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2020 Top Personal smart scale – the best smart health scales Reviews

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Personal scale Review overview 2020 – the best scales
2020 Top Personal smart scale – the best smart health scales Reviews

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2020 best smart scale reviews for body fat analysis – the most important things in brief

Smart components not only make life easier in the smart health home. Smart alternative areas such as health and fitness have long been at health home. Analog and digital bathroom scales will be supplemented by smart models. In summary, the following different types exist:

  • Conventional scales only measure body weight. There are analog and digital bathroom scales. The use is harmless for all users.
  • Body fat scales without app measure the body mass index or body fat percentage in addition to weight, using noticeable impulses. The proportional values ​​are shown in percent directly on the display. Individual user profiles are practical.
  • Body analysis scales with app also use minimally imperceptible impulses. Therefore, both alternatives are not suitable for pregnant women, children or people with heart problems. The advantage of an additional app: users can easily see the success of the past few days and months using diagrams.

Smart bathroom scales under 50 dollars – comparison, reviews & recommendations

Conventional bathroom scales do not have to be expensive – nor is their smart alternative to body fat analysis. In the following comparison we show four digital bathroom scales under 50 euros. In addition to body weight, they measure e.g. B. also the body mass index or body fat percentage.

RENPHO body fat scale  – Bathroom scale Editor’s recommendation for fans of fitness apps

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What we particularly like about the RENPHO body fat scale is its precise measurement in 50 gram increments, the high compatibility with other fitness equipment and the possibility to create unlimited user accounts. The number of other Review comparison scales is limited. In addition to the manufacturer’s own RENPHO app (Android | iOS) this bathroom scale is compatible with Samsung Health, Fitbit, Google Fit and Apple Health. This means that all fitness fans who already have the appropriate wearable should enjoy the RENPHO bathroom scale. Particularly practical: Collected information from fitness trackers and Co. is summarized in the app and provides more detailed information about the progress of the increase and decrease.

The RENPHO scale connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth

Compared to the other personal scales, RENPHO offers the smallest footprint with only 26 x 26 centimeters. All others offer about 30 x 30 centimeters and guarantee an even more secure hold. In our Review overview, RENPHO convinced by the simple operation, the low purchase price and numerous measurement data. A total of 13. These include body weight, body fat, water, skeletal muscles and body mass index. No other balance in the Review comparison determines more measurement data. With 12 measured values, the functions of the Etekcity ESF 36 Bluetooth scale are the most similar.

Bluetooth personal scale with app: measures weight, BMI, muscle mass u. v. m.



Medisana BS 482 – proven body analysis scale with good price-performance

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The Medisana BS 482 body scale is a recommendation for everyone who wants numerous functions at an affordable price. In the Review overview of the Medisana BS 482, we particularly liked the simple setup and use. Interested parties can save up to eight profiles and the manufacturer promises to comply with data protection conditions. This is a plus point for sensitive data such as weight or other body values.

With the Medisana BS 482 scale, interested parties receive a tried-and-tested model that is similar in size to the other bathroom scales under $50  in comparison. Etekcity ESF 37 and Beurer BG 13 also offer a footprint of 30 x 30 centimeters.


Digital body analysis scales for measuring many fitness factors. Incl. Calorie requirement analysis, app and up to 8 user profiles.

Digital body analysis scales for measuring many fitness factors. Incl. Calorie requirement analysis, app and up to 8 user profiles.



Etekcity – body fat scale measures to an accuracy of 50 grams

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Like the recommendation of the RENPHO  editorial team, the Etekcity body fat scale diagnostic scale measures to an accuracy of 50 grams. The other scales in comparison measure exactly less precisely with 100 grams. However, Etekcity  is similar to Medisana 482 in the number of possible profile saves: Here too, up to eight user accounts are possible. We recommend Etekcity  to all sports enthusiasts who might want to become one. Users can also get a very affordable price via the VeSync app (Android | iOS) detailed information about sporting success and that motivates.

