Hyaluronic acid, the star solution for eternal youth

At a sure age, you notice that your face not shines with its sparkles. You see positive strains seem which spoil your magnificence. You desire a mild and pure technique to fight this getting older of your pores and skin. Eh sure ! No extra worries. Hyaluronic acid can be excellent. This molecule, extremely prized in aesthetic drugs due to its anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties, has been the perfect resolution for many years to ensure you everlasting youth. By this text, you can find the aesthetic indications of hyaluronic acid in addition to its numerous advantages for all the time plumping pores and skin. Nonetheless, it is very important know to begin with what hyaluronic acid is.

What’s hyaluronic acid?

Found in 1934 by two researchers german, Meyer and Palmer in the vitreous humor of the bull’s eye, hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule within the physique. Additionally discovered within the synovial fluid, it’s the important constituent of the dermis situated between the dermis and the hypodermis. Shaped by the affiliation uronic acid and a amynoglycan, hyaluronic acid is in our physique a form of water sponge which ensures the plumpness of the pores and skin and the freshness of the complexion.

Nonetheless, though we’re born with a inventory of hyaluronic acid, with age, its stage decreases within the physique. Thus, at age 50, the physique’s hyaluronic acid stage is lowered by half, which is the reason for dryness of the pores and skin and the looks of wrinkles. Synthesized formulation are then developed to compensate for this deficit of hyaluronic acid with age. Now that we all know what hyaluronic acid is, let’s examine what its medical functions are.

What are the medical functions of hyaluronic acid?

Naturally current in physique tissues similar to pores and skin and cartilage, hyaluronic acid is appropriate for functions focusing on the tissues during which it’s discovered. This molecule was used for the primary time within the manufacture of a product, the Healon which was used within the ophthalmic surgical procedure like corneal, cataract or glaucoma transplantation, and so on. Immediately, this molecule continues to be utilized in a number of remedies similar to that of knee osteoarthritis. Certainly, due to its excessive viscosity, the injection of this molecule for this therapy makes it potential to extend the extent of viscosity of the synovial fluid. Thus, it serves as a lubricant for the joint.

Likewise, this molecule, which could be very common within the therapy of ache, is among the fairly often used substances in post-operative remedies, particularly after a cataract operation. Ongoing analysis has additionally proven that this molecule has properties anticancer in some species. However, it has been proven that in sure cancers, there’s a constructive correlation between the speed of degradation of hyaluronic acid discovered within the blood and the diploma of malignancy of the most cancers. Thus, within the case of breast most cancers for instance, a excessive focus of hyaluronic acid within the blood is the results of robust most cancers exercise. Due to this fact, hyaluronic acid is used to trace the evolution of sure cancers.

Aside from the truth that additionally it is utilized in softening tablets throat within the occasion of lack of voice, hyaluronic acid can be used within the therapy of foot-and-mouth illness of the oral mucosa. Within the latter case, its energy as a barrier to acidic meals and to friction permits throughout an area software to alleviate the ache and promote therapeutic. Nonetheless, allow us to point out that its motion mixed with that of sulphate of chondroitin and of polaxamer 407 is an efficient therapy for reflux gastroesophageal.

Past all these functions, let’s examine some capabilities of this miraculous molecule in aesthetic drugs.

What are the capabilities of hyaluronic acid in aesthetic drugs?

The injection of hyaluronic acid in aesthetic drugs skilled a resurgence within the 2000s. Immediately, you may have an injection of hyaluronic acid given to your self no matter your place. Nonetheless, for a Lyon hyaluronic acid injection, you simply have to see here. Thus, hyaluronic acid is utilized in aesthetic drugs for a number of causes. Certainly, hyaluronic acid acts at a number of ranges within the coronary heart of the cell. When it reaches the pores and skin by way of an injection, this molecule behaves like a sponge retaining water.

Thus, it permits fill in empty areas the place the pores and skin has sagged or damaged and confirmed positive strains, wrinkles or furrows. In doing so, hyaluronic acid is utilized in beauty therapy to fight wrinkles left by the load of age. He then has a property anti-wrinkle and constitutes an actual cement of the pores and skin. However, hyaluronic acid is used for therapeutic the pores and skin and protects it in opposition to ultraviolet rays. It’s stated that he has a antioxidant energy.

As well as, repeated injections of hyaluronic acid make it potential to restart the manufacturing of this molecule, which decreases with age. He subsequently has regenerating energy which prevents pores and skin getting older by preserving its charge all the time excessive.

In different phrases, the injection of hyaluronic acid participates in hydration steady pores and skin regardless of age. It contributes to its tone by making it extra elastic, comfortable and easy particularly on the lips and face.

What are the rules and properties of hyaluronic acid?

Immediately, it’s not necessary to resort to a scalpel or perhaps a pores and skin incision for the therapy of wrinkles. It suffices to carry out an injection of hyaluronic acid. Certainly, this therapy includes an injection of gel which as soon as infiltrated into the pores and skin, retains water and mixes with acid hyaluronic naturally produced by the dermis. Thus, the amount of water rises to this handled half. Consequently, the wrinkle is absorbed and the pores and skin returns to its preliminary look. This miracle molecule thus ensures everlasting youth thanks to those completely different properties:

  • Its biodegradation: this product is of course depleted within the physique. It will then be advisable to repeat the operation after a sure interval to all the time hold its look.
  • Its reversibility: the impact of this molecule will be eradicated within the quick time period, not like surgical interventions that are irreversible.
  • Organic tolerance necessary with extraordinarily uncommon dangers of allergy symptoms.
  • Its adaptability straightforward to the handled space.

Nonetheless, in aesthetic drugs, the usage of hyaluronic acid can fluctuate relying on the aim and the realm being handled.

What are the completely different makes use of of hyaluronic acid?

The usage of hyaluronic acid might fluctuate relying on the realm being handled and the aim. Thus, hyaluronic acid can be utilized for filling wrinkles or for reshaping the face. In doing so, it’s crucial to search out above all of the therapy with hyaluronic acid particular to the realm to be handled.

Filling wrinkles

Over time, the bringing into play of muscle mechanisms leaves on the physique wrinkles. Thus, this therapy smooths the physique floor by bringing quantity below the fold of the wrinkle to be handled. Due to this fact, the injection should be very superficial. To this finish, it should be carried out utilizing a positive syringe to permit rapid erasure of wrinkles. Thus, the areas involved by the sort of operation are:

  • the nasolabial fold, that’s, on both sides of the mouth;
  • the lion’s wrinkles which are discovered between the eyebrows;
  • jugal wrinkles vertically in the midst of the cheeks;
  • wrinkles or feathers of bitterness working down the corners of the mouth
  • crow’s ft wrinkles, if these are deep sufficient across the eyes;
  • positive wrinkles of the higher lip.

Furthermore, as a result of thinness of the pores and skin which is discovered under the eyelids, the wrinkles showing on this half couldn’t be corrected by filler injections and final over time.

Face reshaping

This operation goals to give again to all areas of the face having undergone pores and skin getting older by lack of bone, fats or muscle mass their preliminary quantity. It then makes it potential to right areas of the face the place the amount is inadequate. For this facial reshaping, the physician will use a tipped syringe mousse, as a result of the injections are deeper on this case. Likewise, it will stop bruises, but in addition blues the chance of which is excessive with typical needles. This system can be utilized for:

  • fill in cheeks or cheekbones;
  • redraw the mouth by hemming the lips;
  • right temples which can be too hole;
  • right the nostril or chin;
  • fill in darkish circles.

As well as, these operations require greater doses of hyaluronic acid and generally is a little costlier than the earlier one.

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