5 things Alexa can do – but Google can’t


Alexa versus Google Assistant is a battle of giants

While the big corporation Amazon is behind Alexa, the name of the Google Assistant comes from the well-known search engine giant. Because of this, both have completely different strengths. Amazon, for example, developed and marketed countless Echo loudspeakers with integrated Alexa language software soon after the sales launch in Germany in 2017.

Google, on the other hand, was able to bring its high encyclopedic knowledge to bear with its voice assistant and answer user questions in a particularly well-founded manner. The selection of compatible devices for the Google Assistant is comparatively small with Alexa.

Although both voice assistants are becoming more and more similar in terms of their functions, Alexa still has a clear lead in some areas. We’ll reveal which ones they are.

1. Alexa listens better than the Google Assistant

We have already tested numerous Amazon and Google devices from all sizes and price ranges and found that voice recognition works better with Alexa. This is particularly clear with the music control, which Alexa is extremely good at. Compared to Google Assistant, Alexa is also compatible with significantly more free music services such as Amazon Music Free or Spotify Free. Only when it comes to questions of knowledge does she occasionally have difficulty finding the correct answer.

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2. Amazon’s voice assistant can whisper if necessary

If you want to know in the morning whether there is a traffic jam or whether you can turn around again, you can use Alexa’s whisper mode. This means that she answers so quietly that her partner is not accidentally woken up. If your user switches to the normal voice volume, Alexa automatically adapts and becomes louder.

3. There are thousands of free additional functions (skills) to choose from

Anyone who uses Alexa can log in to the Amazon Skill Store Select and download practical additional functions from more than 20 categories. Amazon’s language assistant is constantly learning and adapting to the preferences of her user. Some of these skills even offer the option of storing personal data such as birthdays or trash emptying dates and having Alexa remind you of this.

Also available as a free skill are e.g.

  • Quizzes, puzzles and brain teasers
  • Interactive crime thrillers and audio books for children and adults
  • Recipe search, calorie counter and delivery service order options
  • Training tips and tracking options for sports activities
  • Sound asleep
Websites or YouTube videos can even be viewed on demand on Alexa displays

Websites or YouTube videos can even be viewed on demand on Alexa displays

(E HEALTH / health home & smart)

So-called Google Actions are available for the Google Assistant, but their selection is comparatively small and their use is less intuitive.

4. Shopping is child’s play thanks to the Amazon shop connection

Anyone who has activated the voice shopping function on Alexa can order groceries or many other everyday items on demand. For example socks, diapers or detergent. However, if users do not name an exact brand, Alexa will suggest particularly popular offers. For Google Assistant users, however, this option is not yet available in Germany.

5. Every electrical household appliance can be used with Alexa

Not only when it comes to choosing your own devices with integrated voice software, Amazon has significantly more models to offer, the number of Alexa-compatible devices also far exceeds that of other voice assistants. Regardless of whether they are vacuum robots, lamps, fitness trackers, smart TVs, heating thermostats, toilet flushing or washing machines: they have all been available as Alexa versions for a long time. Electrical devices that are already in the household can be smartly and cheaply retrofitted with inexpensive WLAN adapter plugs or SwitchBot button pushers.

In the garden, Alexa also controls the outdoor lighting, alarm system, the robotic lawnmower and the garden irrigation. In addition, more and more new cars are being equipped with Alexa voice control ex works. But that’s not all: Amazon’s voice assistant is already available even for older cars and takes over assistance functions via Echo Auto.

In comparison, Google health home only offers a far smaller number of compatible devices for household and leisure. At least many WLAN sockets and the SwitchBot button pushers are now compatible with the Google Assistant.

Even more devices are Alexa compatible than Google Assistant

Even more devices are Alexa compatible than Google Assistant

(E HEALTH / health home & smart)


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