You need to know these connected toothbrushs

Connected objects are everywhere in the house including the edge of the sink. So why not opt ​​for the connected smart health toothbrushs? Ideal to accompany young and old.

Why opt for the connected smart health toothbrushs?

At least 3 times a day, for 3 minutes. Since we were little, that’s how we are taught to brush our teeth. However, according to specialists, we are very far and efficiency is not necessarily at the rendezvous.

It is on the basis of this observation that the connected toothbrush appeared. At first, appeared the electric toothbrushes. Waterproof, with a rotating head … It was a first step for effective toothbrushing. With the era of connected objects, the toothbrush becoming connected represented a logical evolution. The main idea is to transmit a report directly to your smartphone. Among the information found, we find in particular: the positioning, the duration and areas cleaned, the amount of tartar removed, the pressure exerted … The results are then analyzed through an application. The result allows users to improve the way they brush their teeth and avoid visits to the dentist.

Sonicare, the connected Philips toothbrush

Sonicare is not only a connected toothbrush but a whole range of models with different specificities. Depending on your budget and your needs, you will find a model more likely to interest you. One of the latest on the market is the FlexCare Platinum Connected. When you brush your teeth, the data is synchronized in real time on the application. This shows a 3D plan of your teeth. The ideal not to forget but also to know if you rub too hard or not strong enough. It also makes it possible to fix specific areas requiring specific care if your dentist has recommended it, for example. Be careful though, the price spikes a bit. Count $ 200. If you want a model that focuses more on tartar or really white teeth, you can discover the whole range on the Philips website.

Playbrush and Kolibree, connected toothbrushes for kids

Successfully convincing children to work their teeth is sometimes a challenge. Or, they will do it very quickly and inefficiently, as a chore they want to get rid of quickly. Several manufacturers have had the idea to enter the fun activity. Turning brushing teeth into a game is definitely a good solution. Two connected toothbrushes are interesting in this market.

Kolibree. It is distinguished above all by its sleek design. It does not feel like a gigantic tube that must be put in the mouth. It has only one button on / off. Everything else, is happening in the app. You can create a profile for each person with a Kolibree. She then proposes a report of the effectiveness of brushing by dental zone and a classification of the various users according to their performances. Above all, it offers a mode “Go! Pirate”, totally focused on mini-games. This game represents a pirate who has to catch coins. For this, the child will have to brush a specific part of his teeth. Good news, since its launch, its price has dropped.

PlayBrush. We are here on a particular model. It is not a connected toothbrush but a device that attaches to it. This one analyzes the movements and passes them on the smartphone. To avoid obstacles in the game, will have to be always more precise and more intense in his brushing. A good way to work at the same time regularity of the brushing, the precision and the duration.

Genius, the high-end toothbrush connected by Oral-B

Oral-B has more or less missed its arrival on the market of connected toothbrushes. Slow to start, it finally arrived in force at MWC 2016 with its Genius range. Its most advanced model, the 9000 is clearly in the high end both in terms of price and functions. Sold from 140 € on Amazon, this is a pack that includes 4 brushes and a refill case. It offers six different modes: standard, gum care, softness, whiteness, Pro-Clean and brushing the tongue. Sensors detect if you apply too much pressure and an LED warns you. Motion sensors are also able to track your tooth brushing activity.

To discover the latest innovations, new objects or controversies in the field of connected health, go here to discover more.

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