You can get free trial the the world’s first & the most powerful AI-Powered Exercise Bike in Canada with Discount price


CAROL is a stationary reduced effort high-intensity interval training (REHIT) bike that uses artificial intelligence to increase your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory fitness. CAROL’s hallmark exercise is just 8 minutes and 40 seconds long, with two 20-second sprints thrown in for good measure.What’s the CAROL bike price Canada?  $6,194 $5,702 (‎CAD‎).But you can get free trial here.

Cardiovascular Optimization Logic (CAROL) is an AI-powered cycle ergometer that, according to the firm, gives double the health and fitness advantages of typical moderate intensity exercise in 20% of the time. A commercial-grade steel frame is used in the CAROL Bike.

The fitness of the future

CAROL is without a doubt the fitness star of the future!  CAROL is cutting-edge technology that is based on science and ongoing research. Your own fitness determines which rides are available to you. With the calibrated start-up rides, CAROL calculates your starting fitness. CAROL is suitable for people of all fitness levels, whether they are competitive athletes or simply wish to improve their health, stamina, and longevity.

You can easily modify your experience with CAROL, from the hard ride, which offers you the advantage of a 45-minute run in just 9 minutes, to the highly challenging fat burner, to the free ride, which is perfect for days when you just want to ride. These are the three primary rides I alternate, but CAROL has many more. There is no other piece of equipment that provides as much variation. I keep track of my heart rate and conduct heart rate zone training. The chest strap gives you all the information you need to track your exercises while keeping your hands on or off the handlebars.

On the bike, on the app, and on the website, the trend features allow you to track your progress using numerous parameters. CAROL educates you to work smarter, not just harder. No more 60 minutes of consistent cardio; instead, reap the rewards of ReHIIT. Until CAROL, I had no idea how important breathing is for both energizing and recovering. My stamina, strength, and recovery have all improved thanks to CAROL. I’ve even noticed a rise in HRV.
Aside from the bike, CAROL provides exceptional individual customer service. Customer service is glad to answer inquiries and can assist you with any part of your trip. CAROL customer service cares for its customers and wants them to have a good time and reach their full potential.

CAROL bike price Canada – Essentials Bike Bundle

CAROL bike price Canada

CAROL bike price Canada

$6,194 $5,702 (‎CAD‎)

Every CAROL stationary bike is built using years of study and cutting-edge AI technology to help you achieve your health and fitness objectives in a brief yet effective workout.

Only £12 per month for a subscription

Return policy is 30 days.

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, chat, or email.


  • In just 26 minutes per week, scientifically verified regimens have been shown to provide greater cardiovascular health and fitness advantages.
  • Exercises are simple to do thanks to the fully automated bike and clear user guidance.
    AI technology progressively improves personalised resistance.
  • Safety algorithms built-in
  • In just 8 weeks, meaningful measures show outcomes.
  • Dashboards, trends, and a leader board are available through web and mobile apps.
  • Cloud-based updates and new features are immediately loaded.


  • Exercise bike for commercial/gym use
  • Console with touch screen
  • Magnetic brake that is frictionless, motorized, and computer-controlled.
  • Silent poly-V belt drive with freewheel clutch, gearing ratio of 1:4.9, and 14kg flywheel
  • Mains powered (110-240V)
  • Comfortable seat with ergonomically sculpted contours
  • SPD click pedals with dual-sided toe cage
  • Bluetooth connectivity for headphones and heart rate monitors is built into the hand heart rate monitor
  • The maximum user weight is 130kg (286.6lbs)
  • Weight of the product (assembled) 59kg/130lbs
  • The length of the product is 116cm/4512″, and the width is 56cm/22″.


  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, chat, or email

  • 30-day return policy

Making exercise more enjoyable

Stationary workout (such as on gym machines) is generally monotonous and unenjoyable, but the CAROL completely changes that. The rides’ pacing ensures that they are always entertaining; the time flies by, and you are driven to strive harder in the sprints than you did the previous time. It’s slim and compact, and it fits perfectly in our area. Also, fantastic customer service and a crew that truly cares.

CAROL is a system

Any other exercise equipment says you have to put in more time to get results, whereas the CAROL system says you have to put in more time to achieve results. Carol allows you to reclaim your time and makes it so simple to say yes to a workout because it is so short. All your body requires is consistency, not fad diets that are seldom sustainable in the long run. Their 20-second sprint approach is incredible, and the level of attention it brings to the workout is incredible. 

Great CAROL experience, but not so much in a Peloton

I agree that the brief 9-minute ride isn’t much of a workout on its own, but my reasoning is that it helps me maintain a baseline fitness level and allows me to undertake extra workouts on top of that (like yoga, walking, strength work). The fat-burning rides are a great way to get in a good exercise.

In my perspective, using the bike with the Peloton app isn’t quite there yet. The touch pad tension is hard to adjust up and down in sync with peloton instruction (rather than having a knob to spin quickly), and you don’t have all the same peloton measures to refer to, so it’s not the same as having a peloton bike.

Is the CAROL a good investment?

It’s a bike that really just does one thing, and it does it well. It is, without a doubt, a strange psychological barrier.The CAROL bike is  simple to set up and ideal for cyclists of all fitness levels.


CAROL AI bike review -all questions you need to know

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