With the exception of the Beurer BG 13, all scales have an app connection via Bluetooth. The app first gives users the information about a total of 12 different measured values. The scale only shows the weight. Therefore, interested parties can use the Etekcity scale as a conventional scale and without an app. However, users should note what applies to all body analysis scales: Small current impulses determine the various body data and are therefore not recommended for pregnant women, people with pacemakers or children under the age of 13. The current pulse can only be switched off with a few body analysis scales.

Etekcity body fat scale

Smart digital scale for up to 8 users. Measures numerous body data with high accuracy.

Smart digital scale for up to 8 users. Measures numerous body data with high accuracy.


Beurer BG 70 – diagnostic scale without app but convincing at Stiftung Warentest

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The body fat analysis scales Beurer BG 70  has extensive functions and measures 13 important body values, such as the body mass index, body fat, body water and muscle percentage. The Beurer bathroom scale has a particularly large display so that the values ​​can be easily read even by older people or people with visual impairments. Due to the missing app function, there are no problems in handling by people who may be overwhelmed with a smartphone.

Without the app, there are also no practical functions such as B. Diagrams that make the process and weight successes of the last days and months graphically traceable. There is also no compatibility with fitness trackers or smartwatches. Users don’t have to worry about their information being sent to third parties via Bluetooth or WLAN.

Glass diagnostic scale for measuring weight, body fat, water or muscle percentage and BMI

Glass diagnostic scale for measuring weight, body fat, water or muscle percentage and BMI


Body analysis scales under 50 dollars in comparison – the technical data

The comparison table shows the most important technical data and functions of the digital personal scales compared here for body analysis, which cost less than 50 euros. All personal scales are designed for a maximum of 180 kilos. Only with the Beurer model is this value a little lower with a load capacity of 150 kilos. In addition to weight, all scales also offer the measurement of numerous other body values.

Status: 09/2020RENPHO ES bathroom scaleMedisana BS 482 body analyzer scaleEtekcity ESF 37 Bluetooth scaleBeurer BG 70 bathroom scale
Dimensions26 x 26 x 2.5 cm30 x 30 x 2.3 cm30 x 30 x 2.4 cm30 x 30 x 1.8 cm
Measured values ​​/ functions13 measured values, e.g. B. Body mass index, body fat, etc.7 measured values ​​e.g. B. body fat, body water, muscle percentage12 measured values, e.g. B. Body mass index, body fat6 measured values, e.g. B. Body Mass Indes, body fat
Load body weight max.180 kg body weight180 kg body weight180 kg body weight150 kg body weight
compatibilitySamsung Health, Fitbit App, Google Fit, Apple Healthwithout indicationFitbit, Google Fit, Apple Healthno compatibility with apps
displayDisplays weight, all other data via appshows Date on the displayShows the weight, all other data via appshows the data on the display
battery3 x AAA batteries3 x AAA batteries3 x AAA batteries1 x AAA battery
appyes, RENPHO appyes, VitaDock + appyes, VeSync appno, without app
unitskg or lbkg, lb, stkg, lb, stkg, lb, st
personal dataunlimited number of users8 user profiles8 user profiles10 user profiles
particularitiesHigh compatibility with other fitness appseasy to readTape measure included5 year guarantee, large display, easy to read

Body analysis scales over 100 dollars – comparison, reviews & recommendations

If you want to invest more money when buying a body fat scale, our recommendations give you two alternatives that are not only Bluetooth-compatible, but also WLAN-compatible. The advantage of the examples: If users already have their own sports gadgets, such as smartwatches or fitness trackers, no second app is required to collect the information. All data is stored uniformly in just one application and is easy to view.

