How to fall asleep faster and sleep well with Sleep Dot?

Sleep is just as important to your health as physical activity, so it is important to sleep well to feel good. Today, however, many people think that they do not have a recuperative sleep.How to fall asleep faster? Whereas previously, tests in the sleep clinics had to be put in place, the new smart health device Sleep Dot tracker will give you the first indications on the quality of your sleep.

The majority of activity trackers also offer features to monitor sleep. However, if you do not like to keep your wrist to sleep, then Sleepace’s small Sleep Dot device should suit you. It is a sleep tracker that will be fixed on the pillow of his user.

As the name implies, Sleep Dot is a connected object specialized in sleep analysis. If you wake up tired, feeling like you have not slept enough, it may be the result of abnormal sleep patterns. With Sleep Dot and its dedicated application, you will get an accurate report of your sleep time. It can also help you fall asleep and wake you up gently without getting away from your deep sleep.

Sleep Dot: falling asleep quickly and waking up gently

There are different types of objects to accompany users in their sleep, connected bracelets being the most widespread. There are also objects such as the connected belt 2breathe surrounding the abdomen for example or RestOn, a strap that attaches to the fitted sheet. Sleep Dot, it will be placed on a corner of the pillow, which should not disturb the user.

This small smart device will monitor sleep, record data and also analyze the quality of sleep. It works in partnership with a dedicated application, to which it will send data via Bluetooth. Sleep Dot supports all phases of sleep and it starts with sleep. To make it easier, the application offers different melodies or sounds that will help its user to let go and fall into the arms of Morpheus faster. The music will stop automatically when sleep has been detected.

The awakening is also a critical phase. If you wake up during a light sleep phase, you will feel a lot more rested. Sleep Dot will also take care of this setting. The user will indicate a time period during which he must wake up. A smart alarm will then be triggered when the device detects that the user is in a light sleep phase.

The connected sensor that analyzes your sleep

With Sleep Dot and its dedicated application, you will have an analysis of your sleep cycles. With these features, it can also help you fall asleep and wake up. If you do not support it on you, the tracker can be fixed directly on the pillow.

During your activity, Sleep Dot will monitor sleep, record data and also analyze the quality of sleep. The recording begins as soon as you fall asleep, which he will also facilitate, with different melodies that will act as a “sandman”.

Upon waking, the user will be able to visualize various information that the device will have recorded during the night, a review of his sleep in a way. You will know how long you have slept, the percentage of deep sleep, how many times you have moved or woke up during the night, among other things. According to these data, Sleep Dot will give a sleep score.Based on all this data, the application will advise the user to  improve your sleep.

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