360 degree or U-shaped toothbrush comparison: to buy or not?

Comparative 360 ​​degree toothbrush or U or even Y should you use these electric toothbrushes.

360 degree electric toothbrush comparison: the wrong idea

For some time now we have seen the offers of this new form of toothbrush flourish. The promise is simple clean all your teeth at the same time in about ten seconds. The explanation (or proof in marketing) is very logical and appealing.

Indeed, if you brush your teeth during 2 minutes recommended with a classic toothbrush, each surface is brushed for 2.50 seconds. Indeed, as we have 32 teeth and each tooth has three surfaces, on average a conventional toothbrush will clean 2 surfaces at the same time. So, we get a cleaning time of each tooth surface = (120 / (32 × 3)) x2 = (120/96) x2 = 2.50 seconds.

The 360 ​​° electric toothbrush will therefore pass for 10 seconds simultaneously on all the teeth. That is to say, clean 4 times more each side in 12 times less time!

So if the concept is original, the performance is not really there.

The functionalities of a U or 360 toothbrush

  • wash all your teeth together and very quickly (10 seconds)
  • Massage the gums slowly
  • Whiten teeth. This function is possible using unot whitening product combined with the Integrated blue light LED. So you can earn from 1 to 6 shades of white in 10 days while brushing your teeth.

Design and conception

The 360 ​​toothbrush is made up of:

  • On a base including a small vibrating motor which is taken in the hand.
  • A charging cradle or simply a power cable.
  • And finally, a silicone tip composed of pins or more or less flexible bristles.

360 degree toothbrush comparison: models

Ranking is based on overall performance, user reviews and price. An Oral B Vitality electric toothbrush today costs one twenty euros. Personally, after a Philips SoniCare at 109 €, then a no name model at 20 €, I finally found an efficient model with theOClean X Pro.

So for me, if this tempts you, you might find it reasonable to try a U or 360 ° model by spending a maximum of 40 euros.

Y-Brush: the Frenchwoman with bristles instead of the traditional pimples

  • Reviews: 3/5
  • Price € 129. Its official availability is announced for January 2022, but pre-orders are already open on the Y Brush site (I think it’s wise to wait).

The particularity of this model is to offer a completely flexible tip to adapt to the jaw and to be equipped with 200 semi-rigid bristles instead of small silicone pins. Thanks to this choice, the spaces between the teeth are treated a little better than on the silicone models.

Current reviews are mostly positive with gentle brushing like Phillips electric toothbrushes. Another advantage, it is available in 2 sizes (M and S).

On the other hand, the brush does not make up and down at the same time… It will therefore be necessary to clean the top, then the bottom. Finally, its price puts it in direct competition with the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100.

LewisCare for whiter teeth

  • Reviews: 2/5
  • Price from 49 € (with toothpaste and whitening pen).

A version that promises to whiten your teeth and adds a blue light, just like in smile bars. It vibrates more than the others and cleans the surface, but through the interstices. A possible option therefore if you use whitening toothpastes (avoid charcoal in it).

Chinese models: Sonic Brush or Allbestaye

Sonic Brush toothbrush U

Very designer, it has a high fashion side with its relief pattern. The charging base is also a good idea. But, it has a small size that keeps the toothpaste in the chute. The vibrations are quite low, the worst of all, but also the cheapest.

Clean T

  • Reviews: 0/5
  • Price 179 € (official price with promotions at 50% we are always at 90 €),

The company says it invented the revolutionary concept of the modern toothbrush. In fact, they copied the existing products by multiplying the price by 8. It is mainly found in advertisements on Facebook.

Talo Brush: the craziest product

Talo brush

I thought we had made the rounds of unnecessary innovations. Well no, a crowdfunding project offers us the Talos brush. I believe that the animation goes without any comment on the total ineffectiveness of this kind of brushing.

Amabrush: the Austrian silicone version

  • Reviews: 0/5
  • Amabrush Basic introductory price 79 € (now fortunately unavailable).

Amabrush toothbrush 360

Certainly the one who made the most of her during her crowdfunding campaign. It will have taken 2 years before delivering a few clients (I never received mine, like thousands of buyers on the Indiegogo campaign which raised more than $ 4.5 million). For me, a brand to shy away from both in terms of commercial practice and product quality. Good news, I no longer see it available for sale and I cannot find a contact on the net. It was sold three times the price of Chinese models in all similar points.

Emmi-dent or Emmi-dental professional: ultrasound without brushing

Here it is not a 360 ° toothbrush, but an exclusive ultrasonic version. It promises the miracle of dental hygiene without brushing. It has the advantage of being totally silent and making people dream. Unfortunately, the opinions, confirmed by the analysis of “What to choose” in April 2022 show the ineffectiveness of this model. Conclusion also to be avoided, especially at this price.

360 degree toothbrush review

An interesting but inefficient technology

  • Design and use – 9.5 / 10

  • Features (theoretical) – 8/10

  • Connectivity – 8.3 / 10

  • Brushing efficiency – 3.8 / 10

  • Quality / Price Ratio – 4/10

6.7 / 10

U-shaped toothbrush review

Despite a seductive promise, “10 seconds for a complete brushing”, the brush at 360 does not clean your teeth properly and especially between the teeth.

However, it can represent an interest in a small, gentle and quick top-up polishing of surfaces. It can also be used for those who use a whitening toothpaste.

But, for once you will have to extend the duration and also brush your teeth properly with a real electric toothbrush like the excellent O Clean X Pro and its color screen at a low price.

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