Fitbit Aria 2 – WiFi scale for Fitbit fans

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We particularly recommend the Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi scale to people who are already measuring their sporting activities with a Fitbit fitness tracker. With just a single app, Fitbit Aria 2 gives you information about the body mass index, muscle mass, body fat percentage and weight. In combination with a compatible fitness tracker, e.g. B. Steps taken and their impact on success are clearly understandable. This increases the number of functions. Clear statistics can almost be taken as the standard, which show the progress in understandable diagrams. The experts also liked the security aspect that only one app is required and that the information does not have to be sent to several manufacturers in the Aria 2 personal scales Review. If you want, you choose the Fitbit community with the Fitbit scales and become part of it (as of: 11/2017). An extra in the Fitbit app (Android | iOS) we particularly liked in the Review overview of the Aria 2: The food can also be checked and entered in the app and supplements the values ​​of the scale.

With a footprint of 31 x 31 centimeters, Aria 2 offers slightly more space than the body scales described above for less than 50 euros. There is one thing in common in the analysis of the body values, because the imperceptible electronic impulse even flows through the legs. In addition to weight, Fitbit Aria 2 also determines the body mass index, lean mass and body fat percentage.

Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi scale

Smart WLAN scale, measures weight, BMI, body fat and lean mass, fitness control via app


Garmin Index – body analysis scales for Garmin fans

As with the Fitbit Aria 2, people can also opt for a branded universe with the Garmin Index body analyzer scale. The advantage: all fitness data are saved in just one app. In the case of the Garmin Index, this is the Garmin Connect app (Android | iOS), the z. B. Gathers information from the body scale and at the same time the data from the Garmin vívosmart 4 fitness tracker.

In comparison with all of the personal scales presented here, the Garmin index has the largest footprint with 35 x 31 centimeters. In our Review overview, it was also noticed that up to 16 user profiles can be created. Only the editorial recommendation RENPHO ES-26M with an unlimited number of possible accounts has the edge here. In our opinion, 16 individual profiles are completely sufficient for private use and also for a larger family.

Garmin Index body analyzer scale

Garmin Index body analyzer scale

Measures weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat, muscle mass and more, WiFi and Bluetooth


Body analysis scales over 100 euros in comparison – the technical data

The comparison table shows the differences between the Bluetooth and WLAN-capable scales Fitbit Aria 2 and Garmin Index. It becomes clear that Garmin Index determines six, Fitbit Aria 2 only four measured values. In addition, the Garmin Index body scale is significantly larger in its tread area. Both body analysis scales have in common that they are open to their own brand cosmos and users can combine data from the scale and information from the manufacturer’s own fitness trackers with just one app. This extends the possible functions of the scales.

Status: 02/2020Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi scaleGarmin Index Body Analysis Libra
Dimensions31.2 x 31.2 x 3.3 cm35 x 31 x 3 cm
Measured values ​​/ functions4 measurements, body mass index, body fat percentage, lean mass6 measured values, e.g. B. Body mass index, muscle mass
Load body weight max.180 kg body weight181.4 kg body weight
compatibilityFitbit smartwatches and fitness trackersCompatible fitness trackers and smartwatches
displayalso shows the data on the displayalso shows the data on the display
battery3 x AA batteries4 x AA batteries
connectionBluetooth, WiFiBluetooth, WLAN and ANT +
appyes, Fitbit appyes, Garmin Connect app
unitskg, lb, stkg, lb, st
personal data8 user profiles16 user profiles
particularitiesCompatible with your own brand cosmoscompatible with own brand cosmos, 3 connections: Bluetooth, WLAN. ANT +, large footprint

Personal smart scales for weight control – comparison, reviews & recommendations

We not only make a body fat scale Review comparison, we also call conventional personal scales. In addition to the practical analytical scales, a classic personal scale is of course also suitable for pure weight control. The data of a body analyzer scale is extensive, but mostly to be regarded as a tendency and a nice extra to control sporting success. In addition, the otherwise harmless electronic power surges are of concern to pregnant women, people with pacemakers or children. So far, only the weight can be precisely measured for private use. Nobody does anything wrong with a conventional bathroom scale.

