Amazon Echo becomes your personal medical assistant? , smart health device review

Amazon Écho becomes your personal medical assistant, Carolinas HealthCare deploys its services on Alexa e-health, by Rodolphe Degandt Date of last modification: 22 Apr 2019

Amazon Echo becomes your personal medical assistant?

In a booming market for smart health connected objects for e-health, personal assistants are dancing.

In the field of e-health, the services offered on the site Carolinas HealthCare are already very innovative, not to say ahead of what is happening in France:

  • Find a doctor.
  • Find an address of a doctor, hospital, radiology center …
  • Make a medical appointment online.
  • Do a e-visit, you complete an online questionnaire, a diagnosis is sent to you by email for $ 30.
  • Do a remote medical examination by ehealth chat with a doctor (10 minutes for $ 49)
  • know the waiting time in the emergency room or express appointment.

virtual medical examination

Carolinas HealthCare System is one of the largest non-profit healthcare organizations in the Southeast. Over 900 establishments ranging from pharmacies to hospitals to medical imaging centers.

But why talk to you about Carolinas HealthCare?

Firstly because they are putting digital services at the service of patients to facilitate access to care and at very low cost for the United States. But also because it offers a real smart health connected health book system. Finally, they are among the very first to use the possibilities of new smart health connected personal assistants.

Check the availability of medical emergencies with Amazon Écho

Today Carolinas Health has added access to its services by voice command thanks to compatible speakers Alexa. The best known are the Amazon Echo and the Echo dot. This service provides patients with information on the nearest emergency departments and hospitals, and approximate waiting times. A dream when we experienced 4 hours of waiting

A patient can activate the function by saying "Alexa, activate Carolinas". And very quickly be referred to the nearest and fastest available medical facility.

Personal assistants new allies in e-health

Like Carolinas, other healthcare providers see the added value of voice-activated devices. For example, the Mayo Clinic has also launched an Alexa-compatible service that provides first aid information, such as performing cardiac resuscitation massage. Boston Children’s has launched a similar offering, KidsMD, which provides parents with information on how to diagnose their children's symptoms and whether to call a doctor.

It's no wonder that voice assistants like Alexa are quickly adopted by the healthcare industry. Voice communication is the fastest and most natural way to provide information to patients, even more than a smartphone app.

DLast asset, information by voice, rather than reading on smartphone allows to keep total freedom of movement. Having your hands free can be a great help in a medical emergency. The advice given adapts to the state of emergency and often recommends calling 911 (our 17) in France.

Visiomed Visiocheck telemedicine mobile app

Visiomed, the designer of the contactless thermometer 10 years ago, has just obtained marketing authorization for its VisioCheck mobile app on the European market. It could adopt the possibilities offered by the smart health connected speakers for its smart health connected mobile telemedicine station.

<img class = "aligncenter size-large wp-image-3394 jetpack-lazy-image” alt=”Diabeo sanofy mobile app” width=”1024″ height=”545″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ src=”;ssl=1″ srcset=”;base64,″/>

In France, a first mobile app (Diabeo), has just obtained a positive opinion from HAS for a reimbursement by Medicare. This is intended to help diabetic patients in the dosage and monitoring of their treatment.

For its part, Henri-Mondor Hospital is experimenting with an e-health application for health home monitoring of its cancer patients. The patient describes his symptoms before and after his treatment, in real time. This should improve communication to react more quickly in the event of an incident.

Amazon Echo becomes your personal medical assistant?

PFor me, without going into ethical or financial considerations, these innovations show that digital (applications, data management and smart health connected objects) is transforming our relationship with official medicine.


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