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AromaCare is a connected smart health essential oil diffuser. It is not a simple perfume of atmosphere, but a real companion health and well-being. Indeed, it diffuses natural essential oils which all have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Contrary to what one might think, these products are very serious and are even already used by doctors. For example, the Paoli-Calmettes Institute in Marseille uses it to prepare patients before an operation. Aromatherapy is a technique that has proven itself.

For example, the positive effect of rosemary on memory has been scientifically proven. Thus, regular use of Memory Capsules, which are based on rosemary, will bring you great help in the long run if you suffer from memory problems.

AromaCare also offers an antibacterial treatment to fight against allergies to pollen or other similar substances. This is a computer tool that regulates the sessions and the stock of capsules you have.

In its use, it works in the same way as a pod coffee machine: you have to insert a capsule in the product to start a session. They all have a color and an associated name (Sleep, Tonic, Memory, Pollen ….), And you can consult the manual to have information on the exact composition of each one. Each capsule allows ten sessions of twenty minutes.

During these sessions, the essential oil is spread little by little like a cloud around the user. We briefly tested it with the editors, and the scent was immediately noticeable thanks to the directed flows.

AromaCare a connected smart health essential oil diffuser

Even without a smartphone, it is possible to use AromaCare manually. But the app will allow you to keep an eye on the progress of your sessions and schedule sessions according to a special schedule. You can, for example, diffuse a soothing perfume every night before falling asleep.

In addition, the application will allow you to track your consumption of capsules and will coach you in your use to provide you with the best experience possible. This connected pharmacist will propose you menus of capsules according to your profile and your objectives.

The object has been thought to be discreet, but beautiful. When it works, it projects a soft light that weakens as and finally to go out when the session is over. In addition, the fan used was worked to make the least noise possible.

The product is sold at 69 € on Kickstarter with two capsules, then each capsule is charged 4 €. Once the device is marketed, it will cost 89 €.

AromaCare responds, like the Vegidair, to the need for people to live healthier and detach themselves from synthetic products. Once again, managing one’s own health, such as one’s own food, is enough to put the most suspicious of trust.

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