products. A smart health connected bracelet without a screen and with a purchase only by subscription. With apparently very innovative features, but of which I very much doubt the effectiveness.

It’s hard to believe that a photo while wearing this bracelet will allow you to give precisely your fat mass. And just as little credibility, the management of stress and its social relations by analyzing your voice.

Nevertheless, all of this makes you want to try it… to see. But, the article is not yet on, and it might never appear there.


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