What are the other tools of the acupuncturist? (moxas ,.)

Indwelling needles

Indwelling or intradermal needles stick to the surface of the skin and stay there for one to seven days. Just 1.5 mm long, they serve to gently stimulate an acupuncture point for a long time. They are used a lot in auriculotherapy (reflex points on the ears). Usually, the patient does not feel the needle at all while wearing it, which can be of benefit in treatment in children.

The plum blossom hammer

The plum blossom hammer, also called the seven star hammer or plum blossom needles, consists of a flexible handle capped with five or seven thin needles. It allows you to make superficial punctures by lightly hitting the skin of an area or an acupuncture point. In pediatrics, a needle roller is usually preferred, which can stimulate a large area without creating apprehension or pain.

Trigger points

Recent developments in knowledge of musculoskeletal pain provide the acupuncturist with an additional tool in their treatment. It is indeed interesting to note that there is an astounding parallel between the muscular chains – very recently identified – and the Tendino-muscular meridians described in ancestral Chinese texts. In addition, the origin of certain pain paths, explained by the Meridian Systems of TCM, but which Western medicine could not elucidate, is now better understood, in part thanks to modern trigger point theory1 . These are specific points that, when palpated, trigger the original pain described by the patient. However, not only do the paths taken by the pain often correspond to those of the Meridians, but in 70% of cases, there is a correlation between the location of a trigger point and that of an acupuncture point. .

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