10 best smart health watches for 2019 -Features, Prices, Test, which to buy?

Which are 2019 best smart health watches ? In the era of IOT a type of object is all the rage: the smart watch for health. Far from the classic watch, which only serves to give you the time, new generation watches are full of features. The race is launched: remains to know which will be the most complete in applications while keeping the appearance of a real watch.

Whether seen as a futuristic accessory or a fashionable gadget, the connected watch does not escape the criteria of judgment. In this consolidating market, designers tend to go in all directions. Better to be attentive. Size and screen technology (e-ink, color, round or rectangular), compatibility with different brands, models of smartphones available on the market as well as mobile OS, the technical features are not lacking.

The watch market is at a pivotal moment in its evolution, but it already has several references. In addition to the market leaders, there is also a plethora of alternative connected watches. Indeed, after the first step taken by Sony with the SmartWatch, many brands are currently doing it. These new devices offer the possibility to deport all or part of the uses of a smartphone linked to his wrist, thus avoiding the frenetic handling of the latter at length of time. Brands are racing to release models with uses closest to smartphones. To choose one then becomes a real problem.

Find the 2019 best smart health watches according to your needs

Before you start reading this comparison of the best smart health watches on 2019, you have to ask yourself an essential question. What are your needs and expectations with this accessory. Is it to do a sports activity or a training follow-up? Do you need a connected watch to track your health?

From this answer you will have already eliminated a large number of models 2019. Indeed, some connected smart watches are primarily intended for athletes for training, performance monitoring and competitions. Others are more for people who want to monitor their health, weight loss or to regularly check certain essential physiological parameters.

Price, an important factor in choosing the best health smart watch

Price is of course a factor to consider. Some models of smart watches exceed the thousand dollars, others are available for a few tens dollars. The majority of models, however, cost a few hundred dollars. The brand is obviously an important factor but also the features offered, the type of screen and the water resistance.

A model of connected watch adapted to your smartphone
Many connected watches are actually an extension of the smartphone and this one uses an application to communicate. Although many models are compatible with all brands of smartphones and work on both Android and iOS, this is not the case for all connected watches in this comparison.

Here is the comparison of connected watches to help you make the right choice before your purchase!

2019 best smart health watches






1.Huawei Watch GT Active: a beautiful sports watch

The GT Active is an improved version of the GT. Marketed since the end of April, it offers aesthetic revisions, including a new fluoroelastomer bracelet. For the rest, she takes the great characteristics of her big sister. This connected watch integrates a GPS.

There is no need to bring his phone during intense jogging sessions. Moreover the heart rate monitor is accurate, which is intended primarily for athletes. In application terms, the Firstbeat function allows you to receive help from a virtual coach, while the application makes visualization of data simple and clear.

Available in white, brown, black, orange and dark green, the tocante is more suited to a male audience. Its 46mm dial makes this connected object an imposing device. Finally, the OS does not prove sufficiently studied for a more daily use. Twitter and Gmail notifications tend to slow down the connected watch.

Technical characteristics :

Resolution: 454 x 454 pixels
Screen size: 1.39 inches
Internal memory: NC
Processor: ARM Cortex A4
Battery: one week in normal use, 14 days in economy
Compatibility: Android 4.41 or +; iOS 9.0 or +
Price: 229 dollars

Good points

Autonomy of a week
GPS, heart rate monitors, app … everything for sports

Negative points

Big box
OS not 







Apple Watch 4 smart health watch ehealth

2.Apple Watch 4: the best smart watch for cardiac

The Apple Watch 4 sports a slightly revisited design allowing it to incorporate a wider screen. Despite these changes, the connected watch is still compatible with the bracelets of older models. Like the third generation, the Apple Watch 4 operates independently of an iPhone thanks to its GPS and 4G chip.

The biggest novelty is the addition of an electrocardiogram to analyze cardiac activity. This technology is much more accurate than the simple heart rate sensors usually found on connected watches. With this fourth version, the Apple Watch consolidates its leading position of smartwatches.

