an almost perfect smart health connected bracelet?


Runstatic releases Orbit, the brand's first smart health connected bracelet. After the success of its mobile application, it could well upset the market where Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike are breaking their teeth.

We all know the Runtastic fitness app, the big competitor of RunKeeper … Did you know that the company behind it also markets bicycle accessories, a GPS watch, a smart health connected scale or a heart rate monitoring? No ? Well surprised, Runtastic goes one step further by launching its smart health connected bracelet today, which she named Orbit.

The announcement is not all that surprising when you consider that several million users open their Runtastic application daily. With an activity tracker like Orbit, the company is diversifying into an already very competitive market. In classic mode, the data measured by the bracelet are fairly standard: number of steps, calories burned and sleep (it vibrates for a gentle awakening, like the Jawbone UP24). It also offers time as a bonus. The "Orbit Connect" function allows you during your Runtastic activity to view directly on the screen of the Orbit the duration of your effort, your distance, current speed, current pace, average pace, calories expended and heart rate (if you have the Runtastic heart rate belt).

The bracelet is waterproof up to 100 meters, that is to say that swimmers can also use it: It distinguishes itself with this functionality from the UP24 from Jawbone and Flex from Fitbit, the two leaders in the market for smart health connected wristbands. The connection is made in Bluetooth Low Energy, the iOS and Android smartphone are compatible, and theautonomy is 7 days. In short, arch-classic.

Orbit Waterproof
The Orbit is one of the rare Waterproof smart health connected bracelets

Orbit: UP24, Pulse O2 and June combined?

Now the little originality that Orbit boasts about is having a little screen showing speed and distance traveled in real time. You have to synchronize the bracelet with the Runtastic app to then see these statistics on the (very small) screen. As with Withings Pulse O2, you will have to press a button to see all the statistics scroll. It also has a UV sensor (much like the June) to notify its owner if it has spent too much time in the sun.

The dedicated application for Orbit is also particularly well done (fortunately, it is still its core business …): the beautiful classic graphs are accompanied by relevant advice. These last are based on the experience of other bracelet users, which indicate their methods to reach their objectives – weight loss…

Orbit App

In the pack you can buy, you will also receive two bracelets in two different colors as well as a clip that you can hang on your clothes. For the most original, it is possible to buy two additional sets of bracelets (3 bracelets for 29.99 €).

Here is the presentation ehealth of the Runtastic Orbit smart health connected bracelet:

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