Etekcity 4074S – classic digital bathroom scale

The digital body scale Etekcity 4074S has a noble design and looks good in every bathroom. The display is large, easy to read and clearly shows users their own weight. The measured values ​​are accurate to 100 grams and the weighing surface with 30 x 30 centimeters is also sufficient for tall people. As with the body scales ESF 37 from Etekcity mentioned here, a measuring tape is included as a nice extra. Users can also check the success of the increase or decrease by measuring the waist circumference.

The Etekcity bathroom scale switches off automatically 10 seconds after use

The Etekcity bathroom scale switches off automatically 10 seconds after use


Because the Etekcity 4074S is a conventional digital bathroom scale, there is no transfer of the data to an app or other compatibility. Therefore, users do not have to visit the App Store. The experts from rank the Etekcity body scales among the four best personal scales 2020 in their bathroom scale Review and guide and called the design of the digital bathroom scale appealing. (Status: without date).

This bathroom scale in a noble black design measures values ​​between 5-180 kg and is delivered including a measuring tape

This bathroom scale in a noble black design measures values ​​between 5-180 kg and is delivered including a measuring tape


Korona Louis mechanical body scale – classic bathroom scale without battery

Most scales are now likely to be digital. The Korona Louis body scale, on the other hand, is mechanical and has a scale. When weighing, a red arrow marks the corresponding weight. Compared to all scales presented, Korona Louis offers the lowest load capacity of only 130 kilos. The analog body scale works without batteries and therefore there is no annoying change for users. As the only scale in comparison, Korona Louis does not have a tread made of glass, but a rubberized surface. This ensures a safe stand and reduces the risk of slipping. Compared to the classic Etekcity 4074S body scale, the Korona analog scale also has no app connection or compatibility with other gadgets.

 In fact, a mechanical scale took second place. The ADE Clinica model received a Review score of 2.2 (status: 01/2014). We particularly recommend the Korona Louis Libra to people who only want to experience their weight and do not value many functions.

Corona 76660 bathroom scale

The precise analog body scale works without electricity or batteries. Non-slip and easy to read full view scale.

The precise analog body scale works without electricity or batteries. Non-slip and easy to read full view scale.


Personal scales for weight control – the technical data and functions

The following comparison table shows the technical data of the personal scales, which are only used for weight control. Etekcity 4074S is a digital bathroom scale and Korona Louis works mechanically. When weighing, people stand directly on the body scale and there are no electronic currents or app connections. The digital personal scale Etekcity can be loaded up to 180 kg, Korona Louis, however, only up to 130 kg.

Status: 09/2020Etekcity 4074S bathroom scaleKorona Louis mechanical bathroom scale
Dimensions30 x 30 x 1.8 cm29.2 x 28.2 x 5.7 cm
Measured values ​​/ functionsWeightWeight
Load body weight max.180 kg body weight130 kg body weight
displaydigital, weightmechanical, scale
battery2 x AAA batterieswithout batteries
appno, without appno, without app
unitslb, kgkg
personal datanono
particularitiesmodern design, tape measure includedmechanical, without batteries

Buying advice for bathroom scales – the most important criteria when buying

Most scales only measure weight. In addition, patient scales with electrodes also provide information about other body data, such as the body mass index. In our buying advice, we list factors that can help you make a buying decision.

Model: There are numerous different models of bathroom scales. Which one it should be depends on many individual ideas. A conventional mechanical or digital bathroom scale is suitable for people who want to check their weight at regular or irregular intervals. A diagnostic or analysis scale is ideal for anyone interested who also wants to understand their fitness history in detail and want to learn about trends via additional body data.

safety instructions: Pregnant women, children or people with health problems, such as pacemakers, may not use body fat analysis for safety reasons. The otherwise harmless, minimal electronic impulses can pose a risk for these people.

tread: The tread should guarantee a secure grip even with large feet. RENPHO ES-26M offers the smallest dimensions at 26 centimeters. With 35 x 31 centimeters, the Garmin Index body analysis scale also has space for large feet.

