IHealth SENSE BP7S smart health connected blood pressure monitoring Review

iHealth manufactures and distributes innovative smart health connected health products: wellness products, medical devices and applications for monitoring health data. In their range of smart health connected blood pressure monitors, we tested the arm blood pressure monitoring, the iHealth Feel BP7S model. Here are the results of IHealth SENSE BP7S Review.


In its cardboard box, the product is delivered with an elegant case for protection and transport. Below is the USB connection cable, a quick start guide and a more detailed user manual.

The style is refined, a single on-off button on the side of the product, a place to connect the charging cable on the bottom, nothing more.


iHealth Feel BP7S Upper Arm Blood Pressure monitoring
Package contents

Use & Getting started


The iHealth Feel BP7S blood pressure monitoring is powered by a rechargeable battery, so no batteries are needed. Just plug the cable into the device and connect it via USB to a computer or a simple USB charger. A green light will start to flash on the surface of the device. The flashing will stop at the end of charging.

Download the application

To connect the iHealth Sense BP7S blood pressure monitoring, you must first download the My Vitals app from iHealth from the App Store or Google Play depending on the model of your smartphone. You will find on our applications page all the necessary links.

Once the application is installed, you must then create an account to be able to use it. It makes it possible to connect all the devices of the iHealth brand, and thus to be able in addition to its tension to manage its weight, its activity and its sleep.

Log in

You need to activate the Bluetooth connection on your phone and press the power button on the blood pressure monitoring for 3 seconds. The blue bluetooth logo will then flash the surface of the blood pressure monitoring. You then choose your device in the application. Once the device is recognized by the smartphone, the connection is then made automatically when the blood pressure monitoring is switched on.

It should be noted that it is possible to take the voltage measurement without necessarily being smart health connected to the smartphone or tablet (you must however activate this option beforehand in the application).

Taking measurements

You have to put the blood pressure monitoring around the arm, blue mark towards the elbow, then press the single On / Off button so that it turns on.

Then press the start button of the application in the voltage section to start taking the measurement. The cuff will gradually inflate, the measurement is made during inflation. When finished, the results are displayed on the app.

My Vitals app

The My Vitals app is fairly easy to use. It allows you to follow the evolution of blood pressure over a given period, as well as the export of data by email in several formats (CSV, Excel, Pdf), which can then be useful for your doctor. You can also share your data through social media.

IHealth My Vitals app
Choice of devices
IHealth My Vitals app
IHealth My Vitals app
Interpretation of the result









It is also possible to consult the state of the tensiometer battery, make a manual data entry and have a summary of all its data in tabular form (also including weight, sleep, measurements of the pulse oximeter …).


Pharmacist’s opinion

The iHealth Feel BP5 blood pressure monitoring allows regular monitoring of your blood pressure, it is accompanied by a fairly complete application which also allows you to export data and thus transmit it, among other things to your doctor.

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IHealth SENSE BP7S smart health connected blood pressure monitoring Review
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