Puricare 360 LG Discover the new connected smart air purifier

Connected objects are still trendy and continue to take more and more space in our lives, it is in this context that LG has just unveiled its new model Puricare 360 ​​of its range of air purifiers. 360 ° objective thanks to two different ventilation systems. .

The LG electronics giant continues to innovate in all areas of electronics, so it has just introduced a 360 ° air purifier to purify the air in your homes, but why 360, this purifier has 2 embedded filtration systems, the first is located towards the upper part and the second located towards the lower part which will allow you to obtain an air purify.

It has been several years since LG took the leap to the wellness and health market. The Korean manufacturer wants to help you purify the air you breathe with this connected device.

Puricare 360: a 360 ° vision of purification

This new model Puricare 360 ​​is based on two embedded purification systems. One at the top, the other at the bottom. Its capacity announced by LG corresponds to a room of 50m ², which can seem little since some models go up to 80 m ². However, it compensates with a truly comprehensive approach. The revolution is with its Clean Booster mode which allows to distribute the clean air in a uniform way in your room. Thanks to a small tilting head, you can even have a fan function. “Boost” and “night” modes are available to adjust the air purification according to your needs.

Small lights are available on the Puricare 360 ​​to learn about the air quality in the room. Red: very high pollution, yellow for a situation to improve and green when all is well. This LG air purifier is connected and can be voice-controlled with Alexa or Google Assistant, or even with the dedicated LG SmartThinq app. It is ideal for purifying the air in your home before returning from work. The sound level announced by the Korean builder is rather low with only 25 dB.

This LG Puricare device features a touch-sensitive digital display to allow you to manually adjust your air purifier that allows you to choose functions in boost mode, or connect it to WI-Fi, so remotely control it from your smartphone.

By downloading the LG smartthinq app you will be able to control your remote device eg purify the air from the house before you go in and get all the information you want about the front air quality in your home.

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