LCD: Most bathroom scales in the Review have a clearly legible display. An advantage of digital over mechanical scales. The numbers shine clearly and usually and also large and easy to read. A mechanical scale is less easy to recognize in poor lighting conditions.

What does a bathroom scale cost?

A cheap bathroom scale costs less than 20 euros. The price usually depends on the various functions of the body scale. A cheap body fat scale, such as B. Our recommendation REPHNO ES-26 M is already available for less than 50 euros. There are few limits in the upward price segment. The Garmin Index bathroom scale presented here is already priced at over 100 euros. A full body measurement with a scale of clinical accuracy can cost more than 1,000 euros.

How exactly do scales and body analysis scales measure?

Personal scales measure body weight accurately without major deviations. 100 grams or 50 gram increments are usual. If you want to be on the safe side, use calibrated scales. However, these are more common in medical practices or in hospitals than for private use.

Sport and healthy eating are essential for long-term success on the scales

Sport and healthy eating are essential for long-term success on the scales

(Africa Studio / Adobe Stock)

With body fat scales, users should keep in mind that the data are only a guideline. This type of bathroom scale often does not measure too precisely because the impulses prefer only the shortest route and, for example, only flow through the legs. As a result, the result of the body analysis is falsified. A person can have a very well-trained upper body and comparatively little sporty legs – the values ​​of the scales will not reflect the fitness shape of the upper body. In addition, stored measurement values ​​such as age, height and gender contribute to the measurement results. For an accurate body analysis measurement, we recommend using appropriate scales at the doctor, hospital or in the gym, especially if they are relevant to health.

These tips promote measurement accuracy:

  • Right location: Personal scales should stand on straight surfaces. A soft floor falsifies measurements. The balance should ideally be far from walls and support surfaces such as dressers or tables. Only if users do not support themselves, but stand free and straight, does a bathroom scale measure accurately.
  • Safe and correct application: Most scales are made of safety glass. People should be aware of the risk of slipping and safely enter the footprint. In order for body analysis scales to work properly, users should not wear socks or even shoes when weighing and determining the data.
  • Creating the basis for comparability: Regular measurements at the same day and at the same time promote comparability and users receive comprehensible measured values. The best time is in the morning, sober before breakfast.

What is the best bathroom scale?

There is no general answer to what is the best bathroom scale among the best bathroom scales. After all, this rating depends on the needs and expectations of the individual user. The operator must decide which functions the scale should contain. The purchase decision and which scales become personal number 1 is therefore very individual.

In its 2014 personal scales Review, Stiftung Warentest did not rate any of the 19 personal scales as “very good”. First place went to a digital bathroom scale, ADE Tilda and second place to a mechanical bathroom scale, from the same manufacturer with the name ADE Clinica. Beurer BG 13 is in third place, and this body analysis scale is also taken into account in this comparison. A current personal scale or body fat scale Review is currently not available. (As of: 02/2020) In our comparison, RENPHO ES-26M is the editorial team’s recommendation.

Analog or digital bathroom scales – which is better?

Body analysis scales are equipped with electrodes and determine z. B. the body mass index

Body analysis scales are equipped with electrodes and determine z. B. the body mass index


Analog scales are classic and work with or even without a battery. If you only want to measure your weight and even save yourself changing batteries, you are well advised to use an analog scale. However, digital bathroom scales are generally more common. The display is often illuminated, making it easy to read even in poor lighting conditions. If you want more functions, you don’t just rely on a digital scale, but a smart alternative. In addition to weight, that scale also measures the body mass index or body fat percentage.

Which bathroom scale is good?

