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Water, this elixir of life, so noble and so pure, has been the object of attention for some time. Wherever it flows, it exudes life and well-being. Its hold on our daily life is all the more important as it represents a real geopolitical issue.

One of the trends currently in vogue is its packaging in plastic bottles in order to carry it with you at all times. While being productive requires staying hydrated, this practice is not without health implications.

Through this article, we reveal to you the composition of bottled water and the solutions allowing professionals to install a water dispenser for staff.

Bottled water composition

Several brands of bottled water are presented to consumers with much media coverage. Laudatory terms are then used to promote water that turns out to be the best ally for health.

However, very few people understand the exact composition of this bottled water. The label of water bottles generally provides information on its contents.

Cations and anions, the proportions of which are mentioned, are nothing more than trace elements. Calcium (Ca2 +), Chloride (Cl-), Magnesium (Mg2 +), Potassium (K +), Sodium (Na +) and Sulfates (SO42-) are the substances often contained in bottled water.

Harmful substances in bottled water

Despite the strict regulations enjoyed by the production of bottled water, this sparkling liquid can incorporate substances harmful to health. Thus, the most common harmful compounds in bottled water are:

The level of its substances is all the more important as the water conditioning processes do not benefit from a rigorous hygiene.

Installation of water dispensers in companies, an ideal solution for professionals

For unrestricted access to quality drinking water in a professional environment, the ideal solution is the installation of water dispensers. Several solutions exist to meet such a need. However, it is important to opt for a model that meets the requirements of the Labor Code relating to access to drinking water for employees.

Water fountains therefore emerge as the most suitable solution, because beyond legal obligations, such a device provides healthy water to employees, in here is an example. Factors such as convenience, safety and cost optimization are all strengths that support many companies in their desire to install water dispensers.

However, it is theaversion to plastic which has sparked the emergence of new, more innovative and healthier alternatives.

Among the different categories of water dispensers that exist, the lower load model is the most popular. It is, in fact, very practical and conceals the water bottle in its den.

However, the higher load model has an operating mode opposite to the previous one. The water bottle is therefore not concealed and must be turned over over the dispenser. Which has a very unattractive appearance.

Finally, the type of counter is an important aspect in the choice of the distributor. If you want to use the space rationally, investing in a countertop dispenser can be a good alternative.

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