Dropping Hair? Try Kiierr Laser Caps Before Hair Transplant

Kiierr offers FDA-cleared laser caps to men and women suffering from hair loss, along with hair growth supplement products that can be paired with laser therapy treatment. Providing top notch technology and service to individuals suffering from hair loss is the ultimate goal of the kiierr hair cap.


What is Kiierr?

Kiierr is a global leader in hair loss solutions. As pioneers in lasers, they have spent years fine tuning their techniques and devices to provide top notch services to men and women in need of hair loss solutions. In fact, they have even ventured into transdermal hair growth products that complement laser therapy. This innovative approach allows for a direct and painless connection to hair follicles, helping to eliminate the risks of rejection. To learn more about Kiierr, visit their website .

Since 2000, Kiierr has been offering laser therapy to provide solutions for hair loss and the effects of chemotherapy. With both laser technology and clinical experience, they are able to offer services to men and women suffering from hair loss and hair growth.

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is one of the most exciting and fastest growing fields in medical treatment. Laser therapy can be administered to the head and scalp for both hair loss and regrowth. When used for hair loss, lasers such as Fotona 3D, are highly effective, reaching five times the dosage of conventional therapies with little to no side effects. Who Benefits the Most from Laser Therapy? While the most common target for hair loss treatment is the head, laser therapy is also an excellent treatment for those suffering from hair loss on the face and body. Clinical trials have proven laser therapy can help hair regrow on any part of the body, but the fastest regrowth occurs on the head.

The Process of Getting a Kiierr Capsule

The laser Kiierr hair cap is a patent-pending, temporary topical skin modification, and is designed to enhance and accelerate the effects of the laser energy to stimulate hair growth, while maintaining a hair-like appearance. During treatment, the laser continues to heat the hair follicle, with each session providing up to 120 minutes of laser energy. The healing process takes about six to eight weeks for most people. Another great way to fix hair loss is to use an individualized prescription and your own physiology to make it happen. In my experience, it is best to use a laser that uses thermal currents to kill the follicles. You should have a regular prescription on a daily basis, and not a patch, which does not work.

Kiierr hair cap and Hair Growth Supplement Products

Kiierr has developed patented caps for male and female clients suffering from various forms of hair loss such as Alopecia, LHON, and loss of hair in combination with unwanted hair growth. While the Caps have seen some good success with our male and female clientele, our team is working tirelessly to perfect the Caps for female clientele. There are two basic packages available to the public. The VISION plan comes with the pre-recorded three-minute laser therapy and complimentary Hair Growth Supplement Kit with products tailored specifically for men and women. The VISION plan will be available at an introductory price of $999, with a yearly subscription fee of $49.95.

Kiierr’s Future Plans For Technology Development

As an established company with products that help to restore and maintain hair growth, an area of focus for the company is to develop more technologies to support hair growth. According to the Kiierr CEO, many physicians in the United States are not able to use technology that was not specifically developed to treat hair loss, which creates a shortage of treatment options available to individuals living in the U.S. The company is committed to helping the local medical community with this issue. 


Laser hair removal is the future. Men and women are adopting laser hair removal treatments more frequently, including significant numbers of younger women. Laser hair removal procedures are increasingly becoming accepted by both men and women as a safe and effective solution for hair loss. However, laser hair removal is not a magic bullet. It is essential to know what will work best for your individual case to ensure laser hair removal is successful. Kiierr Laser Centers offers full-service hair removal treatment programs including hypofractionated non-ablative ablative therapy. Laser caps are FDA approved for laser hair removal and hypofractionated ablative therapy. Laser caps are a painless procedure that results in the near removal of hair.

Shop Kiierr laser caps to start your hair growth journey today. Guaranteed results after 7-months or your full money back!

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Growth Lasers, Devices and Products

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