Technical characteristics :

Resolution: 448 x 368 pixels or 324 x 394 pixels
Internal memory: 16 GB
Processor: Apple S4
RAM: 768 MB
Battery: 18 hours in normal use
Compatibility: iOS
Price: 429 dollars
Good points
Larger screen
Light, but exemplary finishes
Negative points
Weak autonomy






Fitbit Versa Lite smart health ehealth

3.Fitbit Versa Lite: a watch for Fitbit fans

With this model, Fitbit declines its Versa watch. Like its predecessor, the Versa Lite offers a design close to the Apple Watch. The American manufacturer puts on shimmering colors and a slightly more affordable price than the Versa. Pleasant to use, we regret the lack of monitoring of swimming and floors gravis, training and music player.

However, sleep monitoring, activities, the heart rate monitor and reading notifications work well. Rather pretty, the connected watch enjoys four days of autonomy. This is a good product for Fitbit bracelet owners who would like to use a connected watch at a lower cost.

Technical characteristics :

Resolution: 348 × 250 pixels
Screen: 1.34 inches
Internal memory: NC
Processor: NC
Battery: up to 4 days
Compatibility: Android 5.0 or +; iOS 10.0 or +
Price: 159 dollars

Good points

Nice watch
Good autonomy
Easy to use

Negative points

More music
No payment connected







Withings Move smart health watch reviews

4.Withings Move: a cheap and pretty product

It may be the minimum, but its design and capabilities make it a good first product for the first users of a connected watch. The Withings Move does not include a heart sensor, but tracks activities. Waterproof up to 50 meters, this watch facilitates the monitoring of the sleep, it notifies the sporting activity thanks to its needle and is based on the GPS of the telephone to establish the tracks of the races.

Its Smart Wake-up feature lets you wake up at the right time for your body. The Move is customizable: you can ask the French brand to change the color of the case, the dial, the “tracker” hand and the bracelet. We regret the lack of functionality and irregular motion sensors, but we can only praise the 18 months promised autonomy.

Technical characteristics :
Resolution: NA
Internal memory: NC
Processor: NC
Battery: up to 18 months
Compatibility: Android 6. or +; iOS 9.0 or +
Price: 70 dollars

Good points
Record autonomy

Negative points
Precision to be reviewed
Few features






Moto 360 Sport 2nd Gen smart health watch

5.Moto 360 Sport 2nd Gen: The reference for running

Thanks to its integrated GPS and Moto Body application, this Moto 360 is the best Android Wear connected watch for running. Its AnyLight LCD screen naturally adjusts to the brightness, which is very convenient during the races under the sun.

Technical characteristics :
Resolution: 360 x 325 pixels or 360 x 330 pixels
Internal memory: 4 GB
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 at 1.2 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Battery: 300 or 400 mAh (a day and a half)
Compatibility: Android
Price: 300 dollars

Good points
Nice port
Good readability

Negative points
Unconvincing autonomy
Medium ergonomics





Garmin Fenix 5 smart health watch sport

6.Garmin Fenix 5: The best for sport

The latest generation of Garmin smartwatch ships the same 24/7 activity tracking system as the previous model. The main novelty is a heart rate tracking technology called Elevate. This system monitors the heart rate continuously and accurately indicates the number of calories burned throughout the day and night. There is an integrated GPS, and different applications for cycling, swimming, running, golf or skiing. The autonomy is 24 hours with GPS, 60 hours without.

Technical characteristics :

Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
Internal memory: NC
Processor: NC
Battery: more than ten days
Compatibility: Android
Price: 599.99 dollars
Good points
Significant autonomy
Reliable and fast
Many features
Negative points
For sportsmen above all







withings-steel-hr Nokia Steel HR smart health watch

7.Nokia Steel HR (Withings): The stylish and sporty smart watch

The Withings brand, acquired by Nokia, is best known for its products related to health. It is logical that his connected watch is also directed in this direction. The Steel Hr is therefore a fitness watch above all: it allows you to follow your physical activity (number of steps, calories burned …). Only, it offers with this a very elegant urban look that changes fitness bracelets that we are used to with kind of products. In addition, the connected watch allows you to receive your notifications directly on the watch despite the analog dial thanks to a digital mini-screen. All for a price quite affordable.