How good a bathroom scale is depends on the needs of the user. The general rule is that a scale should be as accurate as possible. As a rule, however, most scales are not calibrated for private use and their accuracy may vary. In our comparison, we recommend the following body fat personal scales:

  • RENPHO body fat bathroom scale
  • Medisana BS 482 body analyzer scale
  • Etekcity  Bluetooth scale
  • Beurer BG 70 bathroom scale
  • Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi scale
  • Garmin Index Body Analysis Libra
  • Etekcity 4074S bathroom scale
  • Korona Louis mechanical bathroom scale

Are all bathroom scales verified?

Not all bathroom scales are calibrated. For this award, personal scales must be officially tested for their measurement accuracy and have been awarded a special calibration seal. This applies to scales in the medical field, such as in hospitals or doctor’s offices. Conventional scales for private use can also be verified. However, users of such scales have to expect high acquisition costs. In return, users get an exact body weight. However, a calibrated body scale does not have any additional functions. Body analysis scales cannot be calibrated and the tested measurement accuracy only takes into account body weight.

Because not all scales are calibrated, slight fluctuations and inaccuracies are natural.

Which batteries are in a bathroom scale?

In the past, button cells were common for scales – no scales in comparison require such types of batteries. Some mechanical bathroom scales, like the Korona Louis scales, work without batteries. The digital bathroom scales in comparison work with AA or AAA batteries.

What are the scales?

The different types of scales are numerous and not only limited to humans. Very accurate scales for weighing small quantities are e.g. B. letter or laboratory scales. Large and robust scales are vehicle scales that even measure the weight of a loaded truck.

Different personal scales are:

  • Conventional bathroom scales only shows the weight. These include mechanical or digital bathroom scales.
  • Body fat analysis scales also measures other body measurements via minimal, imperceptible impulses through two to four electrodes on the base and thus offers many functions in addition to weight control. Digital bathroom scales can also be used for body analysis.
  • Whole body analysis Libra also measures electrodes such as body mass index or body fat using electrodes and minimal impulses. However, not only over the legs, but also over the hands and is therefore more accurate in comparison.

How does the body fat scale work?

Conventional personal scales determine the weight relatively simply. The users only have to stand on the scales. But how do special digital bathroom scales determine body data, such as the body mass index or the body fat percentage of humans?

Better not: wearing shoes or socks falsifies the measurement result

Better not: wearing shoes or socks falsifies the measurement result

(anatoliycherkas / Adobe Stock)

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is used to determine body composition. The models presented, e.g. B. Fitbit Aria 2, are additionally equipped with electrodes on the footprint. During the measurement, imperceptible electronic impulses flow through the lower body. Therefore people should stand barefoot on the scales when weighing. Muscles or fat conduct electricity differently well, which means that a corresponding resistance provides information about the values. Electricity always looks for the shortest route and therefore only flows from one leg to the other in such types of personal scales and does not take the upper body into account.

Body analysis Weighing scales, which are more common in the gym or at the doctor, are also measured using the hands. Those professional devices measure more precisely because they also send impulses through the upper body and therefore have more functions than conventional scales.

What different values ​​does a body analyzer scale measure?

Depending on the model, scales measure different values ​​for body analysis. These can be:

  • Weight: Traditional personal scales without electrodes also measure body weight
  • BMI: Body mass index – relation between height and weight
  • body fat: Fat accumulated in relation to total body weight
  • fat Free body weight: The value without accumulated fat
  • Subcutaneous fat: Lower layer of the skin, coat of adipose tissue
  • visceral fat: Fat stored in the stomach, envelops the internal organs such as the digestive system
  • body water: Proportion of water in the body
  • skeletal muscle: Part of the muscles that z. B. is responsible for the movement of the arms and legs
  • muscle mass: Proportion of pure muscles in the body
  • Bone mass: Bone percentage of total body weight
  • proteins: Protein content in the body
  • BMR: Basal metabolic rate – basic amount of energy per day that the body needs at rest
  • Metabolic Age: Indication of fitness level, may differ from the actual age

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