Alexa can do it all!


Alexa can control almost any indoor and outdoor device

Many buyers of an Alexa-enabled loudspeaker do not suspect that much more than just classic household appliances such as coffee and washing machines, or vacuum and floor mopping robots can be voice-controlled. Electric door locks, blinds, lamps, heating thermostats or even toilets have long been Alexa compatible.

In addition, Alexa operates music systems, smart TVs and headphones on request or interacts with fitness trackers and body scales. In addition, Alexa voice commands can be used to control outdoor alarm systems, surveillance cameras, irrigation components or a robotic lawnmower. Alexa voice software is also being installed in more and more cars, and old models can also be retrofitted with Echo Auto.

Expert tip: With an inexpensive WLAN adapter plug or a SwitchBot, almost all electrical devices can be retrofitted with Alexa – the only condition is that they either have a Schuko plug or push buttons or buttons.


Socket with consumption display and app control, works perfectly with Amazon Echo and Google health home

Free training with AI? No problem for Alexa!

Alexa users can call up exciting facts, useful general knowledge or funny fun facts for young and old by activating free additional functions, so-called Alexa Skills. For children, Alexa has z. B. informative content on horses, farm animals or football in the style of the popular book series How so? Why? Why? on offer.
Younger children can also find help with school challenges via the Math champion elementary school skill, while older people find out about the Fit for the Abi Skill Can be accompanied in learning math, German, politics and economics.

For adults, Alexa offers z. B. with the Duden word of the day the opportunity to expand their vocabulary. In addition, Amazon’s voice assistant oversees them Blinkist the core message of a specialist book together every day.

Alexa also works as a personal trainer and life coach

Go to sport right away or do you prefer later? First run or dumbbell training? Everyone who finds it difficult to decide will receive the magic mussel skill a straight answer. When training itself, Alexa supports her human roommates as Fitness coach, animal fit to become and even start one Round pityif something doesn’t work out.

Amazon's language assistant motivates us in sports

Amazon’s language assistant motivates us in sports

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In addition, Amazon’s voice assistant also gives tips for many other areas of life, e.g. B. at Injury advises, the current horoscope reads out or aloud current scams warns.

Alexa remembers the secret hiding places and finds lost things

To-do or shopping lists, appointments and reminders can be saved directly on each Alexa speaker without having to activate a skill. Those who are particularly forgetful can also get away from the ask your grandma skill let support. With its help, Alexa remembers personal secret hiding spots and only reveals them if the owner asks for them with the correct formulation. So if z. For example, if a roommate wants to know from her: “Where is the chocolate?”, She will not provide any information until the key phrase is spoken.

The is also very practical Handy finder skill, which Alexa can use to call lost smartphones so that their owner is acoustically aware of the storage location.

Amazon’s AI has a surprising amount of temperament

Because of “sober intelligence”, Alexa can express a surprising number of emotions verbally and answer even the craziest questions or comments. For example the following:

  • “Alexa, are you going out with me?”
  • “Alexa, what are you wearing?”
  • “Alexa, another saying, broken jaw.”
  • “Alexa, you still have a lot to learn!”
  • “Alexa, I’m drunk.”

It gets even more emotional when users use the Dream woman or Wife skill activate yourself from Alexa to Declarations of love let yourself be inspired or use the command “Freaked out“Provoke.

Every voice imitator goes pale: Alexa raps, moo and sings

Many smart health home beginners do not know anything about Alexa’s entertainer qualities and miss a lot of fun. Because anyone who asks her: “Alexa, can you sing / rap / beatbox?” Experiences very funny reactions.

But that’s not all: Amazon’s language assistant barks, moo, chirps, meows, grunts or trumpeting on call. She is also able to howling ghostly. In addition, Alexa imitates on command Fingernail scratching along a school blackboard or starts an imaginary one vacuum cleaner. But it can also make soothing noises such as rainy weather, Jungle noises, Cats purr or Baby laugh reproduce.

Alexa masters numerous animal sounds

Alexa masters numerous animal sounds

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Alexa has thousands of games and stories ready for young and old

As soon as Alexa moves into health home, boredom is over. After all, thousands of interactive hands-on stories, games, puzzles and other surprises are waiting to be discovered. Including many popular children’s classics such as Pumuckl, Pixi from the well-known mini-books of the same name, Dragon coconut or Bibi and Tina.

Children can also experience interactive adventures with the Knight manager Skill, the Duel of the Vikings or in Magic forest. Adults also promise the Escape room Skill a gripping story that you can influence yourself.

Football fans benefit from the Live broadcast the Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and all games of the German teams in the UEFA Champions League. Film junkies can watch selected TV channels Streaming skill Transfer to Echo Show Displays, Fire TV or Fire Tablets.

Those who prefer to spend their free time mastering mental challenges will like B. at truth or Dare, at the Riddle of the day and at Right or wrong? Skill found it. The is also very entertaining Akinator Skill, in which Alexa tries to guess which known person your teammate is thinking of – and almost always wins.


Socket with consumption display and app control, works perfectly with Amazon Echo and Google Home
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