Some symptoms related to a decayed tooth

This decayed tooth should not be overlooked, as it could quickly become very painful. It changes over the weeks and an abscess can develop in the gum area. This leads to an extraction when the tooth is too damaged or very restrictive care. Some symptoms related to this decayed tooth should alert you. Among the latter, there is the increased sensitivity to cold, this is the main inconvenience.

One visit to the dentist once a year

The French tend to visit general practitioners and healthcare professionals when they are faced with problems. In reality, a check-up once a year may be essential, this often prevents pain, abscesses and toothaches which are unbearable. In addition, a decayed tooth is problematic because of the bacteria that can proliferate much more easily.

  • A tooth with decay often has a brown spot especially on the upper side.
  • When the tooth is not treated very quickly, be aware that the damage can be irreversible.
  • The first symptoms concern white spots, this shows that the tooth has a tendency to decalcify.
  • Superficial cavities are related to the enamel and the situation can quickly escalate with a brown discoloration.
  • Deep cavities are difficult to treat, the dentist often has to remove part of the tooth by making an unsightly filling.

Minimize health problems

When decay approaches the nerve, the pain can be severe and toothache will turn your daily life into hell. It is for all of these reasons that it is imperative to check the dentition once a year. You are then certain that oral health is optimized, you limit the proliferation of bacteria, abscesses as well as health problems related to your digestive system. Indeed, poorly cared for teeth can lead to stomach pain. Indeed, it is often unrecognized, but, if you have a stomach ache, there is a good chance that your oral health is responsible.

Bacteria grow very easily in the mouth and they often explain this bad breath which can also upset you and your loved ones will also be confused. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with your dentist so that he can check your teeth and offer you some sometimes classic interventions. These prevent cavities from developing.

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