Sygnal unveils a t-shirt for athletes

Sygnal is a smart fitness t-shirt designed to help runners find their way health home. It is the ideal product for all those who do not know where to go and who do not want to have their noses glued to the screen of their smartphone while they run.

Sygnal was imagined by Broadcast Wearables, the same startup based in India that invented the famous Broadcast t-shirt and Jaltee clothing. According to the company, this t-shirt for athletes is the first of its kind.

Sygnal smart sports t-shirt

As you can imagine, Sygnal works with a companion application to inform the user of the efforts made and the amount of calories burned during use. To orient the wearer, the t-shirt will vibrate at shoulder level. Left shoulder to turn left, right shoulder to turn right. It couldn't be simpler!

For information, the data is synchronized every 15 minutes and the battery life is five days. Charging takes place via a USB cable. To wash it, no worries, everything goes to the washing machine.

Personally, I think this t-shirt can also be used in other situations. I am thinking in particular of bikers or cyclists. It would prevent them from putting themselves in danger by watching their way on their phone.

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The real question today about this smart health connected t-shirt is its date of release. No information has been given on this matter. For the moment, the brand has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Fuel A Dream website. She hopes to raise around 7000 euros. A priori, the backers would receive their t-shirt in April; the crowdfunding campaign still needs to be successful. So far, less than 10% of the target has been reached.


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