After the phone, weight and sports, XiaoMi is interested in water


The Chinese Xiaomi first became known as copiers of well-known design phones. Then, it launched into the smart health connected objects market, notably with the Mi Band bracelet (which we liked), and the Mi Scale smart health connected scale (which is not expensive at all). The company continues its breakthrough today with a new smart health smart health connected object: the Mi Water Purifier.

Available in China from July 28, the Mi Water Purifier sports a sober design: a white case (quite large, see photos), adorned with the brand’s logo. It is smart health connected by a hose to a nozzle attached to the tap. You don’t have to worry about a thing: the water flowing through the nozzle has already been purified from imperfections in the water (sediment, rust and other impurities). The device connects to the smartphone via a dedicated application in order to provide the owner with information on the purity of his water.

The device, marketed for the moment only on the Chinese market, will be sold at a price of 1299 yuan (191 euros at the current exchange rate). There is no European release date announced, but one can doubt the potential of this product on Western markets, tap water being drinkable and controlled in most European countries.



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