Discover the best connected objects to fall asleep easily

Discover the best connected objects to fall asleep easily

Some nights, falling asleep can be a real way of the cross. Whether it’s stress, a last coffee that should not have been taken or just sleep that does not come, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. If you are a part of it , why not opt ​​for a connected object? Discover our selection best connected objects to fall asleep so you can smart fall asleep healthy.

Dodow, the pebble that helps you prepare your nights

 Dodow is a small accessory very light and white you will need to put on the bedside table next to the bed or on your stomach. How does it work? It emits a light on your ceiling that serves to regulate your breathing. The upper part is a huge touch button that turns on the 3 blue LEDs. Two cycles are proposed: one of eight minutes and another of 20 minutes. Then he will go off by himself. It can be used by limiting itself to this simple function but the application allows to go further. You will have access to information on your sleep cycles, how to prepare your nights … Depending on the reasons that prevent you from sleeping, you will also receive advice.

Note that this requires a little effort on your part. Here, no intervention in the field of pure health, we speak mostly of relaxation. Once the object is launched, you will need to synchronize your breathing with the light. A small guide offers simple exercises to help you. On its site, the company indicates that its users say they fall asleep 2.5 times faster using Dodow than normal.

Price: $58.95 at Amazon US

Nuvi, the connected mask

The Nuvi is a connected mask designed to improve sleep quality, creativity, and avoid the jet lag sensation after a long trip. It integrates small speakers, a LED lighting system and connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Its companion app allows you to take advantage of sleep programs.

A total of six programs are offered by Nuvi’s companion app: Easy Sleep, Smart Deep Sleep Booster, Smart Wake Up, Power Nap, Light Energizer, and more. light energizer) and Jet Lag Ajdust (jet lag reduction). These programs allow the user to choose the option that corresponds to your needs.

Remi, the companion who helps children smart fall asleep healthy

Because adults are not the only ones who have difficulty falling asleep. What’s more, a child who does not sleep, may be agitated and demand the intervention of his parents. The companion REMI can therefore represent a solution. It allows to play lullabies stored on the smartphone of the parents but offers especially a range of options around the sleep of your children. Thanks to its sensors, it can analyze the sleep and deduce if the child must continue his night or if on the contrary it is time to wake him up. Interactive, REMI can adopt facial expressions that will tell the child if he should fall asleep again.

Buy from Amazon US with $89.99

The connected ring Thim to fall asleep

You wake up to go back to sleep. The concept may seem strange. Yet it was from scientific studies that Thim emerged. This connected ring uses the method of “re-sleep training”. Repeatedly experiencing the sensation of falling asleep helps to make the body and mind fall asleep faster. According to Professor Leon Lack’s figures, this technique allows you to fall asleep 30 minutes faster and to sleep 70 more minutes per night.

When first used, as soon as Thim detects that you have fallen asleep, it wakes you up after three minutes. Again and again. Its designers advise to train at least 1 hour per day during the first uses. You will have to suffer a little before you can find a quality sleep.

Sleepion helps to fall asleep thanks to the smells

Sleepion is a connected accessory that wants to help you fall asleep thanks to the smells. Designed by Cheero USA, it uses technology from Japan. Basic, it is very classic by proposing a system mixing sounds and lights. But the difference is in terms of odors. You can indeed integrate in the center three types of essential oils: lavender, cedar wood and geranium. A few drops are enough, the vibrations of the speakers are then responsible for the diffusion. What according to the company cause a deep and restful sleep.

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