Oticon launches a hearing aid that connects to the Internet

For most people suffering from severe hearing loss and equipped with hearing aids, it is still difficult today to follow several conversations in a noisy environment. This is however the case in everyday situations, such as during a family meal for example.Oticon, a hearing aid designer, announces the launch of smart health device Oticon Opn, a new hearing aid that can handle multiple sources of voice and effectively reduce environmental noise.

Not only makes it easier to understand hearing-impaired people in noisy places where it is sometimes difficult to follow several conversations, but also allows you to connect to different connected objects using the IFTTT service.

More efficient than current models, not always allowing the hearing impaired to focus on everyone around them. Thanks to the new Velox chip, “50 times more powerful than before” according to the manufacturer, people with hearing problems will be able to follow several conversations in a noisy environment. But that’s not all, the Oticon Opn system is also a connected object that will allow its wearer to interact with other connected objects that surround it.

A dedicated sound processing platform

The Velox platform is a quantum leap in terms of hearing, thanks to its speed and power. Indeed, his speed allows him to follow conversations with rapid changes involving multiple interlocutors in a noisy sound environment, analyzing and processing the sound data 50 times faster than the Oticon hearing aid so far the most powerful .

Its 64-channel frequency resolution allows for more accurate sound analysis and provides better sound quality to assist the brain in its ability to understand them. Users can now follow the sounds they want to hear and move their attention when they want.

A significantly improved understanding

 Oticon Optic Hearing Aid With this new hearing aid, Oticon takes a fundamental step forward in improving speech understanding in complex environments, while preserving the mental energy of the user.

Oticon Opn reduces the workload on the brain and improves the ability to remember conversations. Pupillometry, an objective and recognized measure that evaluates brain overload, shows that, during testing, Oticon Opn users release memory capacity in their brain and retain 20% more memories.

Prostheses connected to the IFTTT

While the benefits of Oticon prostheses seem obvious for better listening, the manufacturer has gone even further by providing them with the ability to connect to the Internet via a smartphone. The apparatus is thus able to act with the connected objects present in the hearth. This may be the front door bell, connected bulbs, a TV, a washing machine, etc. Since the prostheses are connected to the IFTTT service, the possibilities are very numerous.

To configure all this the user of hearing aids has at his disposal the application Oticon On. “The idea is to connect the objects in them. When you turn on your television, the sound will arrive directly in stereo in the hearing aids. It is also possible for hearing-impaired children to send automatic notifications to parents’ smartphones when the hearing aid battery comes to an end. All these aspects improve the day-to-day lives of hearing-impaired people in an obvious way, “said Eric Bougerolles, manager at Oticon.

Oticon Opn : help

Be aware that the Oticon Opn can also connect to your iPhone via an app to make phone calls and listen to music with ease. Note that an Android version should soon see the light of day.

Already available in 8 colors, Oticon Opn is more detailed on the site of the firm.

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