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Prehistoric Chinese medicine

Prehistoric Chinese medicine

In the course of the evolution of the human species, some discoveries have strongly determined his progress, for example, the discovery of the use of fire to pithecanthropi era and the use of stone tools during stone age. The valuable items discovered at Zhoukoudian, the famous relic of the Beijing men in a village near the city of Beijing, prove that our ancestors already knew how to use fire and stone tools there are more than one million years.

In the wake of these findings, one could imagine the invention of acupuncture like this: using the fire, our ancestors could have burn by accident and found that it relieved some physical pain; they have also found that the proximity of the fire gave them a feeling of well-being physically marked. So they would have learned that the fire and heat could treat certain diseases – this could be the origin of moxibustion. In the same way our ancestors might have been pricked by thorns plants or sharp stones, which would also have caused some relief from physical suffering. So they learned to consciously poking with sharp stones and later to make stone needles – what could be the origin of acupuncture. By a natural instinct, our ancestors could also squeeze some painful points of the body – which could be the origin of massage.

These gestures were unconscious or instinctive start gradually became aware of the primitive medical practices. Through the repetition of these gestures for countless centuries, even millennia, the peoples of China ancestors discovered that if they practiced these acts on specific areas of the skin diseases were effectively relieved or cured. This was the first discovery of the meridians and acupuncture points, which at that time were not wearing name yet.

Gradually, as human society evolved and material production and medical practice grew, stone needles (bian shi) were replaced with bone needles, terracotta needles and then by needles metal and is not directly applied fire on the skin, but they had learned to use wormwood. It was natural progress in the history of mankind. At the same time, people have devoted their lives to study and practice these therapeutic methods – were the first doctors. Thus medicine was developing in practice and theory gradually took shape.

During long years of practice of the bite and massage, much experience has been accumulated, which has uncovered more and more locations on the surface of the body that produce certain effects in the treatment of disease. In addition, it was noted that after dive a certain part of the body, you could feel the energy traveling along a certain route. This was the first finding that there was a link between some stitches. And knowledge to the plunge points to lines that connect: this is the basic training of the concept of meridians and collaterals.

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