Technical characteristics :

Resolution: NC
Internal memory: 5 GB
Processor: NC
Battery: more than twenty days
Compatibility: Android and Ios
Price: 199 dollars

Good points
Withings Ecosystem
Good autonomy
Negative points
Screen a bit too small







smart health watch amsung gear sport fitness smart watch

8.Samsung Gear Sport: one of the best fitness smartwatch

The Samsung Gear Sport is the most complete connected watch for fitness. His strong points are: a thoughtful swimming management and the ability to stream music on Spotify. It is mainly for its ergonomics that we choose the Samsung Gear Sport. The rotating dial makes it easy to manipulate the object, which makes it possible to control it after a few tens of minutes of use.

The Samsung Gear Sport is a successful sports adaptation of the Gear range. Thanks to its integrated GPS, the connected watch can move away from the smartphone and fulfill its office. Having real connected features associated with an activity tracker allows him to gain interest on most plans.

Technical characteristics :

Resolution: 360 x 360 pixels
Internal memory: NC
Processor: Samsung Exynos 7270 1 GHz
RAM: 768 MB
Battery: 300 mAh (about two days)
Compatibility: Android and IOS
Price: 299 dollars

Good points
Quality screen
Possible personalization
Spotify access
Negative points
Average autonomy
Limited sports functions

Fitbit Ionic smart health watch

9.Fitbit Ionic: Fitbit’s first connected watch

 The ergonomics are pretty good after a time of adaptation of an hour or two. The Fitbit Ionic sports an elegant look. While incorporating some aesthetic codes of the Apple Watch, the brand manages to move away to offer an identifiable watch, which can be worn daily and during training sessions.

 Its weight is also an important argument: the Fitbit Ionic weighs only 47 grams. Accustomed to the mastodon like the Gear S3 or the Tag Heuer Connected Watch, it is clearly like wearing a classic watch.

The application of the Fitbit Ionic brings together everything an athlete may need. For others, sleep monitoring is effective.

Technical characteristics :

Resolution: NC
Internal memory: 2495 MB
Processor: NC
Battery: about four days
Compatibility: Android and IOS
Price: 399 dollars
Good points
Nice port
Good quality screen
Negative points
Few applications
No responses to the notifs







Polar Vantage V sport smart health watch

10.Polar Vantage V: The connected watch of true sportsmen

The Polar Vantage V is a state-of-the-art smartwatch for high performance athletes. Indeed, it does not have any functionality called “lifestyle”, like listening to music. You can not download applications to a store either. Add to that that the menu is abrupt, not to say ugly. However, the handle, this connected watch is a real laboratory for analyzing your sports data.

As said before, engineers are not lingering on the aesthetics and simplicity of use. In return, the Polar Vantage V is probably the most complete connected watch on the market. GPS track during training, calories burned, fats eliminated, power developed during the effort, number of steps … In conclusion, Polar does not try to please casual sportsmen. But to those who are looking for the best in data analysis during the effort.

Technical characteristics :

Brand: Polar Vantage V
Category: Connected watch
Connection: Bluetooth GPS
Compatibility: Android, iOS, Microsoft
Vantage Polar V Availability: Available.
Autonomy: 40 hours
Water resistance: 35m
Price: 499 dollars
Good points
A real analysis laboratory at your handle
An extraordinary autonomy
GPS tracking
Calculation of the developed power
A smart smartphone app
Negative points
A very ugly interface
Not for the general public
No apps available
No contactless payment
Can not listen to music with the watch

How to choose your connected watch?

Before making your choice, there are some details that need to be reviewed. If you invest in a connected watch and it is not compatible with your smartphone or does not offer the features you want, you will necessarily lose.

Objectively, there is not one connected watch better than another. Each has a different vision of the product and is intended for a particular audience. What makes a connected watch more interesting than another is the criteria that matter to you personally.

Since most smartwatches are designed to work with your smartphone, it’s important to make sure your two devices are compatible with each other. This advice may seem obvious, but it is nonetheless vital in this still evolving market and victim of a brand war.

Do you like the Samsung Gear 2? Hope you own a Samsung Galaxy, otherwise you will not be able to operate it. You lean instead for the Apple Watch? So stop now if you are not equipped with an iPhone 5 or a later model. Admit it would be a shame to invest in a smart watch for not being able to make it work …


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