Alpha Gut 2000 17 Tennis String Packages Size String Package Holabird Sports discount


Alpha Gut 2000 17 tennis string is Alpha’s top selling pseudo core string. It’s a high-performance string that utilizes microfibers in the core to provide a gut-like feel. The multifilament construction offers unequaled power and maintains supple feel and placement. This string is an excellent choice for stiff racquets or tennis elbow sufferers. The multifilament pseudo-core consists of high tensile strength and low elongation ATXL fibers. The core is first treated with a special resin, then spiral wrapped with monofilaments and finally coated with a pearlized, abrasion-resistant resin. Features excellent elasticity, resilience and durability. This high-tech monofilament pseudo-core provides the best cushion to minimize breakage and elbow problems and to enhance the control and the power of the racquet..


Holabird Sports is a family-owned and operated running and racquet sports specialty company located just 20 minutes from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor! They are local sports enthusiasts, runners, tennis players of all levels, trained teaching pros, Master Racquet Technicians, Senior Olympians, collegiate athletes, marathoners, squash and racquetball players, and so much more.

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