A watch for sport and the office, here is how to present the latest Amazfit GTR 47mm connected watch. If the Huami company has made a name for itself in the field of connected watches with its BIP, Stratos, OKOS (Verge internationally), it will always have been through the sporting angle with forms and chassis favoring the functional over the ‘aesthetic. Targeting brands like Garmin, TOMTOM, FITBIT

This is no longer the case with the latest AMAZFIT GTR watch, which still offers comprehensive sport-level functions, but in a watch with a traditional aesthetic no longer in competition with Samsung Gear and other Galaxy Watch.

The AMAZFIT GTR is on sale  at $126  in the 47 mm version with Metal or aluminum finish. 

It also exists in Titanium and Titanium Iron Man edition in reference to Marvel.


I fell in love with it when I unpacked it and the compliments I received on my “beautiful watch” in the wake of it reassured me to finally have in my hands a different product that is less sporty than my Stratos and my OKOS.

My Amazfit GTR in test is the 47 mm dial version (1.39 inch screen) in its dark aluminum finish. There is also an AMAFIT GTR in 42 mm version (1.2 inch screen) less battery enduring and a little less expensive.

An international version 

The charging system is magnetic with small pins. This is not an induction charge. The support is stable and easier to use than the charging bases of my OKOS or STRATOS.

The Amazfit GTR watch is of good quality. The workmanship is excellent and is felt even in the small details like the AMAZFIT signature on the bracelet. The strap is made of leather above and silicone below, which combines aesthetics and comfort. It will be possible to replace the bracelet.

The GTR is the lightest of my watches. It weighs only 52 grams but beyond this very reduced weight, it is above all its thickness under control that is attractive.

The watch has two physical buttons. The first one which turns the screen on (a simple movement of the arm can wake it up) and the second which serves as shortcuts depending on the modes, for example stopping a sport mode.

The circular screen of the GTR is 1.39 inches in size. Its technology is AMOLED type, bright with absolute contrast. Its resolution is 454 x 454 pixels or a superb density of 326 PPI. It’s better than a Samsung Galaxy Watch that advertises 360 * 360. The screen is protected by a Gorilla Glass 3 process, so you don’t have to worry about scratches.

The screen is tactile which allows for simple interactions with the watch.

To the question, is the screen readable in sunlight, the answer is yes.

The description of the new connected watch from Amazfit would not be complete without talking about the sensors.

The most visible is the heart rate sensor, but it should not evade the many others located in the Amazfit GTR which make it a connected watch of the latest generation. There is a GPS / GLONASS, a 6-axis acceleration sensor, a geomagnetic Compass, atmospheric pressure sensor, altimeter, ambient light sensor.


You will need an Apple or Android ioS smartphone with the AMAZFIT app for commissioning. Be careful, absolutely make sure you have the latest version of the application because previous versions have bugs in the management of the GTR.

The latest version of the AMAFIT application is 3.2.0.

Right after pairing, you should receive several updates. 

The connection with the smartphone is made using Bluetooth 5.0 / BLE which consumes little energy.

The AMAZFIT application is very similar to that of MI BAND bracelets as you may have discovered with my last test of the Xiaomi MI BAND 4. It is intended to monitor activity via your different watches as well as their settings.

The settings are self-explanatory. The main ones are to manage the alarms you want on your watch, define display settings and choose your watch faces.

This is probably what you will do upon receipt: send your watch new dials. The app offers 36 variations at this time.

These are analog or digital dials with, depending on the version, display of the date with day, number of steps, battery level and heart rate.

Three dials can be preloaded on the watch which allows their selection without the need for a smartphone.


The GTR is designed to become an everyday watch. It gives the time in an aesthetic way by waking up its dial simply by moving its handle or pushing a button. To save battery power, the screen is indeed off when not active.

It informs telephone calls with the possibility of picking up or refusing. It is particularly useful for discreetly displaying notifications from certain expressly authorized applications (Skype, calendar, twitter, etc.) or those activated on your smartphone. It vibrates to inform you and gives the possibility to read the content of the message.

The use of the touch screen is ergonomic. The menus are simple. Everything is fluid via swipes from top to bottom or from right to left.

You will be able to activate alarms, see the weather forecast or consult reminders.

Even if you’re not a big athlete, you can see how far you’ve walked with a swipe of your finger. If you reach your step goal, you will be rewarded.
The watch also offers a sedentary lifestyle alert.

Finally, if you agree to sleep with it, it will inform you about your quality of sleep.


But it is naturally in a sporting logic that it is most awaited. The Amazfit GTR here in test thus offers the possibility of following 12 sports: outdoor running, walking, outdoor cycling, indoor running, indoor cycling, open water swimming, swimming in a pool, elliptical, mountaineering. running, skiing and exercises.

The choice of sport allows the watch to search for a type of movement for better analysis. The data is coupled with the GPS + GLONASS, the cardiac sensor or the altimeter. The watch is 5 ATM water resistant.

It is possible to view a history of its activities on the smartphone in the AMAZFIT application.

During a sports activity, the AMAZFIT GTR allows you to control music applications on your smartphone, such as Spotify, with track display.

I have not yet been able to assess the functioning and relevance of these Sports modes. I will update the test when I have more perspective. However, I can only be optimistic given HUAMI’s experience in sports monitoring. Compatibility with STRAVA is available.


As I have only had it for a day, I would not allow myself to confirm the manufacturer’s figures in terms of range yet, but they are astounding on paper. It is advertised for up to 24 days in standard use and 74 days in power saving mode. It would be 42 hours with a very energy intensive GPS recording. To put in relation with the 7 days announced by Samsung on its Galaxy Watch or the poor two days of an Apple Watch.
Huami works wonders here with the 410mAh mini battery.


I confirm my crush. The Amazfit GTR is the connected watch that may interest those who love beautiful technology as well as occasional sportsmen. It offers many useful functions for everyday use with autonomy that is no longer a constraint.

She seduced me for her office mode, remains to confirm the try for the casual sports part in the next few days. I also await your reactions and questions.

Best Price AMAZFIT GTR 47mm


HUAMI shows with its latest AMAZFIT GTR smartwatch that connected watches can appeal to both athletes and those who love beautiful technological objects. Its enormous autonomy places it at the top of the top of the best connected watches of the moment.


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