Withings Sleep Analyzer -the first sensor for sleep apnea

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Our sleep tracking mat has advanced sensors to monitor heart rate, respiration, wake-ups, sleep apnea and much more to show you how your night was, and how to improve. Sleep Analyzer delivers a sleep score every morning and also features IFTTT integration to help you power a variety of smart home scenarios, from controlling a smart thermostat to acting as a switch for smart lightbulbs.

Withings, the leading brand specializing in smart health connected objects focused on people’s health and well-being, is embarking on sleep analysis. The new medical device Withings Sleep Analyzer easily detects sleep apnea in sufferers.Withings Sleep Analyzer  review

This Tuesday April 28, Withings unveiled its new smart health connected health object, the ambition of which is simple: to help detect Sleep Apnea. A pathology still little known and often underestimated (whileit affects 1 in 5 people, 80% of whom do not know) which can result in more serious illnesses. Its detection system has been validated by a clinical study and contains the medical CE marking, a guarantee of quality. It is the first sleep apnea screening solution that is not worn directly on the skin. But that comes in the form of a pneumatic sensor.

Presentation of the new Withings Sleep Analyzer sleep sensor

Slip under your mattress, this device precisely analyzes the different phases of your nights and more. Thanks to the integrated sensors, several parameters are taken into account. Among them we find the respiratory frequencies, cardiac as well as movements and the snoring. These different data are then analyzed by algorithms and then visible from the dedicated Health Mate application. All you have to do is sleep, the sleep sensor takes care of the rest. When you wake up, the Withings Sleep Analyzer synchronizes directly to the Wi-Fi. The results given provide valuable information to your doctor in the treatment of Sleep Apnea. And the application gives privileged access to advice to improve sleep and more generally its health.

For 18 months, Withings has been working to validate the medical grade of health home sleep apnea detection without user intervention. They are the first in the world to allow the detection of apnea – medically certified – at health home. The advancement of the product therefore lies in the new medical function (software). Exceptionally, current users will receive a free update to this medical software.

Withings collaborated with hospitals in the design of the Sleep Analyzer in order to have the finest possible measurements. The sensor fits very well into the medical diagram to best assist doctors. In addition, the app brings real sleep tracking that helps motivate patients by seeing their improvements by real time.

Sleep analysis: a winning sector

The health is a major issue for high-tech brands. Therefore, the smart health connected objects are on the front line to improve it. Withings is not the only brand to have rushed into the in-depth analysis of consumer sleep with the Withings Sleep Analyzer. Others have tried the experiment like Beddit in 2019 with a sleep sensor in the same vein as the one signed Withings. Without the medical side of sleep apnea analysis but with a lot of other data also grouped together in one application.

What are the differences between the Nokia Sleep / Withings Sleep ($ 99.95) vs Withings Sleep Analyzer ($ 129.95)?

In 2018, a variation of the Withings sleep sensor was released under the name Nokia Sleep then Withings Sleep. The fundamentals were there: namely a sensor to be placed under a mattress and the application to see the data on his sleep. But without CE certification (and therefore considerable software improvement) to detect sleep apnea. This medically & software exceptional software update is reflected in the final retail price of the product ($ 129.95 vs. $ 99.95). It remains affordable while being the most advanced on the market in its category.

The smart health connected watches, more embarrassing, also have features to analyze your sleep. Even though the data from these wearables is often not as precise as with a sleep sensor.

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Withings Sleep - Sleep Tracking Pad Under The Mattress With Sleep Cycle...

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Withings Sleep Analyzer - Sleep Tracking Mat - Sleep Cycles Analysis, Sleep Apnea Detection, Heart rate monitoring, Home Automation -...

Our sleep tracking mat has advanced sensors to monitor heart rate, respiration, wake-ups, sleep apnea and much more to show you how your night was, and how to improve. Sleep ...
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£95.96 £119.95


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the first sensor for sleep apnea
Withings Sleep Analyzer -the first sensor for sleep apnea
£95.96 £119.95
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