What are the best connected smart health watches in 2019?



If you are looking to buy a new watch, you have probably asked yourself the question ” can I buy a smart health connected watch with my budget? “. Galaxy Watch, Huawei Watch, Garmin or Withings: these are the best smart health connected watches available on the market to accompany your Android smartphone or iPhone.Read our 2019 best smart watches report.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: Our recommendation

Second model of the Galaxy Watch range, this new declination active is intended primarily for athletes. If it allows for the calculation of the number of steps taken or calories burned, it can automatically recognize up to 6 sports activities among the forty or so available. Swimming is also at the heart of this list, since this watch is IP68 certified to allow sealing up to 50 meters deep.

Its perfectly circular case gives way to a beautiful 1.1 inch OLED screen and its dial weighs only 25 grams, which makes it a real featherweight that will quickly be forgotten on the wrist. However, its small size does not mean that Samsung’s watch is poor in functionality, quite the contrary. It integrates conventional sensors such as a gyroscope, an accelerometer or a barometer, but also a heart rate monitoring to measure the heart rate (or detect the rise of stress) and even an NFC chip to pay with Samsung Pay on terminals accepting the contactless.

For the rest of the features, this Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has an Exynos 9110 processor and Bluetooth 4.2 compatibility. Its battery of 230 mAh, wireless rechargeable (with a Galaxy S10, for example), gives him a battery life of about 2 days. In addition, this smart health connected watch is equipped with a storage space of 4 GB. A more than practical feature when you want to listen to his favorite songs without having to take his phone during a sports session. Today it is the most versatile watch on the market, yet retains a certain elegance. This is our recommendation.

Note however that it will soon be replaced by the Galaxy Watch Active 2. We are waiting to Review it to see if it deserves to supplant his predecessor.

Why opt for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active?

  • Compact and lightweight
  • More than 40 sports activities available
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters
  • NFC chip for Samsung Pay
  • Compatible wireless charge

Samsung Galaxy Watch: the most complete

With this precise model, Samsung has decided to abandon the mention Gear for that of Galaxy, as on its most high-end smartphones. This is how the Galaxy Watch takes precedence over the Gear S3, present in the past in this ranking. This watch has something to please the fighters with its rather raw dial and its silicone bracelet scratched by several lines. It will all the more because it is waterproof and holds a small week using a single load – which is much better than the new Active model – allowing you to go to the mountains without worrying about yourself. lack of grip.

The AMOLED screen is really nice to look at and manipulate, although we still prefer to make use of the rotating ring really more convenient, especially in public transport, to switch from one menu to another. In addition, its noise will remind the most nostalgic that of the wheel of the iPod. Samsung’s watch runs under its health home interface, Tizen 4.0. It allows to follow your daily physical activities and in particular to check your notifications.

To learn more, you can consult our comprehensive  Samsung Galaxy Watch Review.

Why is the Samsung Galaxy Watch recommended?

  • For the daredevils
  • A ring reminiscent of the iPod (yes, it’s a good point)
  • She’s holding the week without a loader

Huawei Watch GT Active: the alternative to the Galaxy Watch

After the Watch GT end 2018, Huawei decided to offer a very light refresh with a watch GT subtitled “Active”. Nothing really new to put your teeth on except new bracelets. So we find everything that made the salt of the GT “just short. It was then the first watch of the Chinese manufacturer to opt for its health home operating system: LiteOS. This allows him to enjoy a better autonomy, up to more than 14 days.

The Huawei smartwatch has many features, such as a GPS and an optical heart rate sensor in addition to a gyroscope and a magnetometer. Focused more on health and sports monitoring than on the receipt of Android notifications, it also allows daily tracking of the number of steps and the sleep time. With the Health Mate app, you’ll be able to view these stats, as well as sync them with other sports tracking apps like Jawbone’s Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, or UP.

Why choose the Huawei Watch GT?

  • Excellent autonomy
  • Very successful finishes
  • Many measured data
  • AMOLED screen of good quality
Huawei Watch GT Active 2019 best smart watches

Withings Steel HR Sport: the elegant

Withings Steel HR Sport has a certain advantage over its competitors: it possesses THE design reminiscent of the most that of a real knockout. With its chrome hands and silicone / leather strap, it goes like a letter to the post! If you prefer to focus on features, it’s the perfect pretender for your wrist. The small screen embedded in the dial still displays notifications (that can be set) and information about your physical activity (running, dancing, swimming). Note that in black, the screen mixes perfectly with the background (it is more discreet).

The watch also analyzes its sleep cycles and offers a silent wake-up call with convincing vibrations. His data can sync with smartphones through the Health Mate app, iOS and Android compatible allowing him to provide advice tailored to the statistics.

We are talking here about the Steel Sport HR, to differentiate from the model Steel HR “normal”. In addition to having touches of red here and there and a breathable strap, the Sport grind is distinguished by GPS support during the race, and also estimates the VO2 Max of the user. Finally, there is a more humble version called Activity at Withings. Humble, because it’s a tracker without screen that for the time really looks like a timepiece.

Why consider the Withings Steel Sport HR?

  • It can be worn in all situations
  • Notifications can be set
  • Autonomy greater than average (about twenty days)

Find the Steel Sport HR in white at Amazon
Find the Steel Sport HR in black at Amazon

(Xiaomi) Huami Amazfit GTR: the good price / quality ratio

Little known in France, Huami is actually the “smart health connected objects” branch of Xiaomi in China. With its Amazfit GTR, the company has managed to maintain the tradition of value for money Xiaomi. This is a complete watch, at a relatively low price. It is therefore an excellent choice if you want to invest in a smartwatch without breaking your bank.

2019 best smart watches

It is based on an OLED screen of 1.39 with a resolution of 326 pixels per inch, the texts are displayed with finesse. The slab is protected by Gorilla Glass to prevent scratches. She is able to follow many activities, starting with the course of course but also swimming since it is waterproof up to 5 ATM.

You will be able to follow your heart rate before, during and after your workouts directly on the watch or the application, which is also complete. Sleep monitoring is also part of it and you can analyze it for several consecutive days since it has had a full work week during our Review. On the other hand, it must be admitted that it is imposing on the wrist.

Why choose the Huami Amazfit GTR?

  • Its price / quality ratio
  • Its OLED screen readable in the sun
  • All the functionality that is expected of a smartwatch.
Xiaomi Huami Amazfit GTR


What are the marks of trust?

Today the smart health connected watch market is mainly shared by three players: Apple with the Apple Watch, Samsung with the Galaxy Watch and Huawei with the Huawei Watch. We can also mention Withings, which has the merit of offering watches with a design closer to mechanical watches. These four brands are a priori trust, but that does not mean that all other actors are to put aside.

What are the criteria to remember for a smart health connected watch?

The choice of a smart health connected watch depends mainly on the desired screen. If you prefer, for example, a touch screen, a screen with hands, or Amoled, etc. It will then reflect on the use you will make it, if it is mainly used to receive notifications from your smartphone or if you are looking for features to accompany you during your sports activities.

Do I have to buy extra bracelets?

The bracelet of the watch is also important, it is necessary to think about the material as well as its size. Some models use standard sizes while others have more exotic sizes. All watches come with a default bracelet.

It can be interesting to invest in a bracelet designed in a material corresponding to your use. We preferred rubber for sports, leather (real or not) for those who favor elegance. As on a classic watch, the leather will wear out over time.

Which watch smart health connected to your preference?


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