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Sammy Zimmermanns is an SEO expert and Alexa specialist

Sammy Zimmermanns actually provides SEO consulting for companies that want to expand their business online. But Alexa skills also inspire the service provider. He has already created a variety of skills and has also written a guide on how to correctly create skills. The book “Programming Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo & Co.” we have already presented in our editorial team and explained why it is worth programming an Alexa Skill.
Every creator has favorites, so Zimmermanns has put together his top 5 favorite skills for us.

Alexa Skill # 1 – What should I do

Who does not know it, boredom and no idea what would help. This is exactly where the Alexa skill “What should I do“Help. The skill offers decision-making aids against boredom, support in raising children or helps to quit smoking. It can even help you lose weight. The suggestions against boredom are adapted to the age of the user, and the year and time are also taken into account.
The skill sends the user three locations or excursion destinations by email. This includes, for example, amusement parks or hiking routes. If there are no attractive localities on site, the skill can also suggest web addresses for browsing or playing.
In addition to the help against boredom, the What should I do skill can also be used to query the weather, conduct a relationship Review, call up a number generator, use tips for school, work and sports, and create and query a task list.

The Alexa skill “What should I paint?” Offers inspiration for artists

(Halfpoint / Adobe Stock)

Alexa Skill # 2 – Give me a nickname

The Alexa Skill “Give me a nickname“Does exactly that. It gives the user a new nickname each time it is started, around 200 of which are stored. In addition, the skill is able to make over 20 different declarations of love. If a male voice should be heard from the loudspeaker, this can be adjusted in the settings.

Alexa Skill No. 3 – My Memo

Often there is the feeling of having forgotten something important, for such cases the Alexa Skill “My memo“As a reminder. Up to three memos can be saved and listened to individually, and the skill can also create a reminder for a specific date.

Alexa Skill No. 4 – Personality Review

With the so-called Big Five OCEAN method, which is composed of the aspects of openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, tolerance and neuroticism, users can use their personality testing. Some companies use this type of Review for applications, so the skill can also be used for applications. In addition to the results, the average value of the other Review users is also displayed. The Review consists of over 52 questions.

Alexa Skill No. 5 – What should I paint?

If the inspiration for visual works of art is missing, the Alexa skill offersWhat should i paint? ”A multitude of suggestions. The skill currently offers over 39 different ideas and is constantly being expanded. In the app or on the Eco Show Display, the skill can also present the suggestions directly with a picture.

Had a flash of thought?  With the “My Memo” skill, ideas can be saved immediately

Had a flash of thought? With the “My Memo” skill, ideas can be saved immediately

( Stock)

Conclusion on the top 5 Alexa skills from Sammy Zimmermanns

The skills in Zimmermann’s Top 5 couldn’t be more different. But the top 5 definitely offers a useful area of ​​interest for everyone. Some of the skills are kept simple, while others such as the “What should I do” skill offer a variety of functions. The skills are definitely fun and useful integrations for your own smart health home.

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